Diy 80s costume ideas

Diy 80s costume ideas

You can start your search for the perfect 80s costume using the categories under for guys, gals, groups, and kids. Or, you can browse the 80s Costume Pictures sent in by our readers for inspiration. Assist us build the biggest collection of 80s party and costume pictures out there.

Diy 80s costume ideas

Send us your pictures to add to the site. If you own a grand 80s costume thought we haven’t included here, please let us know!

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Costume Ideas to the Max

80s parties are totally rad, and we own the perfect costume ideas to own you looking unused out of 1985. The 80s offer a treasure trove of movies, musicians, characters, and fads from which to draw ideas for a killer costume. No 80s party on the horizon? Halloween is the ideal time to show your 80s pride. Whether your tastes run to the refined (think Robert Palmer and his black-clad ladies in the ‘Simply Irresistible’ video) or to the creepy (think “Here’s Johnny” or the twins from ‘The Shining’) or to the enjoyment (think Cyndi Lauper – girls just desire to own it, you know), we’ve got you covered.

We own ideas that are fairly involved (DIY rubik’s cube) to SUPER simple (Farmer Ted and the underwear from ‘Sixteen Candles’). Get ready to bust an 80s costume move, love, for sure.

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By Amy Kuperinsky | NJ Advance Media for

The practical implications of waiting until the final moment to discover a Halloween costume — or even just the thought for a Halloween costume — are that you own less time to pick and/or make something.

Yes, you can always record "costume" on a T-shirt, but maybe consider that a final resort, unless you're a nonconformist school-age kid (in which case, go crazy).

Here's a glance at this year's dress-up landscape.

Diy 80s costume ideas

Whether you desire to know what everyone else is going as for Halloween 2018 or you desire to avoid duplicating their costumes, here's a rundown of the most favorite local themes for the coming holiday.

As the trick-or-treating hours approach, we asked Frightgeist, which tracks search data in connection with Halloween, to tell us which costumes New Jerseyans are searching for this holiday. looked at search data for every county in New Jersey over the final week to determine which looks are leading the pack for Halloween 2018.

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Spirit Halloween;

'Fortnite': The biggest name in 2018 Halloween costumes

Across the board, in every 21 counties, New Jersey is a mirror on the nation, with searches for "Fortnite" exceeding every other Halloween costume searches.

The online video game had been pegged by costume retailers as the biggest trend for Halloween 2018, so their forecasts seem to be living up to the hype.

"Fortnite" features various character Battle Royale "skins" — love the ones pictured above — that players purchase.

The looks can easily be transformed into costumes. From left: a Brite Bomber "Fortnite" costume from Spirit Halloween and a Scoundrel "Fortnite" DIY costume thought and Rabbit Raider "Fortnite" DIY costume thought from

Want to see what everyone else might be wearing to Halloween parties and out trick-or-treating this holiday?

Here's a county-by-county breakdown of non-"Fortnite" top searches in the state.

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The devil goes below to Atlantic County (and beyond)

After "Fortnite," "devil" is the most searched costume in Atlantic County, and fittingly enough, given the fact that the Jersey Devil tale originated in the Pine Barrens, with Mom Leeds.

Devil costume searches lead in a entire of five counties, including Somerset, Gloucester, Mercer and Monmouth.

But in case that's not your thing, "zombie" rounds out the county's costume-related searches, followed by "dinosaur" and "unicorn."

Good and evil in Bergen County

Even if the "Fotrnite" trend holds true in Bergen County, some other classic characters are favorite searches.

Take your pick from the realms of the demonic, heavenly, classic Halloween and fantasy.

"Angel," "devil," "skeleton" and "unicorn" are the region's other most frequent queries.

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Getting witchy in Burlington County

Vintage Halloween never goes out of style.

"Skeleton" is the second most favorite costume search in Burlington County, followed by "devil," "witch" …

and "rabbit."

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Etienne Laurent | EPA

A comic villain in Camden County

The Batman and Joker character Harley Quinn, which was also one of the most-searched costume ideas in the state in 2015 in anticipation of Margot Robbie's role in "Suicide Squad," tops non-"Fortnite" searches in Camden County.

Other picks: "witch," "unicorn" and "rabbit."

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Cape May County goes prehistoric

"Dinosaur" is No.

2 in Cape May County, providing the perfect excuse to dust off that inflatable T. rex costume that everyone loved so much.

Runners up: Harley Quinn, rabbit and the witches of the classic Halloween film "Hocus Pocus."

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Spirit Halloween

Cumberland and Essex counties' final unicorns

After "Fortnite," Cumberland County residents own been searching the most for "angel," "Harley Quinn," "unicorn" and "devil." Unicorns also lead in Essex County.

When it comes to unicorns, the trend is bolstered by social media and rainbow "unicorn"-style food (think unicorn Frappuccinos).

reports that the unicorn is the No.

Diy 80s costume ideas

3 most searched Halloween costume in the United States.

(Pictured above: A children's unicorn costume from Spirit Halloween.)

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Saed Hindash | The Star-Ledger

Zombies take Gloucester County

Devils, skeletons and unicorns are drawing a lot of searches in Gloucester County, but so are zombies. (Pictured: the Asbury Park Zombie Walk.)

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Hippity Hop to Hudson and Sussex

Hudson County's Halloween costume searches are almost identical to Essex County's, again starting with "Fortnite," then unicorn, angel and devil.

The only exception: Rabbit, which is also the No.

Diy 80s costume ideas

2 search in Sussex County.

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Totally '80s in Hunterdon

The only county that has "1980s" in its totally rad top five searches: Hunterdon. While nostalgia is always in fashion for Halloween, it's also simple to discover pop culture inspiration from the current moment, since TV series including "Stranger Things" and "GLOW" are set in the decade.

Otherwise, "Fortnite," "dinosaur," "angel" and "rabbit" are drawing significant interest in the local area.

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Mercer County's zombie cheerleaders

"Fortnite," devil, unicorn, zombie …

cheerleader. Those are the top searches, in descending order, in Mercer County.

But feel free to combine. After every, zombie cheerleader and unicorn zombie are less likely to show up at the same party.

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Middlesex keeps it classic

The witch, a Halloween standby — Sabrina, teenage, or no — accompanies the angel, unicorn and devil in Middlesex County's top searches.

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Frolicking among unicorns and angels in Morris and Passaic

Unicorns and angels win over zombies and skeletons in Morris County.

The fantastical creatures also dominate searches in Passaic County. Attempt Pinterest (or just about anywhere) for DIY approaches.

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Staying skeletal in Ocean, Union and Warren

After "Fortnite," skeletons, another classic Halloween image, reign supreme in Warren, Union, Ocean and Burlington counties. (Witches, rabbits, zombies, unicorns, angels and devils are the runners up).

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Partying with 'Grease' and Chucky in Salem County

Residents of Salem County add a few outliers to the stir — dolls, Chucky and "Grease." Chucky, of course, fits the first category, while "Grease" can serve as a excellent group costume, especially since this year marked the 40th anniversary of the movie.

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