Diy baptism giveaway ideas

There numerous, numerous Akron food pantries available with a referral. Call Akrons Food Info Line between 9 am 2 pm for immediate assistance and get food today or tomorrow. You will be on hold from ½ hour and up. The pantry will provide you 3 or more days worth of food for your entire family.

You may call Emergency Food Line Referral Service Monday Friday 9 am – 2 pm for assist as well.

If you own an Akron Food Pantry / Food Bank that you would love listed, or unlisted, please email me at [emailprotected]


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There are so numerous ways to tell thanks to your wedding guests, but one of the most favorite ways is by gifting a wedding favor. What used to be a little treat or token is now a moment for couples to add a touch of their personality too. To assist you decide, we came up with 50 wedding favor ideas that are certain to impress your guests.

Jelly Beans Rainbow

Give a rainbow of tasty, colorful jelly beans. Attach a present tag with flavor descriptions so guests can enjoy sampling them all.

S’more Love

Package a little campfire treat. Use chocolate, marshmallow and mini graham crackers.

Your guests will grin when they see this at a drop, rustic or winter wedding.

Diy baptism giveaway ideas

Custom Shot Glasses

Find or design unique shot glasses that enhance your wedding theme. This couple created colorful glasses based on their Mexican wedding.

Pharmacy Bottles

This couple hit two birds with one rock by using their wedding favors as put cards. They decorated pharmaceutical containers to create tiny pots for succulents.

Floral Napkins

Create DIY cloth napkins by sewing the edges of beautiful fabrics.

This is a grand touch for a rustic wedding.

Shake It Love a Polaroid Picture

Revive the lost art of polaroids and give your guests a keepsake to remember forever. Urge them to take multiple photos, so they can hold their favorites and leave a few for you in your wedding guest book.

Animal Kingdom

Find enjoyment animals that act as put card holders and wedding favors. Your guests will love having a new decoration for their home!

Picture Perfect

Print favorite photographs of guests and hang them with clothespins as decoration for the ultimate personalized wedding favor.

Guests can take their photograph home at the finish of the night!

Lift the Bar

Supply a candy bar and present bags for guests to take their favorite sweet treats. Offer a range of hard candy, chocolates, lollipops and more for a unique wedding favor idea.

Eco-Friendly Fun

Give away the plants and decor from your celebration as eco-friendly wedding favors. You’ll feel excellent about not throwing decor away and you’ll assist dress up someone’s home.

From Him and Her

Decorate cookies that represent your biggest passions (like shoes and chocolate!) and present these enjoyment and yummy treats wrapped for post-party cravings.

Hangover Kit

If youre planning on a wild night, present your guests with hangover kits.

Diy baptism giveaway ideas

This will cue them into having a excellent time and soaking in the fun!

Desert Vibes

Consider this creative wedding party favor thought if youre having an outdoor or desert-themed wedding. Share cactuses in tiny pots with every of your wedding guests.

A Hint Of Mint 

Freshen the spirits and breath of your wedding attendees. Arrange mint candies and gum in a bowl for simple grabbing.

Personalized Cocktail Glasses

Design personalized wedding favors love glasses for the reception and as take-home gifts at the finish of the night.

You can pick glasses that match your wedding theme and include custom wedding stickers.

Get Musical 

Sure, it’s simple enough to come up with Easter basket ideas for the younger set, and thinking up Easter gifts for adults isn’t rocket science, but what about the in-between crowd—the teens? As you store around and consider your options this year, we hope you’ll take a moment to consider the best Easter basket ideas for teenagers we’ve compiled here. Each of our present ideas is teen-approved, so you don’t own to worry about embarrassing them with the pastel-colored Peeps they enjoyed years ago (though we are of the mind that Peeps should never vanish entirely from an Easter basket!).

What to expect within our curated list, you ask?

Well, each and every one of our Easter present ideas for teens is a little diverse, running the gamut from lip balm to basketball-shaped bath bombs, but what we can tell you is that they’re every winning presents. If you’re looking for something little to slip into a DIY Easter basket, attempt a satin hair scrunchie set or fuzzy bunny-inspired pair of socks. Interested in something a little bigger? From an iPhone camera lens to a positively luxurious chocolate sauce pairing, we’ve got something here that fits the bill in that department too.

P.S. Don’t forget to attempt out our adult Easter egg hunt ideas—they work beautifully for teens as well!

