Diy baby shower cupcake ideas

Diy baby shower cupcake ideas

The perfect party begins with the perfect invite. And these creative cards tell it every …

Owl-Themed Invite

“From Muggle to Mom” — how cute is that?!

Available from Etsy, $15.50

A “Magical Bundle” Invite

Magical, indeed.

Available from Etsy, $12

Hogwarts Express Baby Shower Invite

That’s one ticket in the mail we’d LOVE to get.

Available from Etsy, $10

“From Muggle to Mom” Invite

This one is every sorts of scary … and features a Dumbledore quote, too! We’re sold.

Available from Etsy, $10

Wizard Onesie Invite

That onesie.

Those spectacles. That lightning bolt … adorbs!

Available from Invite Store, from $27.80


The quantity of Harry Potter party decor on the Internet is helpful of crazy. Crazy AMAZING.

“Welcome Little Muggle” Banner

… And what a cute little muggle they’re gonna be!

Available on Etsy, $24

DIY Floating Candles

These are beautiful much a Harry Potter party must-have, if you enquire us.

Diy baby shower cupcake ideas

Study how to make them by following the tutorial above from SitGirls.

Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers

How enjoyment are these? And they make the cupcakes glance even yummier (if that’s even possible).

Available from Etsy, $7

Harry Potter ABC’s

These enjoyment ABC cards can be hung from a string to create a colorful backdrop that’s undeniably Potter.

Available from Etsy, $7.50

Harry Potter Cake Decorating Set

This set looks love too.

much. enjoyment.

Diy baby shower cupcake ideas

(Dibs on the Golden Snitch!)

Available from Etsy, $7.27

Witch or Wizard Cake Topper

Not gonna lie … we’re salivating over this cake correct now. But this topper makes it even more delicious-looking and totally whimsical.

Available from Etsy, $21.50

Hedwig Balloons

These glance insanely adorable … and also insanely enjoyment to make.

Available from Etsy, $4

“Witch or Wizard?” Banner

This burlap banner is a little bit rustic, a little bit wizard-y, in every the correct ways.

Available from Etsy, $26.99

Hedwig Figurine

OMG — how cute is this tiny little Hedwig?

Honestly, it makes for a cute baby shower centerpiece, but even endless after the shower ends, he’s also beautiful perfect for the nursery.

Available from Boiling Topic, $29.52

Harry Potter Diaper Cakes

Good luck breaking up arguments over who wants to take their diaper cake centerpiece home with them ’cause they are totally a Gryffindor and need this in their life!

Available from Etsy, $34

“Harry or Hermione?” Cake Topper

If you’ve done too much “Witch or Wizard” decor, this “Harry or Hermoine” cake topper switches things up in a cute (and sparkly) way.

Available from Etsy, $9.99

Games & Entertainment

Obviously your baby shower is going to be totally enjoyment and memorable on its own.

Diy baby shower cupcake ideas

But just to ensure your guests are entertained in between every of those onesies and pacifiers you’re opening up, here’s some Potter-inspired entertainment that they’re bound to love.

DIY Photo Booth Props

A excellent photo booth can seriously provide hours of enjoyment every on its own — baby shower, or no baby shower. These enjoyment props will hold guests having a blast (and Instagramming love crazy).

Available from Etsy, $5.90

Downloadable Harry Potter-Themed Games

Baby shower games are just more enjoyment with a magical, wizard-y twist, don’t you think?

Available from Etsy, $10

“Have You Seen This Wizard?” Selfie Frame

This hilarious photo board cut-out will own your guests upping their selfie game love never before.

Available from Etsy, $8

Food & Treats

Ah, now it’s time for the best part of the shower: the FOOD!

Just attempt to scroll through without your mouth watering …

Butterbeer Popcorn

This looks seriously irresistible. (via Your Every Day Family)

Harry Potter Pumpkin Pastries

One word: Yummy. (via Get Away Today)

Edible Wands

These glance almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Diy baby shower cupcake ideas

(via Desperately Desserts)

No-Churn Butterbeer Ice Cream

One bowl per guest just won’t suffice. (via Your Every Day Family)

Posted 2 years Ago

Candy buffets are a large deal at parties, baby showers, birthdays, weddings and even corporate events.

The thing is, it can be hard to discover ideas in the piles of pinterest boards and blog posts out there.

That’s why we reached out to the web’s best party planners and enquire them to share their favourite ideas.

What we ended up with is nothing short of spectacular.

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Creative liberty to be as over the top or minimalist as you choose

Candy buffets are always a large hit with guests — especially their versatility in the way you can customize them to fit a specific style. My most adored part of these interactive displays, is the set up itself!

You own creative liberty to be as over the top or minimalist as you select.

Diy baby shower cupcake ideas

From decorative themes, to candy selections, varying sized platters and jars, to trendy labels or custom signage — the options are endless and without a doubt one of my favourite tables to style.

All Things Love Events

Tip number 1, is get as numerous pink treats as you can. For supplies, make certain to get apothecary jars for your candies, pink ribbon, pink goody bags, cake pedestals, and pink bows of course.

List of Candies for your Pink Candy Buffet:

  1. Grape Taffy
  2. Berry Crunch Gummy
  3. Gummy Sour Peaches
  4. Milk Chocolate Dried Strawberries
  5. Ferrari Gummies
  6. Sour Strawberry Log
  7. Cherry Taffy
  8. Strawberry Pink Gourmet Jelly Beans

Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop


Diy baby shower cupcake ideas

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