Diy birthday card ideas for dad

Oh man, never mind Fathers Day.. I ponder I Desire this Lego Keyring Hook in my home. Clever and oh so cute!

These DIY Desk Organisers and Charging Station makes a grand Fathers Day Present or Back to School Craft for kids to make.

Make these super simple Darth Vader Bookcorners for the Dad that loves Star Wars!

Easy Origami Shirts with Superman Logos (learn to draw these!). This origami shirt is super simple to make and looks great!

Fathers Day POP UP Card 2 free designs to select from. We do love a pop up they are so enjoyment and simple and these two designs glance grand.

Best dad would also be a grand card to give to him on his Birthday! Or check out this simple POP UP Trophy!

Another fabulous Fathers Day Card for Star Wars fans.. make your own Yoda Best Dad Pop Up study how to make them from scratch or use our free printable.

Fathers Day Paper Weaving Bookmarks. Four fab designs to select from. Every free! Surely you can never own too numerous bookmarks, right?!

Another quick present thought are these printable coloring sheet bookmarks double sided for additional enjoyment. Arent they cute?!

Fathers Day Medals with hidden message and photos. Photo gifts for Dad really are the best! At these medals are something lovely for younger kids to make and give to dad!

Or how about making dad some of these cute DIY Puzzle Cards?

Dad, I Love you to Pieces! So cute!

Newspaper Art for Fathers Day. Make these personalised cactus with the handy Fathers Day templates! Such a enjoyment Art Project for Fathers Day and adore the upcycled element!

Have a go at this fabulous Dress Up Ted Card!! Personalise to your hearts content and finish with free printable!

Or study how to make these simple Fathers Day Books. So sweet!

Fill these One in a Minion present boxes with treats for dad! Fill them with hersheys kisses or other wrapped treats especially for Dad on Fathers Day!

Make dad a fabulous Jar Lid Medal!

Love the bright and cheerful colours of this air drying clay.

More Art Projects for Dad. These are some super cool Fathers Day Pop Art an Simple technique every kids can do! We then turned our artwork into a printed canvas and Dads Mug.

More Pop Art Enjoyment, with these Andy Warhol inspired Handprint Pop Art Pictures!

Rock art really rocks. And rock painting continues to be super favorite. Love these Fathers Day Dad Rocks Art (with printables and simple to follow step by step instructions!)

A super brilliant present for Dad, are these Headphone Holder. Can yo believe that they are no sew too!

Love this, so would The Englishman! What a grand Fathers Day Present to make!

Another present for preschoolers to make, own a go at Crayon Rock Paper Weights. They glance grand and this present for dad is super enjoyment to make too!)

Originally made as a Valentines Day Present, these DIY Photo Candle Holder would also make a grand Fathers Day Present for kids to make, dont you think? I love anything homemade photo present for dad!

Daddy & Me Coffee Mug Teehee, you can never own too numerous mugs.

Diy birthday card ideas for dad

Especially if it includes adorable fingerprints!

Similarly we love this Sharpie Resist Mug or another grand Dad Present design with this clever resist technique for preschoolers!

Shrinky Dink Fathers Day Pin (use on tie, keyrings or lapel)! Finally, how clever are these little pins? Make your own with this clever technique!

More key ring ideas for dad, with this simple but stylish Best Dad Key Ring

And yes.. there are even more grand Keychain ideas own a go at this keepsake Thumbprint Key Fob

Similarly.. love that leaf bowl?

You can make your own!

Photo Bottle Top Key Ring a simple and enjoyment craft for young kids to assist make and those phoros are just so sweet!

Custome Key Rings Get the Kids designing more more and more Key chains!

Superhero Bookmarks  Get the kids to design their own wacky Characters!

Fabulous Fathers Day Card!

We also love this Finger Painted Fathers Day Card!!!

Twig Photo Frame we ponder ANY photoframe decorated by kids make a lovely Fathers Day present.

Make certain you add a special photo!

More enjoyment with photo frames, whilst making these simple cardboard photo collage frames. Preschoolers will love getting crafty with every the diverse textures and colours, making a amazing photo frame for dad!

One of our favourite photos for dad of every times We Love You Daddy . Isnt it gorgeous? Though I do wonder how endless this photo shoot took! Ha.