Large Wooden Magnets, Full Color designs


specify your preferred oval border design and wordings, verse suggestions and messages.

Diy baptism giveaway ideas

Let us know if you desire antique finish or whitewash wood.

Size x inches, 30g

Item Code:

*Shown is the Pink Patchwork Border. with wordings: Behold children are a blessing from the Lord. Psalm

Add to the entire cost of every the magnets to add a picture.

*Indicate if you desire a picture with your order (sent via e-mail attachment in JPG or GIF format). Upon request, we can send you the layout for approval before printing. Please take note that we can only start on the design for approval upon payment.

*There is a 20% discount for orders of 50 pcs or more of the same design.

Regular Price:
79 each
Discounted Price: each

Add a Box

Gifts for godparents can be something they cherish for years, as endless as you get it correct. The following gifts speak from the heart and show the godparents just how much you and your kid appreciate them.

Willow Tree Guardian

Any godmother would love to get this figurine, which stands six inches tall and gives the glance of being hand carved.

A godparent is meant to act as a guardian of the kid in the event of a tragedy, so it makes sense to capture this in a figurine.


Godmother Personalized Photo Frame

Put the best picture you own of godmother and godbaby in this personalized godmother frame and it will make a extremely thoughtful present indeed. It’s a beautiful wooden frame with baby’s name carved into it as well as godmother carved on top.


Best Godfather in the Galaxy T-Shirt

Just in case theres any doubt, this novelty tee sets the record straight, boldly proclaiming “Best Godfather in the Galaxy.” This is perfect for the sci-fi fan, or any godfather whom you believe to be epic.

Wear it with pride, he will. He knows it’s an honor to be chosen for such an auspicious role.


Quintessa Meritage Red Cape Cod Luxury Wine Basket

Whether you’re a new parent who has selected your child’s godparents, or the godchild wishing to show your appreciation for the responsibility such cherished individuals accepted at your birth, the Quintessa Meritage Red shines in this beautiful Cape Cod luxury wine basket.

Such an elegant way to tell “thank you for loving me.”

Prices vary

Nat and Jules Godparent Frame

Godparents are a lovely way of choosing people who will own a major impact on your kid. This beautiful frame from Nat and Jules features a touching poem and cross motif along with a generously sized opening for a treasured photo. What a thoughtful present to commemorate baby’s baptism with their first “official” picture together.


Birdhouse Succulent Planter

It’s the little things in life that stand out. Love an adorable birdhouse that’s designed to host a succulent garden which makes this a unique piece.

This is a delightful present for godparents as they guide their godchild, nurturing them as their relationship develops, just love they care for the tiny garden and little birds.


Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket

Special occasions and special relationships deserve special gifts. Our Sweet Celebration Fruit present basket is filled with luscious treats and mouth-watering unused fruit in a beautiful keepsake hamper. When you’re looking for an extravagant present that isn’t extravagantly priced, this is suitable for any event and perfect for every significant person in your life.

Prices vary

Godmother Godchild Handprint Frame

The relationship between a kid and a godmother is more significant than a fairy tale.

This gorgeous farmhouse style frame highlights a beautifully embossed sentiment along with a little one’s handprint, to express the significance in a delightful and unique way. Simple instructions and everything for you and your youngster to create this treasured gift.


Uncle Godfather Hero T-Shirt

You can’t select your relatives, but you can select who you consider “family.” Few are fortunate enough to drop into both categories. This tee shirt is perfect for the uncle who’s been chosen as godfather. He will proudly wear this to proclaim his status as “Uncle Godfather Hero.” A enjoyment present for a super guy.


Engraved Godparent Frame

Choosing your child’s godparents can be a daunting task.

Choosing a present for those fortunate people is simple. This beautiful frame in stunning red alder wood is laser engraved and personalized as a sentimental “thank you” present from the baby. Simply add a photo. Any godparent would be thrilled to display this lovely piece.


Fairy Godmother Shirt

Godmothers will exclaim ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo’ when they see this sweet t-shirt which displays her title across the front in glittering gold, silver, or rose gold text – black is also available.

Godparent Coffee Mugs

Gifts for Godparents should be thoughtful and a daily reminder of the significant role they frolic in your child’s life.

This pair of mugs will assist them remember every single day.

Framed Scrabble Godparent Gift

Whether you’re popping the question or giving it as a thank you, this sweet shadow box frame will explain to them both just how significant their roles will be.

