Diy alice in wonderland costume ideas

  1. In normal clothing stores youll often be capable to discover a pink/purple striped shirt, dress, or pajamas. If not, you can also go for pink-and-white stripes, or pink-and-black. Combine the shirt with striped tights or stockings in the same colors.
  2. A endless, little rectangle of furry cloth can be made into a tail if you sew together the sides (with the furry parts facing eachother), leaving one of the little side open, and then turning the fabric inside out.

    Use a safety-pin to attach it to your trousers.

  3. If you dont own striped clothes, wear a basic black or pink outfit and add striped details with leg and arm warmers, or add details using pieces or faux fur (available at a crafts store) at the ankles, writst, rim of your skirt, etc. You can also paint stripes on your basic clothes using fabric paint, or stick layers of colored (duct)tape on them.
  4. Get a cat jumpsuit costume and sew alternate layers of cloth on it yourself, to created the striped effect
  5. If you wear a striped hooded shirt, you can use the hood to cover your hair and attach the ears to.

    Or wear a furry wig.

  6. It will be simple to discover a headband with cat ears and a cat nose with whiskers. Or grease-paint your face.

Cheshire Cat costumes and accessories

Queen of Hearts costume ideas

  1. Sew heart motives to every parts of the dress. Cut them out of felt or other fabric.
  2. Wear a crown or tiara with hearts and carry a scepter. A crown can be bought extremely cheaply, or constructed from cardboard paper covered with aluminum foil or gold paper. A scepter can be made from a wooden stick and cardboard, which you cut into a heart shape.
  3. If you own a short dress or skirt, go for tights or stockings with heart motive.
  4. Start with a endless basic red or black dress.

    You can also go for a black/red/white renaissance costume dress. Add a stand-up collar.

  5. Find high heeled shoes with hearts.
  6. Carry around a flamingo, love youre about to frolic croquet. Girls will need a bag, so you may desire to go for a flamingo-shaped purse!

Queen of Hearts costumes and accessories

White Rabbit costume ideas

  1. A herald costume can easily be made by sewing a large red heart onto a shirt
  2. White gloves or mittens, and pince-nez glasses finish the costume
  3. It is simple to discover a headband with rabbit ears and a rabbit nose.

    You can also use grease paint for your face

  4. Wear a white hose underneath the pants.
  5. If its not too boiling, you could get a full-body rabbit jumpsuit.
  6. Alternatively, sew (knee-length) pants from white furry cloth and add a circular stuffed tail on the back. You can also create the tail from cotton balls. Wear it with a checkered jacket and/or a vest on top. You can discover old-fashioned jackets and vests for low prices in a second-hand store.
  7. Wear fake plastic front teeth
  8. Cover your shoes with furry white fabric
  9. Carry an umbrella with you, or a trumpet (depending on whether you go for its initial outfit or its herald outfit)
  10. Dont forget the pocket watch!

White Rabbit costumes and accessories

Do you tend to drop below a rabbit hole every Halloween in search of a next-level costume idea?

(Honestly, who doesn’t?) Why not lean into the madness—seriously—by channeling your favorite character from the enduringly favorite tale Alice In Wonderland? First published in , the tale is much-loved by adults and children same and remains a large part of pop culture. Tale characters range from cute to quirky to a little bit scary, so there really is a Halloween costume option for everyone. In that spirit, we rounded up these DIY Alice In Wonderland costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing and assist you celebrate Halloween in the most whimsical way possible.

With crafty ideas for skill levels ranging from simple to complex—plus a few costume ideas you can store correct now—you’ll be capable to channel the beloved tale without spending a fortune.

Diy alice in wonderland costume ideas

Best of every, it’s the perfect theme whether you’re flying solo or plan to go trick-or-treating with your family. Happy Halloween, indeed!

