Diy best friend birthday gift ideas tumblr

Don’t own the time (or patience) to DIY something, but desire a present that’s unique and made by hand? Check out these exquisitely crafted gifts from little trade owners that are as beautiful as they are thoughtful.

Embroidery Hoop

This sweet, handcrafted embroidery hoops says it all: “You are our greatest adventure.” It’s the perfect addition for any nursery.

Available from Etsy, $65

Clay Star Wall Hanging

This handcrafted present has the added bonus of being personalized and is the perfect gender-neutral complement to any baby’s room.

Available from Etsy, $16.73

Cuddle and Helpful Doll

These ethically produced, hand-knit dolls are not only plush and adorable, they also provide 10 meals for children in need for every one purchased.

Available from Cuddle and Helpful, starting at $48

Monthly Milestone Blanket

Help mom track everything from that first day home to that extremely first birthday — and beyond — with this creative milestone blanket.

It’s perfect for snapping Instagram-worthy photos of their baby and can also be used to track their next pregnancy.

Available from Etsy, $23.34

My Little Joy Floor Cushion

These handcrafted at-home floor cushions are super comfy and super style, and can be used as baby grows.

Available from My Little Joy, $130

Keepsake Gifts

Every new mom wants to treasure their baby’s milestones. Whether it’s cherishing a photo of their first steps or their first lost tooth, every moment is a memory.

Diy best friend birthday present ideas tumblr

Discover the perfect way to assist mom-to-be appreciate those memories with these grand keepsake gifts.

Baby Briefcase

Charming and useful, this baby “briefcase” will assist Mom and Dad hold every those significant baby documents organized and easily accessible.

Available from Baby Briefcase, $29.95

The Magic Hanky

This baby bonnet is perfect for baby showers and christenings. It comes with a touching poem and can be kept and turned into a “something old” for the little one’s future wedding.

Available from Etsy, $15.99

Kate Spade Jewelry Keepsake Box

Choose a present to home every those precious memories love baby’s first lock of hair, hospital bracelets, or their first tooth.

Available from Neiman Marcus, $40

MixBook Photo Album

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and you can bet Mom’s camera roll will be filled to the brim with baby photos — by just Week 1.

Let her create a beautiful photo book with professionally designed themes and an intuitive editor, for a keepsake she’ll treasure forever.
Available from Stir Book, starting at $15.99

Tiffany’s Baby Dish Set

Every girl reveres that distinctive blue box from Tiffany’s. Make a splash with this stunning bone china dish set that Mom will cherish and baby will grow to love.

Available from Tiffany & Co, $135

Just For Mom

If you’re a busy mom yourself, then you know that sometimes the best present is the helpful you don’t own to leave your home to get.

Even better, new moms will love having these life-savers shipped correct to their door.

Blue Apron

Get every the ingredients for a yummy dinner delivered directly to their doorstep. Easy-to-follow recipes and farm unused food, combined with options for every diet and pallet, make this the perfect gift.

Available from Blue Apron, starting at $8.74/serving

Nature Box

Healthy snacks are straight-up fuel for the breastfeeding mom, and there’s nothing better than not having to go to the store to stock up on them.

Diy best friend birthday present ideas tumblr

Nature Box has hundreds of unique products with genuine, simple ingredients and new choices every month.

Available from Nature Box, $26.95


Time to celebrate Baby’s arrival! Winc offers a customized selection of wines delivered to your door every month. Every the mom has to do is answer a questionnaire to get personalized wine recommendations, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass once it’s shipped to her. She’s earned it.

Available from Winc, starting at $39/month

Ipsy Glam Bag

Every new mom deserves to feel gorgeous, and you can make that even easier by sending her five spanking new beauty products every month.

Diy best friend birthday present ideas tumblr

Plus, each month’s items come in an adorable bag!

