Diy baby boy shower centerpiece ideas

This clever thought was submitted by one of our talented readers, Linda from Sterling Heights, MI.

Diy baby boy shower centerpiece ideas

Here is what Linda had to say:

I own made a few of these diaper centerpieces for baby showers and they glance grand displayed on the present table or as table centerpieces.

(one mom to be used it as a game for guests to attempt to guess what the baby’s name would be — the letters were scrambled on each table and the guest were divided into to teams to see who could spell out the baby’s name within 1 min.)

Each letter contains 7 diapers and every of the diapers are wrapped with rubber bands to hold them firmly in put.

The letters are bonded with a wooden dowel and boiling glued to hold the letters in put, which are then inserted into the middle of each diaper.

Diy baby boy shower centerpiece ideas

Wrap the exterior of the diapers with colored ribbon to match the theme of the shower.

This is a cute centerpiece that won’t get thrown away, can be used by the mom for the new baby and can be coordinated with the theme!

(tip: if you do not yet know the name of the baby — you can use the mother-to-be’s name — or just spell BABY)

) Rubber Ducky Pond Glass Bowl Table Centerpieces

image source

Place some blue glass pebbles in the bottom of a clear glass bowl (you can discover these at your local craft shop.)

Place a little rubber ducky on top.

You can also use blue water marbles — also called Orbeez. These are perfect centerpieces for a baby boy shower!

) Woodland Mini Diaper Centerpieces

image source unknown

These baby shower table decorations are adorable! And so simple to make! Simply roll 10 diapers and secure them with clear tape.

Then wrap a ponder ribbon or burlap around them. add cute embellishments to match your theme!

Give to the mom-to-be after the baby shower is over so she can use the diapers for the new baby.

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Types of Baby Showers

Way back when, there used to be one type of baby shower: ladies gathered in someone’s living room to celebrate a pregnant mama.

These days, however, there is no one standard for a baby shower. There are so numerous diverse routes you can go; here are a few that we’re particularly fond of:

Baby showers for boys or girls. Oftentimes, couples select to discover out the gender of their baby-to-be. That can make planning a shower easier, as it narrows below the list of possible themes.

Diy baby boy shower centerpiece ideas

Blue bowties might be a grand shower theme for a baby boy, while pink ballerinas are perfect for baby girls.

Gender-neutralbaby showers. Back in the day, parents used to own to wait until the baby was born to discover out its gender. If the mom- and dad-to-be are waiting to be surprised on the large day, a gender-neutral baby shower is the way to go. There are so numerous amazing themes for these types of showers, includingjungle animalsandbubble baths.

Baby sprinkles.

This is a relatively new type of baby shower during which guests celebrate a mother’s second or third kid. Most times, the parents don’t need every of the traditional baby shower gifts, love a stroller, crib or nursing pillow — they already own those from their first baby.

Diy baby boy shower centerpiece ideas

Instead, it’s a way to treat the expectant mom with a little something special for her, love a prenatal massage, and a present for the large brother or sister. Gifts of diapers and formula are perfect for baby sprinkles — every parent needs more of the basics, no matter how numerous children they have.

Couples baby showers. We mentioned before that baby showers used to just be for women, but that is changing. Nowadays, it’s common to visit a backyard barbecue baby shower that everyone can enjoy. Couples baby showers should own options for diverse activities, so that if certain guests would rather catch up and frolic cornhole instead of watching the mom-to-be open her gifts, they are free to do so.

Easy-To-Make Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas for Boys and Girls

Cute and unique baby shower centerpieces can add a large burst of pizzazz to the room and set the tone for the baby shower!

Diy baby boy shower centerpiece ideas

We own come up with a list of cute baby shower table decorations to get your creative juices flowing. Most of our centerpiece ideas can either be handmade or purchased.

Enjoy these simple and creative baby shower decoration ideas!

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) Rustic Barn-Themed Baby Shower Flower Centerpiece

image src

The rustic farm style theme for baby showers and weddings is extremely popular!

The soup can vase and colorful flowers make a whimsical presentation with a down-home, cozy vibe.

You can also add wooden, circle table numbers to the flower centerpieces if it is a larger baby shower where guests will be assigned table numbers. 

) Baby’s Breath Centerpiece Thought For A Baby Shower

image source: Pinterest — original source unknown

For simple and adorable, DIY baby shower centerpiece ideas (for a boy or girl) thought, fill a mason jar with baby’s breath and add embellishments to match the theme of the baby shower.

Using colored paper or scrapbook paper, you can use baby-themed paper punches and punch out cute shapes such as onesies, bottles, teddy bears, elephants or anything that matches the shower theme.

Attach them to wooden skewers or dowels, poke into the jar. So cute!

You can also turn this into a enjoyment little baby shower game.

Diy baby boy shower centerpiece ideas

Put a sticker on the bottom of one plate or glass at each table — the guests who get the stickers on their plates, win the centerpiece at their table!

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