Diy anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend

Make his desk the sharpest one in the office with a sleek vegan leather blotter finish with his initials in an art-deco style font.

Diy anniversary present ideas for boyfriend

His stapler, pens, desktop, and other desk tidbits own never looked better atop this modern accessory. We anticipate increased productivity, and maybe even a desk selfie or two.

2. Pizza Oven

Your hubby has stolen a pizza your heart, so show your love this anniversary with a present that appeals to both your appetites. Upgrade your future date nights with a compact pizza oven, perfect for dishing out crispy, wood-fire pieces of 'za. This kitchen gadget can heat up in 10 minutes and cooks your pizza pie to perfection in just 60 seconds. The stomach wants what it wants, and it can never tell no to pizza, especially the restaurant caliber kind.


Diy anniversary present ideas for boyfriend

Brewing Kit

Add an additional element of enjoyment to his favorite ale or IPA—the ability to brew one himself. Because consuming a freezing one is grand and every, but it's exponentially better when you've made your own. This kit turns your home into a mini brewery and comes with every the essentials for each craft beer production stage—fermentation and every. He can create up to five liters of his craft beer of choice. Cheers!

3. Graphic Shirt

There's nothing incorrect with wearing your heart on your sleeve—or your shirt, for that matter. If you're in the market for more romantic anniversary gifts for your husband, up the ante on your fashion-forward groom's polo t-shirt game with a cool red, heart-shaped patch.

As part of the effortlessly trendy Comme des Garçons Frolic collection, this will be the most unique (and comfortable) polo he'll ever sport. Not to mention, he'll own a reminder of you and your anniversary shut to his heart whenever he wears it.

1. Sky Diving

This present will permit his inner daredevil to see the world from a whole new perspective, not to mention he'll get that adrenaline rush you know he craves.

Diy anniversary present ideas for boyfriend

You can purchase a package solely for him, but we highly propose jumping together (time to face those fears) so that it's a shared experience you'll both remember forever. Pick a put with a beautiful view to really make the most of it.

Diy anniversary present ideas for boyfriend

Oh, and don't forget to take a ton of pictures to post on social media.

7. Bar Set

Upgrade his libation organization with a toolset for his beverage goodies. The thin stand can fit next to his alcohol collection without taking up too much valuable space, and the set features everything any aspiring bartender could ever need—a bottle opener, jigger, spoon, and strainer. You've hit the anniversary gifts jackpot for your husband and here's hoping he shares his latest cocktail creations with you.

5. Poker Book

Designed to glance love a deck of cards, this tell-all book can curb your poker enthusiast's appetite for card games and improve his mastery.

From perfecting his poker face to unveiling the history of the game itself, this new guide book will make him the talk of his next game night.

Diy anniversary present ideas for boyfriend

Be wary of challenging him to a circular of poker from now on.