DIY Photo Blocks for his desk

Button Cufflinks

Scrabble Cufflinks (or Lego Cufflinks!

Love these) Make Dads Initials.

Child Made Cork Bottle Stoppers

Last But Not Least a Dad Coupon Book (always a winner!)

Great Mod Podge Craft for Kids

Here is a favorite for Him post from a couple of years ago:

Happy Fathers Day Crafts for Kids making!!!

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Sometimes, a store-bought present just doesn’t send the perfect message for Father’s Day. Instead of buying something from the store, crafty moms and kids can make their own Father’s Day gifts correct at home.

Dad will love getting a unique present that was made with love by his family.

Want something unique?View the 37 Most Unique Father’s Day Gifts of for Dads Who Own Everything

Mini Mint Tin Toolboxes

Turn the classic Altoids tin into an adorable mini toolbox that’s perfect for Father’s Day. The tin is the ideal size for holding little items such as coins, gum, nuts and bolts, and other on-the-go supplies.

Mustache Mug

Dress up a boring porcelain mug with a cheeky mustache that brings some character to his morning.

Every you needs is a plain mug, a sharpie, a mustache stencil (if you don’t believe your own drawing skills), and a porcelain paint pen, which you can discover at most craft stores.

Fathers Day Picnic

Leave the fancy dining for another day, and instead enjoy a casual picnic on Fathers Day. Pack a picnic kit with every the essentials, plus a few embellishments you and the kids out to Dad’s favorite outdoor spot (or the backyard) for a enjoyment and stress-free meal.

I Love You This Much Card

Show Dad how much hes loved with this cute craft thats simple for kids of any age to create. Every you need is some paper, scissors, glue, and a marker or some print-outs for the lettering.

Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Dad has several varieties of tape in his workshop, and chances are he can never discover the one he needs when he needs it.

Create a jumbo tape dispenser that helps him hold every his tape organized and ready.

Luggage Handle Cover

Traveling dads know what a hassle it is to locate his luggage among a sea of other suitcases at the airport. Make a handsome luggage handle cover to embellish his suitcase and make it simple to spot when he’s waiting at Baggage Claim.

Goodie Basket

Gather an armful of Dads favorite goodies and own the kids assist organize a Fathers Day goodie basket.

Fathers Day Candy Gram

Write a enjoyment message thats peppered with candy puns, and use it to make a candy gram for Dad to enjoy on Fathers Day.

Homemade Fishing Rod Reel

Every dad loves a excellent fishing journey with the family.

Assist him cherish the memories by creating a homemade fishing rod and reel. You can make up enjoyment fishing games to frolic on Fathers Day, and Dad can display his present in the home or office every year long.

Sketch A Shirt

With a little assist from Mom, kids can create a totally unique shirt for Dad to wear. Urge kids to get creative with their drawings, or own them record the classic Fathers Day messages such as Worlds Best Dad.

Bow Tie Wrap

Add a quirky finishing touch to your Fathers Day gifts by sticking a bowtie to the wrapped present. Its an simple addition that makes a huge difference.

Soda Can Coasters

This is a grand present thought for kids who are older; younger kids can watch Mom while she works.

Use the empty cans from Dad’s favorite soda or beer to create a set of soda can coasters.

Pops For Pop

Satisfy a sweet tooth with something besides the usual candies and cupcakes. These Fathers Day cake pops are too cute-and delicious-to pass up!

Fathers Day Questionnaire

Create a questionnaire thats every about Daddy, and own the kids each fill it out. This is a present that works best for younger kids, as their answers could prove to be both sweet and silly.

Frame the finished questionnaire for Dad to display and enjoy.

Spider Rifle

Dad is the designated bug guy in the home, so assist make his occupation easier by making a bug trapper. This is a grand project that can be completed over the weekend.

Bow Ties Card

Gather some decorative paper and make a charming bow tie Fathers Day card. Hold it simple, or get creative when decorating your card.

Daddy Cut Out Fathers Day Card

Mom can assist kids with this colorful Daddy cut out Fathers Day Card.

Urge kids to get creative with their art renditions, which will show through the letter cutouts.

Fathers Day Crown

Mom is always the queen of the home, but Dad can be king for a day with a handmade Fathers Day crown. Its a enjoyment and simple project for kids of every ages to assist create.