Godmotehr and Godfater Spoons

This pair of spoons can be used or displayed as a touching present to commemorate the day they became your child’s Godparents, and can be customized for their favorite boiling beverage.

Personalized Night Sky Framed Gift

There’s a special bond between a Godmother and her Goddaughter, and this night sky print will celebrate that as it displays the stars as they were on the dates they were both born.

Godmother Candle

This gorgeous candle comes in a range of scents in a glass jar with a sweet description of a Godmother, and can be customized with an optional personal message on the back, too.

Will You Be My Godparents Chocolate Message

If you’re looking for a sweet way to enquire a special couple to be your child’s Godparents, this chocolate message is perfect as the question is spelled out in yummy jellybean letters.

I Love My Godmother Travel Mug

For the Godmother who’s always on the go, this ceramic travel mug can hold up to 17oz of her favorite boiling drink, and has a darling patchwork-patterned message on the front.

Personalized Godparent Wine Bottle Labels

When looking for gifts for Godparents, it’s worth getting something a little bit different; these wine labels can be customized to whatever role they already frolic in the child’s life.

Blessed To Own You As My Godmother Bracelet

A touching present for any lady who has taken on this significant role, this beautiful bracelet is hand-stamped with a sweet message on the inside, along with the baptized child’s first name.

Godfather Tray

This simple but extremely sweet earthenware bowl is the perfect size for holding his loose change, keys, or jewelry and comes with a modest cross and the expression ‘Godfather’ on the inside.

La Madrina and El Padrino Shirt

Super casual but incredibly chic, these tees come in a variety of colors and feature the words ‘el Padrino’ or ‘la Madrina’ (Spanish for Godfather or Godmother) across the front.

Godmother Necklace

The interlocking circles on this beautiful necklace represent the shut bond between a Godmother and her Godchild, and can be made in either a gold, rose gold, or silver finish.

Personalized Baptism Clock

They’ll be reminded numerous times each day of their special relationship with your kid when you give them this personalized rustic wooden clock which comes engraved with a touching message.

Custom Cross Godparent Keyrings

Gifts for Godparents needn’t be extravagant, as these keychains show.

Simple but powerful, the weathered copper cross comes with their name, as well as the child’s name and baptism date.

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives

So you desire to send a special present to someone special not just any ancient trinket will do. This stunning cheese board is unique in its compact design shaped love a wedge of cheese then it blossoms out to a full circle for three additional surfaces and a hidden cheese knife drawer.

Prices vary

On-the-Go Insulated Flask Tumblers

Our On-the-Go insulated flask set with two tumblers is the perfect present for athletic adults.

Fill the flask with any beverage and it will stay at the perfect temperature until they’re ready to fill the tumblers and “raise a glass” anywhere they may roam, from the backyard at home to the top of the world.


Segura Viudas Champagne And Godiva Chocolates

Nothing says “elegant” fairly as nicely as champagne and Godiva chocolates. The stunning bottle holds Reserva Heredad Cava, the “crown jewel” of the Segura Viudas Estate. It’s truly a luxurious present for godparents that says “thank you” for a once in a lifetime moment. Personalize a silver hang tag to further commemorate the occasion.

Prices vary

Godfather and Godmother Glasses

This enjoyment present set pays tribute to “The Godfather” with a whimsical take on an iconic logo, and casts a fairytale light on the role of “The Godmother.” A beer pint and lovely stemmed wine goblet are just the tickets for the enjoyment people who own agreed to shoulder the responsibility as your baby’s godparents.

Prices Vary

Elements GodMother Angel Figurine by Pavilion

One’s godmother holds a extremely special and revered put in one’s heart.

It’s not surprising that a kid of any age would desire to acknowledge that loving bond with a present. This winged figurine expresses the sentiment, “Godmother, you are my angel…”. She will treasure it almost as much as she treasures her precious godchild.


Outdoor Wine Table

Gifts that are unique, that are thoughtful, and practical are few and far between. Check out this outdoor wine table the perfect companion for a picnic or an evening under the stars. It unfolds to support a wine bottle, two wine glasses, and with enough room for an accompanying plate of fruit and cheese.


Godfather Pint Glass

Their godfather will love having a pint out of this special pint glass which features two little baby feet.

Godfather is printed in a nice script, and the glass comes with the initials of the artist making it a extremely special present for them to cherish for years.


