Diy advent calendar activity ideas

Step 1:Cut your paper to the desired size and fold it in thirds. One side should overlap the other by about 1/2 inch.

Step 2:Fold the bottom up about 1/2 inch and crease the paper.

Step 3:Open everything up.

Diy advent calendar activity ideas

Make two cuts (see photo).

Step 4:Fold the paper together and add glue to seal it up.

Step 5:Add some more glue and seal up the bottom.

Make 23 more, and you’re ready to go.

Step 6:Punch holes in the back of the envelopes, run string through them, and hang the calendar.

Decorate away! And don’t forget to add some numbers.

Activity Advent Calendar Ideas

Our calendar is filled with holiday activities, written on pieces of paper, but you could certainly put little treats in each envelope if you’d love. Here are some ideas for activities, orclick hereto download the finish list as a printable for your fridge:

If you make an activity calendar love we did, my best advice is to hold it simple.

The holiday can bea stressful time, full of so numerous activities, parties, and travel. I love to put things in the calendar thatwe’re already planning to do,so that this doesn’t add more work to an already busy time of year.

Go simple on yourself and don’t overcommit with this project!

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Christmas is coming quick and has been bombing us with calendar emails (since we subscribed to calendar alerts).

There own been numerous diverse types of calendars. More than what we own seen before, and we decided to take a glance at them. We skimmed through every the emails since the start of August, looked at top results from and every that Amazon had to offer.

Diy advent calendar activity ideas

Then we picked up every the favorite stuff, and on top of that every that looked exciting and diverse. Our review started to grow, and grow, and now it has diverse calendars. Take a glance. We hope you discover something that you love and that helps you get in the mood for Christmas! ps. It became so large that we added a table of contents for you to discover quickly the things you might be interested in.

Diy advent calendar activity ideas

Then go ahead!

Index of contents

  1. For Dogs Advent Calendars
  2. Jewel Advent Calendars
  3. Alcohol Advent Calendars (Beer, Wine, Prosecco, Gin, Liqueur, Spirits, Wishkey, Vodka)
  4. Toys Advent Calendar (Lego, Funko, Playmobil, Brio, Barbie, Super Mario, Frozen)
  5. Chocolate and Candy Advent Calendars (Candies, Chocolate, Liqueur Chocolate, Liquorice)
  6. Food Advent Calendars (Biscuits, Brownies, Cereals, Cheese, Coffee, Gourmet, Boiling Sauce, Jam and Honey, Jerky, Marshmallow, Popcorn, Chips, Protein, Spice, Tea, Vegan)
  7. Makeup Advent Calendars (Women’s Makeup, Scents, Nail Polish, Girls’ Makeup)
  8. Socks Advent Calendars
  9. Candle Advent Calendars
  10. Other Advent Calendars (Alternative, Mindfulness, Traditional, Reusable, DIY, Tools, Sex toys, Music)

Alcohol Advent Calendars

In recent years, the traditional chocolate calendar has given way to other products.

We’re in the middle of a October and attentions are already turning to the array of alcohol-filled advent calendars that own launched ahead of the festive season.

Wine, beer and spirit-lovers can countdown to Christmas and the New Year in style thanks to the growing trend of booze-filled advent calendars.

Wine Advent Calendars

It looks love a giant present and will fit perfectly under your Christmas tree, with 24 doors for you to open. We’re not certain how Virgin own managed to stuff so numerous diverse wines into one box, but the wine snobs will be delighted with the offering. From new world to ancient world to every grape there is – including fruity Syrah from France, juicy Pinot Noir from the US, Chenin Blanc from South Africa and more. There are three wine calendars to select from – red, white or mixed – and the price is the same for every of them.

Virgins Wine Advent Calendar, £

Wine below to Christmas with 24 bottles of wine in this adult advent calendar. Included is a combination of 24 mini bottles of white wine, red wine and rose wine. The Wine Advent Calendar is the ideal way to guarantee a extremely merry countdown to Christmas. A perfect treat for the finish of a freezing December day, each calendar door conceals a ml (quarter) bottle of wine. Includes South African Merlot, Australian Chardonnay, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, a White Zinfandel from the USA. Pour it, sit back and enjoy it. Wine Advent Calendar, £

Prosecco Advent Calendars

Not fairly as fancy as some of the other drinks advent calendars, but has 24 doors of 20cl bottles, which is beautiful decent.

Bubbly lovers, rejoice. The calendar is a bit on the pricey side but is filled with brands such as Bottega Gold and Rose. Calendar can be personalised with your name or give it to someone else – it’s the perfect present for anyone who likes a bit of fizz. Prezzybox’s Prosecco Advent Calendar, £

In the Sparkle’s favorite Prosecco Advent Calendar, each door reveals a 20cl bottle of sparkling wine including Prosecco and sparkling Pinot roe. An extra-glistening treat lies behind the door for the 24th – a 20cl bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne.

Sparkle Prosecco Advent Calendar,£

Beer Advent Calendars

It stands up on its own, has 24 doors and is covered in quirky illustrations such as planes, a castle, a beer and a penguin. There are 15 diverse types of beer from 14 countries, including Mikkeller, Thornbridge, Amundsen, Magic Rock, Wild Beer, Bosteels and more. Oh, and if you desire to hide it from people looking to steal your daily treat, you can cover it with a ‘cloaking device’ (included) – there’s a extremely charming one with cats on it.

Beer Hawk’s Beer Advent Calendar, £

It’s not massively holiday-themed, but it does own little snowflakes on it and it is extremely simple to use.

