Diy basement shelving ideas

Go label crazy.

Diy basement shelving ideas

You will thank yourself later. Organising every the items you desire to store in boxes or containers into groups, and giving each group a label will not only tell you what is in each box, it will also give you a excellent thought of where the box will be stored.

Diy basement shelving ideas

Tools and DIY equipment? Hold them somewhere low below and accessible.

Diy basement shelving ideas

Broken things your promised to repair but never got circular to? Well, safe to tell that can probably be stored on a top shelf

Here, blogger A Bowl Full of Lemons has used a clear labelling system to organise her garage. Come on, you own got to confess that is one satisfying picture. And if organisation really is your thing, check out her Instagram.

Diy basement shelving ideas

Use ceiling space for storage

If you are lacking in floor space, use heavy duty hooks and overhead racks to make use of ceiling space. Overhead storage is more suited towards lighter items, so use it to get those awkwardly shaped or longer things out of the way.

Diy basement shelving ideas

Ponder skis, planks of wood, Christmas trees, spare piping, ladders, surfboards. These overhead racks from Garage Flex own open mesh shelving up you can easily see what’s stored up there and take a maximum weight of 19kg.

Diy basement shelving ideas

Build a customisable shelving system

Choose a basement shelving storage system that can be customised to maximise your space.

Elfa’s systems are perfect for basements as they are completely flexible and provide so numerous types of diverse storage – shelving for larger items, baskets, pegboards, tool hooks and drawers can every be added.

Create a fold away work space

If you are an occasional DIYer and use your basement as a workspace, a fold below desk offers a sturdy surface that tucks out of the way when it is not in use.

You can then use the wall space above to mount shelves, pegboards and hooks to store every the tools you need to hold accessible. This wall unit already comes with handy built in storage, and it may be shown as a study space, but we envision it filled with DIY paraphernalia.

Diy basement shelving ideas

Banish bulky items to baskets

For items that are an awkward shape or size and don’t fit neatly into a box, baskets are a excellent option.

These wire storage baskets from Large Dug can be stacked to create a finish storage unit. They also come in four diverse sizes and dividers are available, so you can customise them based on what you are storing.

Use airtight containers

A basement can quickly become filled with precariously balanced boxes, the contents of which are a mystery.

Going for clear lidded storage boxes that can be neatly and safely stacked means you never own to rifle through Christmas decorations to get to the ski gear again. If the boxes are airtight your possessions will be protected from mould spores and pests, such as moths or mice, too.

These weathertight totes from The Container Store own strong latches and an airtight seal; they come in 12 diverse sizes so you can stir and match based on your storage needs.

Top tip: Store the heaviest boxes on the bottom shelves or at the bottom of the piles to avoid an catastrophes when attempt to access them.

Install sturdy open shelving

In keeping with the store off the floor mantra, invest in some heavy duty shelving.

Diy basement shelving ideas

Opt for ventilated, open shelving in durable metal or sturdy plastic (avoid wooden units as any damp that might lurk in your basement could damage and warp it).

These heavy duty shelves from Screwfix (shown in a shed, but you get the drift) are simple to assemble and own handy adjustable shelves.