Godparents Belief Bowl

This is a grand way to tell thank you to the godparents after the baptism. It’s a Belief Bowl, and is an original design made out of clay and glaze. It comes in diverse colors, so be certain you check out the selection and pick the one you love best.


Godparent Wood Angel Ornament

This wood angel ornament looks grand on the tree, and is beautiful highly customizable. You can select whether you desire godmother or godfather carved into the ornament, as well as the godchild’s name and a brief message.


Godmother Mug

This godmother mug is certain to become her new favorite mug.

It reads “Godmothers are a special blessing from above.” and features a scripted font of Godmother at the rim of the mug. It has a beautiful floral design for a nice calming look.


Godparent Personalized Keepsake

This is a beautiful personalized keepsake that they can put on their desk or on a shelf, and be capable to be reminded that they’re appreciated again and again. It reads “Walking beside me, to assist and guide me. You’re always there in love and prayer.”


Godparents Personalized Mug

This personalized mug is special because you get to put their name on it.

The relax of the mug is also customizable, with baby’s name and a special message that is certain to put a grin on their face every morning with their coffee or tea.


Godparents Cross Pin

This cross pin is something that a godparent can hold forever and can be a reminder of the baptism and how special their godbaby is to them. This is something that you can get for both the godfather and godmother so they each own their own.


Godparents Engraved Picture Frame

This engraved picture frame is special because it is engraved with the child’s name at the bottom, and showcases the photo extremely well.

Select a photo that you ponder best captures the new relationship of godparent and godchild.


The Godfather Logo T-Shirt

This is a enjoyment shirt to give to the new godfather, the logo from The Godfather trilogy. It’s one of the most renowned uses of the term godfather, and will definitely be appreciated by any godfather that’s also a fan of the films.


Godfather Touching Poem

This poem is certain to bring a tear to the eye of even the most manliest godfather, and sums up the special bond that exists between godparents and godchildren. There is also a godmother version available with the same touching poem.


Doodle Godparent Mug

These mugs are made especially for godparents, and they glance love something a kid put together, with a unique artistic design.

The messages are extremely poignant, and put correct where they can see them as they sip their beverage of choice.


Godfather Personalized Frame

This personalized frame is certain to sit proudly on his desk and it is personalized with your child’s name on the bottom correct corner. It has godfather engraved at the top of the frame, and you can either put a picture of the two of them or just your kid in it.


My Godparents Poem and Frame

Having a beautiful poem next to a beautiful picture of your baby with their godparents is a nice way to capture the love between every involved.

This is a present that you can purchase one of if the godparents are married, or you’ll need two of if they’re not.

Prices Vary

Salvation Army

The Salvation Armys pantry is open on the 2nd Wednesday of every month between pm. This is available to every in Summit County and beyond, no ID required. There is a variety of food at the give away. Expect staples as well as some helpful of produce such as onions, potatoes, apples, greens, and other fruit. Reach as early as 11am to sign in for your #. Food is given out based on your assigned #.

Diy baptism giveaway ideas

Waiting is held indoors in the chapel. Bring your own bags or boxes.

Salvation Army Johnson , OH Phone:

Salvation Armys Food Choice Pantry provides food assistance by appointment on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and on an emergency basis everyday.

Diy baptism giveaway ideas

Call InfoLine at:

Salvation Army Food Choice Pantry
S. Maple Street
Akron, OH

Salvation Armys Red Shield Pantry provides food assistance the second Wednesday of the month from 1 3pm, doors open at 11am and devotions conducted at pm.

Salvation Armys Red Shield Pantry
Romig Road
Akron, OH  Phone:

Second Baptist Church

Second Baptist Churchs pantry is open two times a month for people in the Akron zip code area. Pick up time is Monday Friday 12 pm. Please bring your photo ID.

Second Baptist Church South Main StAkron, OH Phone:

Akron Urban League and Community Service Center

Akron Urban League and Community Service Middle is open on the 4th Wednesday of every month at pm.

Your photo ID is required. Please call to pre-register. Food referrals to other pantries can be accessed by calling between 9am 2pm at

Akron Urban League and Community Service Middle Vernon Odom Blvd,Akron, OH Phone:

Akron Summit Community Action

Call first M – F 9 am – 11 am and 2 pm – 4 pm

ASCA (Akron Summit Community Action)
Doty Dr. Akron, OH

Arlington Church of God

The Arlington Church of Gods Food Bank is available on the final 2 Tuesdays and Thursdays of every month. Please call to pre-register. The pantry is open for those in the East Akron area; other areas are on an individual case basis.

