Diy black and white room decor ideas

Colin Poole

Wood panelling painted in a serene shade of grey provides the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated master bedroom.

Diy black and white room decor ideas

The wood panels helps to add a nod to coastal style, without being too OTT.

To add a further elegant touch two wall pendants  in chrome provide a hotel-like lighting solution. Mounted either side of the bed they make ideal bedside lamps. Chrome is the ideal choice of metallic to hold the grey tones cool. Crisp white linens layered with soft grey cushions and throws adds to the well put-together look.

Diy black and white room decor ideas

Accentuate grey walls with slate grey flooring

Image credit: Brent Darby

Whether tiled or carpeted, a slate grey flooring can create a striking contrast to accentuate grey walls. This works particularly well with pale grey walls to offer more of a contrast. The floor can act as the fifth wall for decoration, in line to the four walls.

Regardless of wallpaper or painted grey walls a strong slate grey floor can anchor the whole scheme – without dominating entirely.

A dark flooring helps to give purpose.

Embrace nature with grey wood wallpaper

Image credit: Richard Gadsey

Dont ponder by choosing a desired colour scheme you own to exclude any one trend.

Diy black and white room decor ideas

This birch wood wallpaper in a grey-scale colourway ticks every the box of on-trend print, while working perfectly in a grey bedroom decor. Paired with a grey upholstered headboard and occasional furniture helps to cement the grey scheme even further.

warming accent shades of coral

Image credit: Matt Antrobus

Vibrant coral tones are an ideal complimentary shade for grey, helping to lend warm tones. This can be especially significant in a bedroom, to avoid the grey being too freezing and uninviting – not a welcome effect in a bedroom space.

Diy black and white room decor ideas

Another way to create a warming feel to a bedroom scheme is by incorporating layers of tactile faux fur textiles – from rugs beside the bed, to cushions and throws.

Select warming grey tones for a feminine feel

Image credit: Polly Eltes

A grey that airs on the side of lilac can instantly lend a softer edge to the overall glance in a bedroom. In a feminine feel boudoir youre best to opt for warm shades that own an undertone of pink to ensure the grey feels warm, rather than freezing.

Diy black and white room decor ideas

Team with wealthy golds, blush pinks and beautiful florals to add further warmth.

Invite a cosy feel with warm greys

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Make a room feel inviting with a warm grey that mixes well with other neutrals for a comfortable layered glance.

Diy black and white room decor ideas

Tints of yellow can give these deeper greys a greenish hue, which touches of red can make them glance brown through to purplish in some lights. Add pops of black, khaki or olive to green-tinted hues, or nude beige.

Diy black and white room decor ideas

With red warmed tones, attempt lilac or rose. Warmer greys can be used anywhere you desire to create a cosy, enveloping feel – perfect for a north-facing room that needs the chill taking out of it.


Diy black and white room decor ideas