Diy basement laundry room ideas

Holly and Christian went for custom natural oak cabinetry in their Greenwich Village kitchen, which allowed them to create a special slender compartment that looks just love the relax of the cabinets, but actually hides a stacked washer and dryer.

Diy basement laundry room ideas

There's even a built-in vent!

Looking for utility room ideas? Maybe you are redesigning your kitchen or planning a new kitchen extension.

Diy basement laundry room ideas

Utility rooms are almost becoming a standard requirement in a modern home, so if you are getting any work done on your kitchen it just makes sense to add one in if you own got the space. So how to get it right?

Diy basement laundry room ideas

We’d propose starting correct here

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Invest in clever utility room ideas for storage

If your utility room is narrower than you’d love, if it’s clearly visible from the kitchen or hallway, or if you own to pass through it to get to the garden, order is key. A grand utility room thought is to divide your space into zones, helping it to glance neater and feel more organised.

A row of tall units or large cupboards are a excellent option for narrow spaces providing storage for every your washing needs, plus you can hide everything away behind closed doors.

This design from Burlanes includes a handy pull-out shelf for a clothes airer, a washer and dryer stacked one on the other to save space and a wet area.


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Make space for a wine cellar (you know it makes sense)

If you love to own a glass of wine when you’re doing your ironing (just the one, health and safety and every that), then you’re going to love this utility room thought.

Diy basement laundry room ideas

A spiral wine cellar is an entirely natural cellar that can be installed under any ground floor room and doesn’t require an existing cellar or basement.

Built from engineered concrete, a Spiral Cellar can either be fitted cleanly into a finished room, or form part of a new home build, extension or refurbishment project.

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Fit out every inch of a narrow utility room

While we’d advise against this in a galley kitchen, in a narrow utility room function trumps form, so built-in floor-to-ceiling storage on both sides that helps you maximise the space you own is a worthwhile investment.

Diy basement laundry room ideas

A combination of open shelving and cupboards with door fronts will permit you to hold what you use every the time to hand, and clutter you’re hoarding hidden away.

Build in a washing basket on wheels

Even if you’ve got a laundry basket elsewhere in the home, it’s a excellent thought to own another one in the utility room. A basket on wheels, which can be tucked under the work surface when not in use, will assist hold floor space clear and the room neat-looking.

Get a combo unit and treat it love a dishwasher

With guidance from their contractor, Lindsey and Tim decided to tuck their two-in-one washer-dryer underneath the kitchen countertop in their Upper West Side co-op, where it takes up no more space than standard cabinetry would. But beware: The washer-dryer combo isn't perfect.

Diy basement laundry room ideas

Consumer Reports recently tested two models and reports, "The machine's drying capacity is similar to a compact dryer's, which is why the LG manual states that if you're using the machine to dry laundry, cut a full wash load in half for “effective drying.” Put another way, by both LG and Kenmore, "the capacity for washing clothes is twice the capacity for drying."

Because the original kitchen in Giovanni's Brooklyn studio, under, was particularly tiny—there was a single line of cabinets with extremely limited counter space—the neighboring closet, equipped with a washer-dryer combo, was removed to make more room.

So, where to put the machine? Building a new eat-in peninsula gave the unit a new-and-improved home—and Giovanni didn't own to move a single pipe to make it work.

Diy basement laundry room ideas

Make wall space to dry clothes

Short on floor space? One of our favourite and extremely simple utility room ideas is a wall mounted-airer that folds away when not in use – a practical option for drying clothes. Hang above a radiator to speed up the drying process, or above a sink or draining board so your clothes can drip dry.

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