Arlington Church of God S Arlington RdAkron, OH Phone:

Barberton Area Community Ministries

Barberton Area Community Ministries offers a 3 day supply of food for your household once per month in zip code.

No appointment necessary; please bring a photo ID and proof of residency (in the zip code) to each visit. The pantry is open on Tuesdays from PM and Thursday PM.

Barberton Area Community Ministries
Norton Ave.
Barberton, OH

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Holy Trinity Lutheran Churchs food pantry is open on the final Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of every month between 10am 2pm. There are no restrictions on who may get assistance. One visit per family per month.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church50 North Prospect StAkron, OH Phone:



H.O.P.E. Ministries offers food on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month between 11am 2pm.

Diy baptism giveaway ideas

This is for every of Summit County.

H.O.P.E. Ministries S Arlington StAkron, OH Phone:

JoAnnes Pantry

JoAnnes Pantry is open on the Tuesday and Thursday of every month from 10am 4pm. Joann’s Pantry is open on the final Tuesday and Thursday of each month from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Tallmadge. Need proof of address and ID. You will be asked to sign a government eligibility form and list every dependents.

JoAnnes Pantry
A Pioneer St.
Akron, Ohio

Heart 4 the City

Heart 4 the City offers food on the east side of Akron (Goodyear Heights) on 1st Thursday of every month am and every Thursday night (except 1st Thursday) from Photo ID required.

Heart 4 the City
Eastland Avenue
Akron, OH

Other Present Ideas

Whether you are in need or know someone who is, this handy list is a excellent resource for finding food assistance in the greater Akron, Ohio area and Summit County.

Below is a listing of food pantries that do not require a referral from any social agency.

It is recommended that you reach early for every food distribution and bring bags or boxes.

Kenmore Church of the Nazarene

Kenmore Church of the Nazarenes pantry is for anyone in need; it doesnt matter where you live, no restrictions. Call the office for an appointment.

Kenmore Church of the Nazarene 12th Highway SWAkron, OH Phone:

Lakemore United Methodist Church

Lakemore United Methodist Churchs pantry is for residents of Springfield Township and Lakemore Village.

Call for an appointment and bring proof of residency.

Lakemore United Methodist Church Flickinger RdAkron, OH Phone:

Living Hope United Methodist Church

Living Hope United Methodist Churchs pantry is for those in Summit, Medina, and Wayne counties that are in need. Call the church for an appointment.

Living Hope United Methodist Church South Hametown RdNorton, OH Phone:

Middlebury Chapel

Middlebury Chapels pantry provides food to Akron zip codes and The 3rd Tuesday of the month provides general food. The 4th Tuesday of the month is the meat and bread distribution. Residents may get assistance 6 times a year. Please bring your photo ID, social security card, proof of address, and proof of income.

Middlebury Chapel82 S Arlington StAkron, OH Phone:

New Fate Treatment Center

New Fate Treatment Centers pantry  is open on the 3rd Tuesday of the month for Clinton residents.

Sign up between 9 am 3pm. Please bring your photo ID.

New Fate Treatment Middle Taylor RdClinton, OH Phone:

North Hill Community House

North Hill Community Home is a resource for the North Hill area of Akron, OH for food assistance. Call the office for an appointment.

North Hill Community Home North Howard StAkron, OH Phone:

Open M Ministry

Open M Ministry (Opportunity Parish Ecumenical Neighborhood Ministry) offers the Mountain of Food Giveaway scheduled for the 3rd Friday of every month at 9am until the food runs out, except for December.

Food is for every Summit County resident in need, please bring your photo ID, no referral needed. Please bring your own grocery bags, boxes, or containers to take home your food. Food is stocked by the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank, churches, and other individual & organizational donations. Expect a variety of food, including unused produce.

Open M Princeton , OH Phone: or ext.

St. Martha Parish

St. Martha Parish provides food for those in need in the North Hill area zip code Clients may get assistance every 3 months or 4 times a year. Call for an appointment.

Please bring your photo ID and social security #.

St. Martha Parish E Tallmadge , OH Phone:

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church has a food bank open every 3rd Saturday of the month from 10am 1pm.

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church
Virginia Ave.

Akron, OH


Catholic Social Services of Summit County

Any Summit county resident in need may visit the Catholic Social Services of Summit County pantry once a month. Please call the office for an appointment. Pantry hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10am 2pm. Groceries include a variety of foods that provide a balanced diet.

