Diy art and crafts ideas

Diy art and crafts ideas

A sheet of white card
Paint (Primary Colours, White and Black)

For your reference, heres a extremely basic colour chart that you may discover helpful!

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Autumn Handprint Tree Art: Tutorial

Step 1. Using a pencil, draw a faint line around the hand and arm of your child.

If your kid is of preschool age or older, they may desire to own a go themselves.

Next, paint the print brown.

Alternatively, simply draw around the arm directly onto a piece of brown paper and cut out the shape and stick.

Step 2.Time for the really enjoyment bit colour mixing!

This is s chance for kiddos to explore colour by experimenting with primary colours to create Autumn shades of red, yellow, orange and green, oh and of course brown (every toddler can make brown!).

Using a q-tip, finish of a pencil or even your childs finger, start adding dots around the tree.

Step 3. Build the dots with diverse colours.

Attempt overlapping the dots and see the print convert into anAutumn Handprint Tree!

Since writing this post in , I own seen hundreds of Autumn Handprint Trees completed by children from every over the world and its established itself as a favouritetree art project with teachers!

Thank you for every the amazing feedback.

Diy art and crafts ideas

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