Diy boy first birthday party ideas

Whether your little is large into Star Wars or is a budding astronaut, 2020 is the year for out of this world parties. Gear up with galactic decor, space-themed activities and cosmic cookies and cake to celebrate the large day.

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Bubbles and Brunch

We aren’t referring to the bubbles you remember pre-kids, but a morning party with brunch items and kid-favorite bubbles is a winning combo. Offer up egg muffins, scones, fruit and other nibbly goodies, and let the kids go wild with a wand or two.

See this two-year-old’s sweet day for more ideas.

Diy boy first birthday party ideas

Or, if you’ve got older kids, why not set up a bubble lab with experiments, instead.

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Movie Night Party

A classic party theme that everyone loves!

Diy boy first birthday party ideas

You can set up indoors or out, pick a classic kid movie from our top picks, set out popcorn, blankets or forts, and even print out tickets! Check out our best ideas for outdoor and indoor movie nights here.

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Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise may be decades ancient, but the force is still going strong thanks to The Rise of Skywalker, new star Rey, and a new generation of rebel fighters. Young Jedi will love this party plan that includes DIY lightsabers, a droid-decorating station, and a Death Star piñata. Spaceships and Laser Beams has every the details.

Want something girl-centric for your budding Rey?

This Millennium Falcon party from Kara’s Party Ideas will get your little girls ready for action.

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Escape Room

When it comes to big-kid parties, you’ll be seeing Escape Room invites everywhere in 2020. Not only is your entertainment handled from the get-go, but the smaller number of maximum guests will hold things simple too.

Diy boy first birthday party ideas

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Instead of a sleepover, why not a lateover? Perfect for younger kids or kids that aren’t ready to make the jump to a whole night, invite friends over around dinner time, and plan enjoyment «night time» activities love karaoke, a dance party, glow-in-the-dark games, outdoor games you can frolic in the dark or even crafts.

Diy boy first birthday party ideas

photo: Sweet Pea Parties

Gender-Neutral Party Themes

Trolls, LEGO and Superheros––2020 will see tons of gender-neutral party themes. Ideas surrounding food, non-pink and blue colors and gender-inclusive activities every make for enjoyment parties on the horizon.


Diy boy first birthday party ideas