Diy bedroom decor ideas

Diy bedroom decor ideas

Image credit: The Cotswold Company

Barely own space to move in your bedroom, but own lots of clothes that need a home? Attempt a wardrobe with a sliding door. This piece features a full-height rail on one side, together with five drawers and a half-height wardrobe above with removable shelves.

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Love symmetry in your little bedroom

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A simple, perfectly balanced design scheme can be the saving grace of a little twin bedroom.

Metal bedsteads are excellent space savers but ring the changes with an unusual finish such as polished brass.

Diy bedroom decor ideas

Dress the beds in pure white linen and pastel-coloured wool blankets with a neutral/patterned duo of cushions to finish. Fit wall-mounted lamps to free up space on a shared bedside table.

Repeat a single motif

Image credit: Colin Poole

Keep the decorative elements of a little room pared back by choosing a single motif such as the heart and running with it. Use it in two or three forms, such as artwork, accessories and soft furnishings, and in varying scales and the cohesive, contained scheme that results will free your space of clutter and confusion. Restrict colour to accessories and the room will be simple to update whenever you feel love it.

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Diy bedroom decor ideas

Swap your bed for a sofa bed

Image credit: Carolyn Barber

When square footage is at a premium, attempt incorporating a wall bed instead of a traditional sofa bed. It takes a standard mattress, offering greater comfort, and can fold away to glance love a wardrobe or cabinet, freeing up valuable floor space for a desk and chair.

Ensure that the surrounding furniture is lightweight so that it can easily be moved to accommodate a pull-down bed. If you own adequate ceiling height, glance at bespoke options, such as a simple mezzanine incorporating a sleeping area on a raised platform with a wardrobe or shelving below.

Pick a theme for your little space

Make a little bedroom appear larger by choosing a predominantly white glance and peppering it with a specific decorative motif such as flowers and leaves. Combine neutral flooring with crisp white walls, delicate florals and minimal accessories for a chic, life-enhancing bedroom.

Diy bedroom decor ideas

This scheme is a masterclass in using complementary colours to make a space sing. Hold furniture pale and lightweight rather than dark and solid, going for a metal bedstead and cafe-style bedside table.

Put storage in high places

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Like any little space, the key to a successful compact bedroom is to create adequate storage within a functional layout. Often in a little guest room, a couple of large, hard-working pieces of furniture will create a less cluttered glance than several little pieces.

When square footage is at a premium, attempt incorporating floating shelves, or (if your budget allows) bespoke fitting above the bed for a streamlined glance that wont compromise your space.


Diy bedroom decor ideas