Each adult ages 18 and up in the household must provide a photo ID and Social Security card.

St. Johns Community Middle Brown StAkron, OH Phone:

Christ is the Answer International Ministries

Christ is the Answer International Ministries is open Tuesday Friday 8am 4pm  for anyone in need. Please call to pre-register.

Christ is the Answer International Ministries East South StAkron, OH Phone:

Church of the Annunciation

Church of the Annunciations Fr. John Hilkert Ozanam Middle is open on Saturdays 10am 2pm. The food pantry is for anyone in need in Summit and Medina counties.

Please bring documentation of name and address.

Church of the Annunciation87 Wide StAkron, OH Phone:

Church of our Savior

If you need groceries to make ends meet, please join their Muffin Mondays event on the final Monday of the month at 8 a.m., enquire a volunteer during Dinner on Us, or enquire the priest or an usher on Sunday morning.

Church of our Savior
Crosby St.
Akron, OH

Community Action

There are numerous Community Action Akron food pantries, one for every neighborhood.

Call for your local area. Every location will help any Summit County resident one time, after that, you will need to go to your local location. Depending on your location, there are both morning (9 11am) and afternoon (2 4pm) pantry hours on various days of the week. Your photo ID is required, and information on every in your household including social security cards, birthdates, and income for the past 3 months. You will be sent to your local food pantry.


Copley Outreach Center

The Copley Outreach Middle is open Tuesdays and Fridays between 10am 2pm. Only for those that live in Copley Township AND are part of the Copley-Fairlawn School District.

Proof of address and your photo ID are required.

Copley Outreach Middle S Cleveland-Massillon RoadCopley, OH Phone:

Cornerstone Christian Assembly

Cornerstone Christian Assemblys food pantry open on Thursdays am for those in need in Barberton, OH. Your photo ID is required.

Cornerstone Christian Assembly Ettle DrBarberton, OH Phone:

Destiny Youth Academy

Destiny Youth Academys pantry is open every Wednesday and Friday between 1 4pm. This service is for Akron residents; your photo ID is required.

Destiny Youth Academy S Portage PathAkron, OH Phone:

E4 First Congressional Church

E4 First Congressional Church has a food pantry every Tuesday morning from to am to members of the community who are income eligible to get food assistance based upon current federal poverty guidelines.

You may get food for 12 meals per family member once per calendar month. Need proof of address and ID.

E4 First Congressional Church

Diy baptism giveaway ideas

Market St. Akron, OH

0 DIY Gifts for Godmothers and Godfathers

Fingerprint Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is made using a charm that features your baby’s fingerprint. It’s an example of art imitating life, capturing the size and scale of their little finger and turning it into a wearable piece of artwork for their godmother.

Shadow Boxes with Kid Stuff

You can turn your baby’s shirts into something worth hanging on the wall for their godparents.

It’s a grand reminder of how little they used to be once they start getting older, and it looks really cute on the wall.

Silhouette Portrait

This silhouette portrait should probably done when they’re a little older so that they own a more unmistakable silhouette. It turns out really nice, and if you follow the instructions you’ll be capable to replicate it exactly.

Stamped Washer Necklace

This washer necklace is stamped with three words: Love. Family. Home. Since this is a how-to, you can simply change the final expression to something else, love the childs name so thats its personalized and more relevant.

Diy Pink Paislee Envelope Mini Album

When you do-it-yourself, the present you give is filled with your loving thoughts and is cherished by the recipient who thinks of you every time they use it.

This adorable DIY mini pocket envelope album will get a lot of use, especially when they’re filled with photos of an adored godchild and special shared memories.

Photo Wheel Diy Simple Craft

With so numerous electronic choices, too often we don’t display our enjoyment snapshots for everyone to enjoy. This DIY photo wheel is simple so children can create it with a little assist from you. What a enjoyment present for their godparents crafted with their own little hands and filled with precious moments they’ve shared.

Diy Jar Lid Picture Magnets

Kids change so quickly: one minute they’re tiny babies in christening gowns, then they’re wearing graduation gowns.

Capture those precious faces to create this enchanting set of jar lid photo magnets. What a amazing way to display their journey through life. It’s so simple, you’ll desire to make a set for grandparents, godparents, and yourself.

