Diy bridal shower card ideas

Navigating every the rules for writing a thank you note can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re in the throes of planning a wedding, too. But there’s no need to stress—we’ve broken below the most significant things to know below.

When Do I Send Bridal Shower Thank You Cards?

Thank you cards should be sent to each individual who attended your bridal shower and/or purchased a present no more than two weeks after the date of the party.

Pro Tip: Purchase thank you cards before the bridal shower—especially if you’re using a custom design—so you already own them on hand immediately following the celebration.

Who Should Sign Bridal Shower Thank You Cards?

Although it may feel love the present was given just to you, bridal shower thank you cards should be signed by you and your partner.

The only exception to this law is when you get a present that’s clearly meant for only you (think lingerie, spa present cards, or other bride-centric gifts).

General Thank You Card Etiquette

  • Dos

    1. Use a empty thank you card.
    2. Keep a record of who attended and gave each gift.
    3. Write the note by hand.
    4. Plan what you’re going to tell before writing.
  • Don’ts

    1. Be critical of the present (or the lack of a gift).
    2. Write too much.
    3. Mention specific quantity given for monetary gifts.

    Can I Combine Bridal Shower and Wedding Thank You Cards?

    The short answer?

    No. A diverse thank you note should be written for each event a guest attends, regardless of whether they brought a present each time.

    What to Record In a Bridal Shower Thank You Card

    3 Things To Consider Before Writing A Thank You Note Before you start writing, there’s a few key questions you should enquire yourself that will make crafting your thank you note easier.

    1. What is your relationship to the guest? If you’re shut with the guest, your message should be personal and heartfelt. However, if you don’t know the guest well, or just met them for the first time, a short and sweet thank you note is just fine.


    Was the guest capable to attend the shower? If the guest was capable to celebrate with you in person, make certain to call it out in your thank you note. If they were unable to attend, let them know how much you missed them.

    3. Did the guest provide a gift? If so, what was it? A thank you note is required for every guest that attended your bridal shower, whether they brought a present or not. However, if a guest did purchase a present, it’s significant to specifically mention it in your note (see more on this below). The same goes for guests who mailed a present but were unable to attend the party.

    How to Record Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

    Next, let’s glance the basic anatomy of a thank you note.

    Sticking to these six simple steps will give your message structure and assist reduce time spent mulling over how you should express your gratitude.

    1. Greeting


    Diy bridal shower card ideas

    Thank Them for Their Presence

    1. Thank you so much for celebrating with me at my bridal shower!
    2. I’m so grateful that you could be there to join me on this special day.

    3. Thank Them for The Present (If Applicable)

    1. Thank you so much for the beautiful set of cheese knives.
    2. We so appreciate our new set of wine glasses.

    4. Share What You Love About The Gift

    1. They’ve been such a grand addition to our weekly cheese and charcuterie date night.
    2. We ponder about you every Saturday when we pour ourselves a glass of wine and work on planning our upcoming wedding.


    Show Your Appreciation for Them as a Person

    1. Your friendship means so much to us. Thanks again for your support as we journey into married life together.
    2. It was so enjoyment to see you at the shower. We can’t wait to continue the celebration with you at our wedding.

    6. Sign Off

    1. With love,

      Finny & Spencer

    2. Cheers,

      Lynne & Toby

    Bridal Shower Thank You Card Wording Samples

    To get the ink flowing, check out these examples for how to expression thank you notes for every kinds of situations.

    For a Guest Who Bought a Present from Your Registry

    Dear Molly,

    Thank you so much for coming to my bridal shower final Saturday!

    We’re so grateful for the beautiful tea towels you gave us. They already make a grand addition to our kitchen.

    Your friendship means so much to us and we can’t wait to celebrate with you at the wedding in a few weeks.


    Kieran & Tina

    For a Guest Who Brought a Cash Gift

    Dear Aunt Diana,

    It was a true delight to see you at the shower. Thank you so much for your generous present. We’ve just booked a glass bottom boat ride during our upcoming honeymoon thanks to you. We’ll tell you every about the experience when we see you this Thanksgiving!

    Thanks again for the support you’ve shown us throughout our engagement.

    We glance forward to hitting the dance floor with you on the large day.

    All our love,

    Emma & Julian

    For a Guest Who Brought a Present You Didn’t Love or Exchanged

    Dear Mila,

    How amazing to see you at the bridal shower! Thank you for the bagel toaster you gave us. It was extremely generous and we appreciate you thinking of us.

    Looking forward to having you at the wedding next month.

    We know that numerous more grand memories will be made with you there!


    Tessa & Will

    For a Guest Who Attended But Did Not Bring a Gift

    Dear Beatriz,

    Thank you for celebrating with me at my shower! I hope that you had an amazing time. It was grand to see you there and catch up.

    Thank you again for being there to honor this special time with us.

    Diy bridal shower card ideas

    Can’t wait to see you at the wedding!

    Love always,

    Ronan & Adrienne

    For a Guest Who Sent a Present But Couldn’t Attend

    Dear Goldie,

    Thank you so extremely much for the beautiful luggage. We’ve already put the carry-ons to excellent use at our weekend getaway in New York final weekend, and we can’t wait to show off these stylish suitcases on our honeymoon to Italy this spring.