Available from Ipsy, $10/month


Shopping for clothes can be hard post-pregnancy. Make it more approachable for the new mom-to-be with a subscription to Wantable. She’ll be capable to take a style quiz, get clothing delivered correct to her door, and send back whatever she doesn’t desire. How awesome is that?
Available from Wantable, $40/month

Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Who says useful gifts own to be boring? From the perfect organic sleeper to a device that never lets baby’s bottle drop, these useful presents will get you some major bang for your buck and make the mom-to-be appreciate you even more.


Multi-cute and multi-functional, the Dock-A-Tot is prime for sleeping, snuggling, lounging, and playing for babies 0-8 months.

Available from Dockatot, $165

The Baby Shusher

Provide mom with a few blissful moments of peace and peaceful with this useful Baby Shusher, which gives off a rhythmic “shush” sound to lull babies to sleep.

Available from Amazon, $32

The Bobalong

This little contraption literally means “the finish of the dropped bottle.” Believe us, the new mom will thank you for this one!
Available from Bobalong Baby, $29

Portable Bassinet

Now, the new mom will be capable to go anywhere with this amazing 3-in-1 creation, which is a portable crib, diaper bag, and changing station every in one.

Diy best friend birthday present ideas tumblr

Believe me, you’ll be her most favorite guest at the shower.

Available from Amazon, $67.90

Natursutten Pacifier

Choose the pacifier that every moms are raving about. This one-piece pacifier is made from 100% natural material, making it more hygienic than others. It’s also designed to gently touch the baby’s nose and give her the same feeling she experiences during breastfeeding.

Available from Amazon, $9.99

Diy best friend birthday present ideas tumblr

Personalized Baby Gifts

Celebrate the beautiful new blessing with a present as unique as they are. Mom and Dad will both appreciate the gesture of celebrating the individuality of their sweet babe.

Personalized Baby Spoon

This classic present is the perfect way to celebrate a baby’s arrival, and can be cherished throughout adulthood.
Available from Nordstrom,$36

Personalized Snow Globe

This beautiful musical snow globe is a chic take on a classic toy.

What’s not to love?

Available from Pottery Barn Kids, $39

First Year Frame

Help Mom capture the glory and growth of baby’s first year with this customizable month-by-month frame.

Available from Pottery Barn Kids, $69

Baby Age Blocks

Every mom loves snapping those adorable monthly photos, and these photo prop blocks are perfect for them. You can even customize them to include the baby’s name.

Available from Etsy, $32

Personalized Baby Blanket & Cap Set

This super soft and stretchy organic blanket and cap set can be personalized with the baby’s name and is perfect for that first home-from-the-hospital outfit.

Available from Etsy, $80.50

DIY Gifts

Want to add your own personal touch? Get crafty with these do it yourself gifts. The mom-to-be will appreciate the love and work you put into it and you get the satisfaction of creating something truly unique.

Nursing Basket

That baby is going to be eating. A lot. Whether the new mom plans on breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, she’ll need a few essentials while she’s in that rocking chair. So start with a cute basket and fill it with every the things she’ll need within reaching distance. For example: A few snacks, water bottle, gum, nipple cream, a notepad and pen for recording precious moments, magazines or book, additional pacifiers, and burp cloths.

Baby Shower in a Box

Can’t make it to the shower?

No sweat — Martha Stewart has you covered with this genius thought to mail a themed present box to the mom-to-be. The crowning glory? A helium-filled balloon that pops out of the box when she opens it. (via

Baby Sleeping Sign

If you own a kid or own ever accidentally woken one up, then you know how vital this sign is. For an extra-personalized touch, match the sign color to the nursery décor.

DIY Instructions available from 11 Magnolia Lane, available for purchase from Etsy, $14

Burp Cloths

Every mom knows the worth of a excellent burp cloth.

And while there are certainly plenty of excellent ones you can purchase, the extremely best are those made by hand with love! Never made one before? Give these super simple DIY burp rags a whirl. (via Life With My Littles )

Button Monogram

Don’t feel love sewing? Attempt this adorable button monogram letter.

Diy best friend birthday present ideas tumblr

You can match the colors to the baby’s nursery and every you need are a few supplies and a little bit of time! (via Culdesac Cool)


Diy best friend birthday gift ideas tumblr

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