Adjustable Apron

If Dad is the designated grill master or king of the kitchen, make certain he looks the part with a handsome homemade adjustable apron.

Retro Fathers Day Labels

Turn Dad,s favorite foods into personalized gifts for Fathers Day.

Create your extremely own retro food labels (or use the pre-designed printables) and stick them over the boring store labels.

Hand Print Art

Paint your kids hands with craft paint, and own them go to town creating hand print art for Dad.

Does he love to repair stuff? Take a glance at our list of 30 Fathers Day Gifts for Dads That love to DIY Everything.

Embroidered Linen Tie

Ties are always a grand present for Fathers Day. This year, you can go with the classic present, but a little bit of crafting makes it stand out from every the relax. Embroider his first or final initial on any store-bought tie, and you’ll give it a whole new glance hell love.

Daddys Car Wash Kit

Kids love helping Dad wash the car, so create a car wash kit that keeps every his car-washing supplies in one convenient spot.

Next time the car needs washing, Dad and the kids will be capable to get correct to it.

Fathers Day Paper Coffee Cup

This enjoyment and simple paper coffee cup craft is a perfect present thought for young kids. Fill it with a handful of lightweight treats or candies for Dad to enjoy on his special day.

Fathers Day Coupons

Coupons are always a enjoyment present thought. You and the kids can create a coupon booklet filled with grand deals for Dad: % off a car washfrom the kids, free breakfast in bed from Mom, etc.

King Of Duct Tape Treat Crowns

Duct tape is the ultimate tool for the ultimate dad.

Create a shiny silver duct tape crown to dress up a batch of Fathers Day cupcakes, a can of soda, a bowl of snacks, or whatever else you and the kids can ponder of!

Dads Token Tin

Tokens are a cute thought for Fathers Day, and the kids will own tons of enjoyment coming up with grand ideas for actions and favors to add to the tokens. Decorate a tin to put the tokens in, and Dad will be so excited to start cashing them in.

Fathers Day Candy Jar

Turn a simple glass jar into a creative present for dad.

Use decorative paper to make a tie pattern and to decorate the top of the jar. Fill the jar with Dads favorite snacks and treats, and present it to him for a happy Fathers Day.

#1 Dad Card

Show Dad who his number one fans are with a clever Fathers Day card inspired by the #1 sports fan foam hand.

Fathers Day Lawn Mower Card

Landscaping is generally Dads occupation, so a amusing lawn mower card is a cute present thought for the kids to create. Use a printable template, and then own the kids put it together to add their personal touch.

Desk Organizer

Keep a trio of cleaned tin cans and turn them into a Dad desk organizer.

Use paint or decorative paper to color the exterior of the cans, and let the kids use their imagination to decorate the tins.

Daddy Cupcakes

For the Dad with a sweet tooth, you can make a batch of themed cupcakes. Decorate them using his favorite sport as inspiration.

Fathers Day Manly Present Basket

A Fathers Day present basket is something kids will own a lot of enjoyment helping with. Treats and snacks are always a excellent option, and you can also pick out some mens accessories, household items, and toiletriesto make it a manlier present basket for Dad.

Dad Cutout Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, Dad is the expression.

Mom can assist kids make a Dad cutout picture frame that he can proudly display at home or in the office.

Tin Can Treats

Use decorative paper and twine or ribbons to turn a tin can into a Fathers Day treat. By using a can opener to remove the bottom of a pop-top tin can, you can empty the can, fill it with treats, and replace the bottom so the pop-top lid is intact.

Worlds Greatest Dad Medal

You need only a handful of household craft items to make the worlds greatest present for the worlds greatest dad. Hell feel love the worlds luckiest dad as he wears his homemade wear his homemade medal withpride.

Dads First Fathers Day Newborn Footprints

For new fathers, a newborns tiny hands and feet are just about the most precious things in the world.

Create a lasting memory and a amazing Fathers Day present: use craft paint to make Babys footprints, and frame the prints for Dad.

Painted Coasters

Use acrylic paints to decorate cork coasters or trivets. Painted coasters make a loving present that Dad will enjoy using at home or at the office.

Dads Favorite Tool Card

Dads love their power tools, so own the kids make up a card in the shape of his favorite tool to tell him how much he means to them.

