Diy backyard oasis ideas

So, how do we create the privacy you’ve always dreamed about in your backyard? How do we hold prying neighbor eyes out of sight? That’s simple.

Well, it can be complicated. It really depends how you desire to do things.

Diy backyard oasis ideas

This is your oasis, after all.

But enough with my fluff, let’s dive in and glance at a few ways to add privacy to your backyard:

Tall Tree Install

This one is common sense. The easiest way to add privacy is to install mature trees around your backyard.

These trees can block the vision of your neighbors and hold things a little more private around your backyard.

For a first move, this is one of the easiest ways to increase the privacy of your backyard.

Diy backyard oasis ideas

At Huston Contracting, we can assist you discover and install the tallest trees money can purchase. And we certainly recommend this in some situations.

However, this isn’t an end-all, be-all solution. Other times, you may be better off working with other landscaping solutions to add privacy.

High Fences

A high fence is a key to privacy in the backyard. Without a fence, your backyard may feel open and inviting to any and every of your neighbors. Even before installing trees, make certain your fencing is up to par.

By installing the highest fence your homeowner’s association will permit, you’ll discover privacy every around you.

The only issue will be spying neighbor eyes from above.

Covered Porches

To further your privacy, covered porches can add barriers from the neighbors.

Diy backyard oasis ideas

These cover and/or screened-in porches will ensures eyes from above cannot see what’s going on in your backyard.

This is ideal while enjoying a freezing one as the stars come out, but not enjoyable if you’re looking to get some sun while enjoying the backyard.

Outdoor Kitchens

Many don’t know this, but you can build your outdoor kitchen with privacy in mind. As the kitchen is generally tall, the grilling areas and more can every create natural barriers to nosy neighbors.

Many of our Olathe landscaping clients own asked us to build extravagant and tall outdoor kitchens with the thought of adding privacy to the outdoor spaces.

Diy backyard oasis ideas

And of course, we happily obliged.

Create the Backyard of Your Dreams A Private One!

These are just a few ideas. While the team here at Huston Contracting believe in being friendly with the neighbors, we understand there’s times when we every need a little privacy to truly enjoy our outdoor spaces.

In those times, just get in touch to study more about your Olathe landscaping options.


Is there anything more relaxing than enjoying a endless soak in a boiling tub at the finish of a endless day? Strained, stressed muscles start to loosen, and tension begins to melt away after only a few minutes.

Boiling tubs are that one luxury numerous people love to leave available year circular, but are unfortunately often restricted by exterior seasonal weather changes.

Diy backyard oasis ideas

There are a few steps you can take, however, to assist make that dream a reality. These boiling tub gazebo and boiling tub enclosure ideas provide more than enough fodder to get your design ideas flowing!

Add a Backyard Fire Pit Area

A fire pit is a grand put to collect around during any season of the year (weather permitting, of course). Fire pit ideas range from simple metal styles you can purchase at most home and garden stores, to more elaborate custom styles. To decide which style is best for you figure out what youll be using it for. If youre looking for a fire for roasting smores, then a cheaper, metal bowl will do.

However, if youre looking to create a stylish, focal point then custom is the way to go.

Add Backyard Privacy With Plants

Are your neighbors a bit too shut for comfort? If youre looking for the benefits of a privacy fence without actually installing a fence, use plants instead. You can use tall shrubs, little trees or even large plants to obscure the view into your yard from neighboring lawns and porches. Boxwood shrubs, cypress trees and bamboo are every grand options that grow quickly.

Add a Backyard Water Feature

Water features are a grand way to bring calmness and serenity to your backyard, and theyre also fairly simple to install.

You can purchase ready-made kits for ponds and waterfalls, or you can make it a DIY project. This is also a grand way to take care of any drainage problems you may own during wet weather. Add a few goldfish and a few little plants to create your own personal outdoor oasis.

Create a Backyard Dining Area

If you desire to get more use out of your backyard, attempt adding a dining area for al fresco lunches and dinners. This can range from something as simple as a picnic table, to something as elaborate as an outdoor kitchen.

Diy backyard oasis ideas

For a simple backyard landscaping project, create a patio by using large paving stones or a slab of concrete. Add a table, chairs and some colorful decorations for a cozy feel. Put a grill nearby, and youre ready for BBQs, Sunday brunch and more.

Cover Up Any Eyesores

If you own anything particularly unappealing in your backyard-such as outdoor air conditioning units, utility meters, or ancient buildings-add landscaping around them. For example, you can put a lattice fence around an outdoor A/C unit (as endless as it still has plenty of ventilation).

Diy backyard oasis ideas

You can essentially repair any eyesore you own in your backyard by adding tall or bushy potted plants.

Steve and Suzy are grand people, but you don’t desire them meddling in your trade every day and night. Especially when you’re looking to relax and unwind in your backyard on a refreshing summer eve.

That’s exactly why we’re here. To show you how to create a private backyard oasis on your property. An oasis that your neighbors won’t be capable to watch you from. An oasis where you’ll truly be capable to unwind and relax through the day and night.

If that’s of interest to ya, well, hold on reading.


Diy backyard oasis ideas

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