Diy 1st birthday party ideas

Diy 1st birthday party ideas

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A one-year-old wont notice if you go to lots of effort with the decorations, so dont spend too much time! Follow these tips for decorations:

  1. Put below a selection of mats, cushions or rugs for little ones to frolic on.
  2. Steer clear of balloons the noise of one bursting will frighten little ones and they can be a choking hazard.
  3. Cute pictures of your baby will go below well with friends and relatives.
  4. Clear a space in your living room or garden for the partys main setting.
  5. Little ones will love bubbles get a few pots and frolic with them together.

st birthday party ideas: Costumes

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A one-year-old wont really appreciate fancy dress, but they will glance cute!

If you desire to get really into a fancy dress theme, you can purchase every sorts of costumes for babies such as animals, super heroes, fairies and loads more.

Attempt a quick Internet search for baby fancy dress.

If youre trying to hold costs below or just arent that keen on fancy dress, a few party hats will make for some nice pictures.

st birthday party ideas: Games and crafts

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Keep activities to a minimum at your babys first birthday party. One-year-olds are unlikely to own the attention span or skills to participate in lots of games, so dont worry too much about organising anything, unless you own some older children coming too.

These simple games and crafts are grand for entertaining babies:

  1. Little ones love unwrapping things, so a grand party game is to wrap a little present up in several layers of paper and put it in a cardboard box, then give it to your tot and assist them as they attempt and unwrap it.
  2. If youre extremely organised, babies will enjoy finger painting but youll need lots of adults to assist supervise.
  3. Play dough makes a enjoyment activity for little ones and they can squish and squash it into every diverse shapes.

    Diy 1st birthday party ideas

    Our frolic dough recipes includes ideas for how to colour and scent it to make it additional special too.

st birthday party ideas: Invites

When youre planning a first birthday party, your first occupation is the invites! Use our ideas for quick, simple and enjoyment invites plus our hints and tips on how to decide who to invite.

Your invites need to include your childs name, the name of the kid youre inviting, the date, start and finish time, and location of the party.

Who to invite?
Its probably best to limit the number of people you invite.

Your baby might get overwhelmed with the sheer number of strange faces and therell be even more for you to do on the large day.

Try and hold it to shut friends and family, with a few little ones to hold your baby company.

Invite ideas

Shop bought invites
The most obvious thought is to purchase a pack of invites from a card store and just fill the details in.

Personalised invites online
Websites love Moonpig permit you to make your own invites quickly and easily you can use pictures of your baby if you love and go for something amusing, cute or quirky.

Homemade invites
If youve got lots of time and some excellent design skills, why not make your own?

You could use a computer programme love Microsoft Publisher to design your invites using a template.

Alternatively, purchase some coloured card and make your cards by hand.

Diy 1st birthday party ideas

Own a glance around a craft store for some additional decorations for your invites, such as glitter pens and stickers.

If youre short of time, a event is an effective way to get the details of your babys party to your friends.

Its a excellent thought to send a message reminding every your guests of the details a week before. Make certain you dont forget to text any friends who dont own or dont check their accounts regularly.

st birthday party ideas

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st birthday party ideas: Food

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Have some enjoyment with the party food at your babys first birthday party.

Diy 1st birthday party ideas

Kids love fun-shaped food, so use cookie cutters on anything from sandwiches to biscuits or even pizzas.

Some one-year-olds wont own a full set of teeth, so softer foods love cucumber sticks, banana or other things they can chew on are ideal.

Coloured fruit smoothies and enjoyment jelly and ice cream combos also make grand party treats.

The cake
An significant part of the party is, of course, the cake. While your baby will probably get more on the floor than in their mouth, you will remember your babys first cake forever.

If you desire to make the cake yourself, a simple sponge with some party decorations will glance and taste great.

On the other hand, if youre feeling love you desire a showstopper you could own a go at making the pink ice cream cake above, its perfectly soft for little ones to enjoy and we promise its easier than you ponder to make.

Not a fan of ice cream cake?

Check out this roundup of the most AMAZING first birthday cakes weve ever seen. They wont be simple to replicate but theyre certain to impress if you can manage one!


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