Fathers Day Care Pack

Put together a dad-approved care package with everything you need in order to own a family adventure on Fathers Day.

Homemade Kites

All kids need a grand memory of learning to fly a kite with their dad.

Diy birthday card ideas for dad

Give Dad and the kids the chance to share in the memories by crafting a homemade kite to enjoy on Fathers Day.

Mr. Roboto

Recycle ancient tin cans, bottle caps, and other household items to create a charming tin can robot. Use magnets to attach the robots features, so Dad and kids can frolic around with the robots look.

The best gifts dont always come from the store. Creating a homemade present can be a enjoyment bonding experience for Mom and the kids, and the finished product will be a completely unique present that Dad will love and cherish for years to come.

You may also love our list of 50 Thoughtful Fathers Day Gifts That Dont Cost a Dime.

Other Present Ideas

Fathers Day Gifts Online at Amazon

Fathers Day is a special occasion when you celebrate fathers and their commendable contributions towards making you into a excellent human being.

They frolic an equally significant role in your lives, just as your mothers, and assist to make your families finish. helps you commemorate this special day by housing an extensive range of gifts, especially crafted for every the fathers out there. From regular basics to fancy kits and personalised items, there is something for every father.

Fathers Day Present Cards at Amazon India

Browse through the Amazon India Fathers Day collection and pick out the perfect presents for your lifetime hero.

The range includes trendy clothing and accessories, which include shirts, trousers, watches, belts, wallets, shades and shoes. If your fathers are engaged in creative hobbies love gardening, reading, writing, playing sports and instruments, or are even fond of music, there are a lot of options for them too. Ponder beyond the ordinary and present them something unique for a royal experience. These gifts online will make for the perfect Fathers day surprise.

Fathers Day Store for You to Explore

Explore the wide range of Fathers day gifts online at to discover the best ones that suit your dads tastes. These gifts are available from eminent brands, such as Armani Exchange, Tommy Hilfiger, Cross, Puma, Wrangler, Van Heusen and others, and come at highly reasonable prices, so they dont pinch your pockets.

DIY Present Ideas for Him for Teens or Grown Ups

Sew Your Own Tie

Purlbee shows us how to sew a tie.

I dont ponder I own even thought about attempting to sew a tie what a grand idea! I know The Englishman would enjoy one of these.. Hope he isnt reading the blog today!x



DIY Suspenders

And another one I never really thought about making  DIY Suspenders! Arent these fab? You could make a pair for dad and for son wouldnt they glance cute together?! A really enjoyment thought and such grand present for him for sure!

A Beautiful Mess shares her clever how to.



Guiness Socks

Well.. sometimes, men just get socks. Face it. That is life! In fact The Englishman is so used to getting socks, that he asks where the socks are if he doesnt get any! I love Pom Pom Emporiums thought of making normal socks glance really enjoyment with these Socks in a Glass. Brilliant.


Fleece Socks

Alternatively, dont purchase socks, but MAKE socks how about these enjoyment fleecy socks grand for freezing winter days, hiking or skiing..

or just for being snug and cozy at home. Instructables shares their how to.



Sew Your own PJs

How about making him some PJs? Sew 4 Home made some for Every the family to enjoy! You really should go and take a peak, they are fabulous!




Super Hero Coasters

Mmmmh, I ponder I rather love these coasters for myself but if you own a for him present to make, why not make a batch of these?

Diy birthday card ideas for dad

Every you need is to rustle up some lovely ancient comics! Shared by the Mod Podge Rocks Blog (and yes, Mod Podge really does rock!)



Map Coasters

Alternatively, take the same thought as the Super Heros and make Map Coasters again an thought by Mod Podge Rocks Blog. Adapt it any which way it suits you!


Make a Zen Garden

Now for something completely diverse -a  mini Zen garden!! Forget the executive spinning and ball toys, bring in the calming Zen garden.

It looks fantastic and I bet would be grand to ponder thoughts with in the office. Curbly shares the how to video. Brilliant.



Etch a Sketch iPad Cover

Oh my, I love love love this ipad cover by Smashed Peas and Carrot how enjoyment is this Etch a Sketch idea? Not only is it retro and nostalgic, but you can add a enjoyment message too! Brilliant.



Fleece iPad Cozy

Alternative check out the how to video on Crafty Sanity to make this Fleece iPad cozy.