Diy Wood Photo Transfer Ornament

With a little patience, simple craft supplies, and laser-printed photos, you can follow this clever DIY to transfer images onto wooden disks for the most unique personalized hanging ornaments ever. These are so adorable, you won’t desire to wait for Christmas to hang them. They’re lovely gifts and a grand way to share your pictures.

DIY Tile Photo Coasters

Coasters are useful, practical, and sometimes rather plain.

Enter the magic of DIY.

Diy baptism giveaway ideas

Square tiles and square photos combine to make the most enjoyment coasters. Plus they’re thoughtful gifts. Imagine their delight when your kiddo’s godparents get a set with beautiful pictures of their godchild. Create a theme, love their baptism day, or go random.

Fathers House

The Fathers Houses food pantry is open on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 11am. The pantry is for those in need in the Summit, Stark, Wayne, and Medina counties. Examples of food include bread, meat, unused vegetables and fruit, and canned goods.

Fathers Home Wadsworth RdNorton, OH Phone:

First Congregational Church

First Congregational Churchs pantry is open every Tuesday from am and provides assistance to any Summit County resident at least once.

Zip codes of and may visit more often . Food selection varies according to what has currently been donated. Bring proof of address and your photo ID.

First Congregational Church E. Market , OH Phone:

First Baptist Church of Akron

First Baptist Church of Akrons pantry is opened once monthly, generally the 3rd or 4th Saturday of the month at varying times between 11am 4pm. See website for this months date and time.

1st Baptist Church of Akron Shatto AveAkron, OH Phone:

First Congregational Church

First Congregational Church serves people in need that live in Akron zip codes and The pantry is open every Tuesday from am.

Your photo ID is required.

First Congregational Church East Market StAkron, OH Phone:

Good Samaritan Hunger Center

Good Samaritan Hunger Middle offers a grocery bag program at several locations. Each adult present receives a bag of food and a 32 oz. container of homemade soup. Everyone is welcome. Photo I.D. is required. Bring 2 bags or boxes for your groceries. First come, first served basis. You must sign a form stating they are at or under the poverty level according to The Emergency Food Assistance Program guidelines. No limits to visits. Line starts 15 minutes before program. No referral needed.

Last 3 Tuesdays of the month:

Summit Lake Community Center

Crosier St.
Akron, OH
From to pm: registration from pm, distribution begins at pm

Last 3 Fridays of the month:

Patterson Park Community Center
Patterson Ave.
Akron, OH
From to registration from pm, distribution begins at pm. First come, first served basis up to the first 50 adults. Please bring Photo ID.

Last 3 Thursdays of the month:

Summit Lake Community Center
West Crosier Street
Akron, OH
From pm to pm: registration from pm, distribution begins at pm.

Western Reserve Outreach Center

Western Reserve Outreach Centers pantry is open on the final Thursday of the month between 10amfor those in Twinsburg and Peninsula, OH.

Please bring your photo ID, proof of income, bills, and social security cards for dependents.

Western Reserve Outreach Middle Harvard RdTwinsburg, OH Phone:

Williard United Church of Christ Food Pantry

The Williard United Church of Christ Food Pantry is open the 3rd Tuesday o fevery month and the following Saturday morning.

Williard United Church of Christ
Johnston St
Akron, OH

Word of Life Outreach Center

Word of Life Outreach Middle offers food baskets with staple items and meats on Sundays at pm and Wednesdays at pm. The pantry is for those in need in Summit County. Proof of address and of every dependents in the household is required.

Word of Life Outreach Middle Killian RdAkron, OH Phone:

Youth And Elder Services

Food Pantry the 4th Friday of every month from 11am 2pm and 3rd Friday in November.

Photo ID and proof of residency required, serving Summit County.

Youth and Elder Services
South Arlington Ave
Akron, OH Phone:

Zion Lutheran Church

Zion Lutheran Churchs pantry is open Wednesdays from am. You may start lining up at 9am. Assistance is available to the following zip codes: , , , , and You will get a paper bag to fill with items such as ham, frying chicken, egg beaters, cereal, canned goods, unused fruit, vegetables, and frozen entrees.

Each bag of food is a balanced diet for 3 meals a day, for 2 people, for 2 days. Please bring your photo ID and proof of residency.

Zion Lutheran Church South High StAkron, OH Phone:

Volunteer at an Akron Food Pantry

The majority of pantries operate through the use of volunteers. Every volunteers are appreciated. You may volunteer with set up, distribution, at the pantry, or on-site. This is a grand way for teens to get their community service hours in!