Diy bookcase ideas

Diy bookcase ideas

Even if you don’t serve cocktails by the pool, this bar table made from an ancient bookcase is certain to come in handy somewhere around your home. And, it’s one of the easiest DIY projects ever.

Diy bookcase ideas

When you’re finished building it, you can spray paint it with a watered below gray paint and give it a really grand barn wood glance that is perfect for rustic farmhouse decorating.

Tutorial/Source: refreshrestyle

DIY Bookcase Container Garden

If you don’t own an outdoor gardening space, a container garden is the perfect alternative. That being said, did you know that you can build that container garden out of an ancient bookcase? And, since there are sections in the bookcase, you can hold your veggies, flowers or herbs perfectly separated. This is a amazing thought for gardening on the patio or even the roof of an apartment building.

Tutorial/Source: helpfulgardener

Upcycled Bookcase Coffee Table

I simply love the glance of this coffee table that is made with an upcycled bookcase. It’s just a standard wooden bookcase that you can get almost anywhere – ponder thrift stores or flea markets for a really cheap one.

Diy bookcase ideas

The top is made from yardsticks and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It has a really nice farmhouse glance to it with the rustic wooden yardsticks and the white bookcase bottom.

Tutorial/Source: beneathmyheart

Repurposed Bookcase Lockers

Lockers are a grand concept for keeping things organized but who wants to shell out a little fortune to purchase them? What if I told you that you could make them from an ancient bookcase? This DIY bookcase turned lockers project is brilliant and will assist you to hold kids’ clothes, backpacks and so much more organized and tidy.

Diy bookcase ideas

You make doors that tug open and you can put names or numbers on them so that it will be simple to discover everything that you own stored.

Tutorial/Source: littlehouseoffour

Adorable Recycled Bookcase Dollhouse

If you own an ancient bookcase that you simply don’t need any longer, you can turn it into the perfect dollhouse for your little ones. This one doesn’t even take a lot of work and it’s a lot cheaper than buying an actual dollhouse.

Diy bookcase ideas

You can use scrapbook or contact paper to create wallpaper for the diverse rooms and even add a roof if you desire (Or just paint one on the wall). It’s got plenty of room for every her doll things and it’s so simple to customize.

Tutorial/Source: landofnod

Simple Bookcase Headboard

Turn that ancient bookcase into a beautiful headboard for the bedroom that gives you loads of storage and design.

Diy bookcase ideas

This bookcase headboard is made from an IKEA Expedit bookcase, although you could use any similar bookcase that you can discover at a thrift store or yard sale. You just paint it to match your bedroom décor and then attach to a storage bed that you can also DIY.

Tutorial/Source: inhabitat


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