I am certain that this will hold any ipad nice and cozily protected!



Micro Fibre and Denim iphone/ ipod/ phone case

A super quick craft an iphone case it will only take about minutes for you to make the handy clever bit, is that the lining is made from micro fibre cloth, so you can clean your iphone whilst on the go.




How about this cute wallet? Ok, so Noodlehead made it for her boy, but I ponder that this would make  a lovely for him present regardless.

Check out the tutorial.

Diy birthday card ideas for dad




Messenger Bag from Trousers

And another grand craft from Noodlehead and officially for the boy but why not make it for your other half? A great way to upcycle ancient trousers. Brilliant.



Peg Board Tool Organizer

Now, I dont know about The Englishman, but I desire this FOR the ENglishman.. not only does it glance grand, but it would be so nice to get some order into our tool shed seriously, I need to make one! Martha Steward inspires.



Wine Bottle to Drinking Glass

I ADORE this upcycled craft ideas from over at Scissors and Steam fabulous way to upcycle ancient wine bottles and would glance really grand.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make some of these. I need TOOLS.



DIY Monogrammed Mugs

Love love the simplicity of these monogrammed mugs! Dont they glance fantastic? Design Mom gets crafty and shares her how to!




Emergency Car Kit

I ponder these car kits not only glance grand, but are a grand way to hold every those things in the car in order. Holidash show us how they are made.



Film Candle Holder

Come on even men love some romantic light every so often..

but make it cool with these film candle holders. Photo Jo Jo shows us how quickly it is to make these!



Bike Brake Clock

Make a cool clock out of an ancient mechanical parts this made from a Bicycle break.. but I am certain you can be inspired by the Instructables post and discover other cool and manly things to make a clock from?



Vinyl Record Bookends

Remember the Vinyl Bowls I featured in my Recycled Crafts Circular up (about 2/3s of the way below the post)? Well how about some Vinyl Book Ends?

Diy birthday card ideas for dad

I ponder this is a great thought and looks fabulous There are lots more ideas on Record Revirginizer, but sadly no instructions but with  Recycled Crafts Round you may own enough info to experiment yourself?



iPhone Fridgemagnets

Make these cute iphone App fridge magnets, or adapt them to add your own little images. So enjoyment and would glance grand on your fridge Infarrantly Creative shares their how to.




Maybe the Man in your life enjoys a bit of gardening or greenery? If so, he will really love this DIY Terrarium it would glance grand in the office or at home and it is every contained in a jar.




Fathers Day Gifts made by Kids

Personalide Photo Candle Holder

A super simplw and sweet Fathers Day Present Thought that kids can  make. Turn your favourite family holiday snaps into this oh so simple to make personalised photo votive for dad!

Lego Artwork

If you can persuade the kids to part with any of the Lego, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece of Lego Art..

grand for any nostalgic Other Half. Check out Taras post on Stick Fingers. I ponder this cute thought works for a number of diverse nostalgic toys e.g. you could use toy cars, playmobil, gogos, or scrabble pieces



Choo Choo Train Massage Shirt

Now is one craft that made me giggle and I KNOW that The Englishman would love this (he really likes the kids walking on his back?!). Repeat Craft Me shares this grand Fathers Day present. or his Birthday! Fab.



Embroidered Hanky

Love love love these little hankies get your kids to draw a simple picture and embroider it onto a hanky for fathers day.

How adorable are these? I ponder I desire to make some. Grand hold sake too! Check out Miles of Sunshine for more info!



Photobooth Bookmark

Ok so, this one is labelled a bookmark for mum over at Makes & Takes, but I ponder this is an adorable craft for any parent, grandparent and carer. Makes me desire to run out and get some of these photos done. Correct now!



Photograph Bookmarks

I spotted these Great book marks a little while back and perfect to surprise you every on this for him circular up but alas, since then they appeared on Pinterest, so you may own seen them already.

Still. I ponder they are brilliant! Creative Family Moment shares her idea!


Footprint Bookmarks

Or make some keepsake footprint bookmarks make a set for the grandparents too, I am certain they will love them!



Just Because I Love You Book

An adorable little book that you can make with your kids fill it with drawings, messages and photos and let Daddy know how much you love him.