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Alice in Wonderland costume ideas

Are you invited to a Mad Tea Party, an Unbirthday party, or another helpful of Alice in Wonderland costume party? Desire to go trick-or-treating during Halloween in Wonderland style? Own you been assigned a part in an Alice in Wonderland play?

Diy alice in wonderland costume ideas

This sheet will give you lots of costume ideas and tips about how to dress up love a character from Alice in Wonderland!

If youre looking for ideas on decorations, food and the love, check out this sheet full of Alice in Wonderland party ideas.
If you desire to purchase ready-made costumes, go to the Alice in Wonderland costumes page.

Mad Hatter costume ideas

  1. Wear an oversized, noisy bow-tie and colorful socks.
  2. If youre going for Johnny Depps Mad Hatter glance, use white facepaint, pink eyeshadow, and an orange wig. View this detailed tutorial about how to apply the Mad Hatters make-up. Tie a red piece of cloth around the top cap.

    Sew bobbins of multicolored threads on a band of fabric and drape it across one shoulder.

  3. Get a large top cap, tie a ribbon around it and stick a card in it with the text In this style: 10/6
  4. Wide, baggy pants and a jacket with vest are the best basics for the costume. You can discover an old-fashioned jacket, vest and/or tuxedo at a second-hand store for low prices.

    Diy alice in wonderland costume ideas

    Go for noisy colors and/or non-matching patterns.

  5. Large clown shoes will glance great!
  6. Attach a piece of rope to the ear of a teacup and wear it around your neck or on your belt.

Mad Hatter costumes and accessories

General ideas and tips

  1. Decide on which character you would love to be. Can you be anyone you love, or is the part of Alice reserved for the hostess? Do you desire to be a well known character, or would you rather not risk competing with someone else, and dress up love one of the lesser known characters, love the Duchess, Dodo, a chess piece, Humpty Dumpty, the Walrus, the Carpenter, a talking flower, a flamingo, or even the Jabberwock?
  2. Consider the circumstances, like time of year and the location of the party.

    If youll be inside every evening or if it is summer, you should wear something thats not too boiling.

    Diy alice in wonderland costume ideas

    You dont always desire to stuff yourself in a furry rabbit jumpsuit! But if youre going exterior to collect candy for Halloween, make certain you dont get freezing. And a Queen of Hearts dress with a large hoopskirt looks gorgeous, but can you sit and dance in it, or will other guests hold stepping on your trail? Sometimes youll need to select between gorgeous and practical.

  3. Check your budget: can you afford to purchase a finish costume, the accessories only, or will you need to make the whole outfit from scratch?

    Can you store online or will you need to visit thrift stores and be creative? There are several simple Alice in Wonderland sewing patterns available if you desire to attempt yourself.

  4. Decide on how true you desire to be to the original outfits. Cosplaying requires matching the characters as closely as possible. However, at most parties you wont be required to glance exactly love the Wonderland characters; then you can go for something enjoyment that merely resembles the outfit.
  5. This is me, having enjoyment in the Alice costume I made myself!

    First youll need to decide what helpful of outfit you love.

    Are you fond of the original illustrations by John Tenniel or would you rather dress love a character from a movie, love Disneys cartoon movie or Tim Burtons movie? Tenniels Alice actually wore a yellow dress, not a blue one, and she was a brunette, not a blonde! If youre going for the Tim Burton glance, the correct make-up is extremely important: you may need lots of white face paint, heavy eyeliner, lipstick and noisy eyeshadow.

  6. Is it a costume for a man, lady, or child? Children can glance extremely cute in a Cheshire Cat or White Rabbit outfit.

    Diy alice in wonderland costume ideas

    Women can go for a endless dress, or a short & sexy version. As the gender of several Wonderland characters is not defined (like the Cheshire Cat), both men and women can dress up as them. And why not own a Mad Hattress, or a Drag Queen of Hearts?

  7. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! A costume can be made more convincing if you carry along the correct items, love a pocket watch for a White Rabbit or a hookah for a Caterpillar.


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