Diy advent calendar activity ideas

Just tug on one of the 12 drawers, rather than doors, to get your daily treat. Even beer connoisseurs can get tired of their favourite tipple sometimes and Adnams understands that, which is why the brand has also included two cans of gin and tonic, a little prosecco and a wine bottle and even a miniature gin bottle inside it calendar. This is in addition to plenty of beer, love the Dry Hopper Lager and cider, in the form of Wild Wave. Adnams Beer Advent Calendar, £

Summer was undoubtedly the summer of hard seltzer. You couldn’t stroll into a barbecue without seeing White Claws stashed in the cooler—they were so favorite it caused a shortage—and there seems to be an ever-growing list of brands, from Truly and Bon & Viv to smaller companies love Wild Basin and Press.

And lest you ponder the spiked seltzer craze is slowing below, it’s only just getting started.

Diy advent calendar activity ideas

This week, news broke that Give Them Beer, a craft beer gift-basket company, is selling an advent calendar filled with 12 diverse hard seltzers. Give them Beer Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar, $

Gin Advent Calendars

Gin connoisseurs will drop in love with this calendar, because of its inventive offering. Sip on flavours such as spit-roasted pineapple, rose, rhubarb, chocolate and neroli or give your taste buds a fiery shock with a limited-edition boiling sauce-flavoured tipple, before setting in with a traditional double-barrelled gin from the Cotswolds. Hamper Lounge Gin Advent Calendar, £

If you desire a calendar that is aesthetically pleasing, you’ve found it.

The packaging is as white as snow, with delicate silver illustrations and 12 doors, in the brand’s classic teal colours. The calendar feels extremely British, and not just because the products are made in Cambridge. It includes a Breakfast Gin, with Lady Grey and Marmalade flavours, and you can also sample the Truffle and the Lemon Verbena tipples.

Diy advent calendar activity ideas

Includes a fancy Cambridge Distillery gin glass, exclusively offered with the calendar and not available elsewhere. Cambridge Distillery Gin Advent Calendar, £ (Available at the finish of October)

Putting a new and exciting twist on advent calendars, Tipsy Trees fit 24 x mini bottles of your favourite spirit — they’ve included their greatest gins in their Gin Tiny Tipsy Tree. Including classic styles, London gins, dry gins, Ancient Toms and even Christmas flavoured gin, this puts a new meaning to ‘dressing the tree’. Tipsy Trees Spirit Advent Calendar, £

We love the design of this slimmed below advent calendar.

Behind each of the 12 doors is a yummy dram of gin including the award-winning moonshot gin which is made using botanicals that own travelled to the stratosphere and back! That Boutique-y Gin Advent Calendar, £

Tick Tock It’s Alc O’Clock Enjoyment, quirky and refillable, the Gin Time Alc O’Clock actually works and makes a grand countdown to a key event, enjoyment party accessory or even a grand kitchen ornament. With a 5cl bottle of gin and a enjoyment slogan for every hour, we’ve created a whole new meaning for drinking hours.

Gin Time O’Clock Advent Calendar, £

Drinks by the Dram and That Boutique-y company join forces in this boozy calendar. Inside you’ll discover 24 drams including a yummy sounding chocolate orange gin! That Boutuque-y Gin Advent Calendar, £

All you need to enjoy the perfect G&T with this advent calendar is a tumbler glass and plenty of ice! Inside you’ll discover a 70cl bottle of Premium Explore gin but the multi award-winning Lakes Distillery plus a great array of premium tonics.

Whether it’s Raisthorpe Yorkshire Strawberry & Pomegranate Tonic or Lixir ‘s Rhubarb & Ginger Tonic Water, we’re certain you’ll discover a new favourite. Gin and Tonic Advent Calendar, £

Beer and Meat Advent Calendar

Enjoy a mini pub journey at home throughout December with this countdown stuffed with 12 bags of the finest Snaffling Pig pork crackling, and 12 refreshing cans of lager and ale to wash them below with. Pork Crackling and Beer Advent Calendar, £

Liqueur Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas with Baileys and this indulgent Advent Calendar.

Enjoy a Baileys original Irish cream liqueur milk chocolate truffle every day until the weekend before Christmas when three mini bottle’s of yummy Baileys are unveiled for a perfect celebration on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th! Baileys Advent Calendar, £

The Benefits of this Activity

I didnt grow up with advent calendars, but my children adore them. This handmade calendar, made with the assist of children, gives young people the chance to:

  1. participate in a holiday tradition
  2. exercise fine motor skills
  3. generate enthusiasm for the festivities to come.

And if you celebrate Hanukkah, you could make something similar for the eight nights of Hanukkah.

I know that I would own loved that when I was a kid!

DIY Advent Calendar Supplies

Making twenty-four envelopes takes a bit of time, but nothing insurmountable. The steps, however, are beyond simple.

I own a daughter who is thrilled by holidays and had a hunch that she would enjoy making an activity-based advent calendar. When we were still going strong after an hour of folding and gluing, I silently patted myself on the back.

How this worked for us

This project is more crafty than our usual process-based happenings, but my little one was deeply engaged in the industry of selecting images and do-dads to glue onto the bags.The benefits that I witnessed were:

  1. making aesthetic choices
  2. practicing with a glue bottle
  3. developing fine motor skills
  4. commitment to completing a fairly large project.

I also ponder she really enjoyed the camaraderieof working side-by-side with me, and I must confess that she’s beautiful excellent company.Oh, and did I mention that she was invested in this for a solid hour?