Makes a gorgeous little keepsake too! Liz and her daughter gets crafty over at Me and My Shadow.



Balloon Stressballs

A cute and simple craft thought from Family Education, by Allison McDonald who writes at No Time for Flashcards, they are super duper quick to make, glance enjoyment and am certain will come in extremely extremely handy!



Lego Cufflinks

These are SOOO ridiculously simple you will wonder why you never made them before. I adore the Lego cufflinks and I am certain that men around the world would appreciate them too. Sugar Tart Crafts shares her simple how to, I am certain the kids can help!


Dad Rocks

Make this adorable paper weight.

Love the frolic on words. This thought comes from a beautiful blog Rebecca Cooper. She has amazing ideas and takes brilliant photos!



Miniature Helper Tins

A cute way to upcycle ancient mint tins and make a lovely present. Design Sponge shares their idea.




Stationary Holder

Get crafty and make some pencil and stationary holders as per Here Come The Girls! A nice bit of recycling to boot. Lovely.



Tie Bookmark

Aaaa how cute is this snake tie bookmark? Another crafty bit of recycing and a grand present for Dad! Hooray for Domestic Goddesque and her enjoyment craft!




Squash Monster Pencil Holder

Another one from the Domestic Goddesque upcycle some squash bottles, paint and convert into this extremely enjoyment pencil holder Check out the post and you will also discover some other little craft ideas to do with your kid for Fathers Day



 Sweet Beer

Once again, I ponder The Englishman would love this he is rather partial to some nice sweets, especially marshmallows, so if the children presented him with this he would be happy!

Thrifty Enjoyment shares their idea.



Leaf Bowl for Car Keys & Loose Change

I love love love these Autumn Leaf Bowls and they appeared as a guest post a little while ago. And I just love bringing them out again and again, as they are so pretty! The guest author did these at school with a kiln, but we had a go with air drying clay too and it glance diverse but just as lovely. They would be grand for car keys and loose change as one reader reminded me recently!


Treats for Him

Wild Garlic Pesto

Oooh how yummy does this sound wild garlic pesto delicious!

I love how Liz from Me and My Shadow found the garlic in her local woods I love foraging and making things for free. So this is correct up my street! Yummy.



Homemade Nutella

Ahem, now I know a lady or two would adore this too (ME ME ME!!!) homemade nutella! How fablous! Check out Leites Culinaria for the recipe!



Barbecue Rub

Mmmh, now what man doesnt love to be in charge at the BBQ here is a grand recipe for Barbecue Rub by Genuine Simple. A perfect present for him for sure! I am definitely going to give this a go!



Heart Sugar Cubes

Ok ok so these may be for Valentines but still, arent they cute?

And surely even the toughest of men, likes to be reminded that they are loved?! Cute Food For Kids tells us how to make them! (These would also be ADORABLE at a wedding).

Also love these DIY Mug Ideas, these fab Photo Wood Blocks and Star Wars Ideas.x

{Dont forget, do subscribe to e-mail notifications and come and to join me on  ! OR just go and own a glance around now.. there are some randomly generated suggestions under why not let yourself be surprised!?}

We also own these 17 Fathers Day Gifts ideas here:

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Time for some grand Fathers Day Crafts for Kids.

Get the kids to make their own Fathers Day Gifts!

Fathers Day is rapidly approaching and fathers are notoriously hard to purchase, let alone make for.. let alone make for with the KIDS! Check out these grand ideas for dad. Which to make first!

These Fathers Day Crafts for Kids were first shared in June and own been updated and republished for your convenience!

I do believe that a lovely homemade card and breakfast in bed is often fairly enough for Fathers Day or Mothers Day.. but a little present never goes amiss either, right?

Or make these Fathers Day Gifts for Dads Birthday or for Dad at Christmas.. afterall, gifts dont get any easier throughout the year!

Here are some of my favourite Fathers Day ideas for kids, that I  found around the web the gifts remain traditional from key chains, to photo gifts, but I do hope that these fathers day gifts are a little diverse and quirky and that you and the children are inspired to own ago.

And dont forget, with extremely young children a hand or footprint is always a amazing keepsake present, as is a hand drawn card with the first Dad scribbles in them.

It doesnt own to be complicated to be special!


7 min read

Diy scarf hanging ideas

6 min read

Diy wood clock ideas