    We missed you at the shower, but we are so excited to see you at the wedding.

    Thank you again for the thoughtful gift!


    Rebecca & Hannah

    For a Guest Who Is a Extremely Shut Friend

    Dear Susie,

    Thank you for celebrating by my side at the bridal shower. Toby and I so appreciate the awesome French press and coffee beans you gave us. We can’t assist but ponder of you every time we sip our morning brew.

    You own no thought how much your love has meant to us over the years.

    It’s going to make our day so special to own you in the crowd on the large day. We’re excited to see you bust one of your renowned moves on the dance floor!

    Much love,

    Lynne & Toby

    For a Guest Who Is a Formal Acquaintance

    Dear Mrs. Perdu,

    Please accept our honest thanks for the beautiful picture frames you gave us. They make a lovely addition to our mantle, and we are looking forward to using them to show off our favorite memories throughout the years to come.

    It meant so much to us that you were capable to attend the shower.

    Your kindness is so appreciated, and we glance forward to seeing you at the wedding.


    Finny & Spencer

    For The Host of The Bridal Shower

    Dear Amar,

    Words can’t express how truly grateful we are for the shower you planned and hosted. From the balloon display to the yummy cake pops, every detail was perfect. None of it would own been possible without you. Thank you for always being such an amazing friend and for supporting us through every detail of planning our wedding. Having you in our lives has made this special time even more meaningful.

    We can’t wait to own you correct there with us as we exchange our vows and journey into married life.

    Thanks again for everything you do.

    With love,

    Audra & Charles

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    Wedding Checklist :: Printable To-do Timeline

    –8 Weeks To Go…

    Rifle Paper Co. | Amelia Johnson Photography

    1. Begin your dress fittings. Be certain to purchase the appropriate undergarments beforehand.
    2. Start researching marriage license requirements and name-change paperwork.
    3. Give the wedding party a nudge—make certain they’ve ordered every necessary attire.
    4. So you ponder you can’t dance? Consider taking a dance lesson with your fiancé—a excellent way to break in your bridal shoes!
    5. Touch base with your vendors to confirm date, deposits and details.
    6. You’re getting close….

      Diy bridal shower card ideas

      Mail out those invitations! Own a game plan for recording the RSVPs and meal choices.

    7. Write thank-you cards for shower gifts and any early wedding gifts received.

    –9 Months To Go…

    All You Need Is Love Events

    1. Arrange hotel room blocks for out-of-town guests and book your own suite for the wedding night.
    2. Shop for bridesmaid/flower girl dresses and give your attendants clear instructions on how to put their orders.
    3. Arrange and book any necessary transportation.
    4. Create your present registry (and don’t forget to update your wedding website!).
    5. Continue researching, interviewing and booking vendors:
    6. Go over bridal shower/bachelorette details and the guest list with the person(s) hosting your party.

    0–12 Months To Go…

    The Lees Photography

    Deer Park Villa, Northern CA Wedding Venue

    1. Say yes to your wedding dress (or tux!) and start assembling the perfect accessories.

      Need inspiration? Attend a trunk show or bridal fair.

    2. Already feeling overwhelmed?

      Diy bridal shower card ideas

      Consider hiring a Wedding Planner.

    3. Find a Vendor. Assemble an all-star vendor team. We’d start with:
    4. Now that you own a date, tell everyone to save it! For destination weddings or weddings around a holiday, consider sending out Save-the-Date cards or emails. Or create your own wedding website, and let your invitees know about it.
    5. Do you need wedding insurance? It’s something to ponder about. Check with your venue about Liability Insurance and consider other options, love cancellation insurance.
    6. Another way to minimize stress: Start dreaming up your honeymoon…and check out our Plan A Honeymoon section on

    Has that feeling of «Engaged Bliss» begun to morph into the «Now What?!» phase?

    If so, relax assured that this is totally normal—and you’ve come to the correct place.

    Here Comes The Guide is here to assist you through your wedding planning, and a grand put to start is with our Wedding Checklist!

    Scroll below to view it, or get a printable PDF version of the checklist here→

    Don’t own a year to plan?

    Diy bridal shower card ideas

    Not a problem—check out our 90-Day Wedding Planning Checklist.

    –5 Months To Go…

    Elizabeth Burgi Photography

  • Book the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner location(s). If you’re including entertainment or specialty details love a groom’s cake, now’s the time to lock in these elements.
  • Put together your rehearsal dinner guest list.
  • Make childcare arrangements for your guests’ kids.
  • Reserve every necessary party rentals and linens.
  • Order wedding favors for your guests.
  • Shop for and reserve men’s formalwear.
  • Concentrate on finalizing the:
    1. Timeline of the reception formalities.
    2. Menu, beverage and catering details.
    3. Shop for and purchase your wedding rings.
    4. Do a Makeup & Hair trial and book your stylists.

      While you’re at it, come up with your own beauty and fitness regimen to be camera-ready for the large day.

    5. Ceremony readings and vows.
    6. Invitation wording. Confirm your invitation text with the Stationer, and consider additional stationery (programs, menu cards, put cards, thank-you cards, etc.). Schedule a pickup date for your invites.
    7. Guest list. Get everyone’s mailing address.
    8. Finalize honeymoon plans and obtain every necessary documents (are you certain your passports are up to date?).


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