Diy bridesmaid proposal ideas

What girl wouldn’t desire a gift that comes from the city of love (Paris!)?

Diy bridesmaid proposal ideas

These sweet and simple pom pom necklaces are a enjoyment present that your future ‘maids will adore!


A Scratch-Off Card

Give your girls a scratch-off card that is seriously too cute for words! You can even record a personal message for each of your soon-to-be ‘maids to reveal.


Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Instead of choosing just one item, why not give your bridesmaids a whole goodie box of gifts?

Diy bridesmaid proposal ideas

Adorned in white and gold, these classy, elegant boxes are certain to please your girls. Who can tell no to these?


Cupcake Jars

Let’s be genuine — who doesn’t love a sweet treat every now and then? These cupcakes in a jar are not only yummy, but the perfect proposal idea!


A Simply Beautiful Proposal Card

Fun cards are an simple way to propose!

Diy bridesmaid proposal ideas

Etsy offers a wide variety of card options—from simple to amusing, Etsy has serves a wide variety of tastes! Check out one of my personal favorites!

Diy bridesmaid proposal ideas


A «Will You Be My Bridesmaid?» Makeup Bag

The creativity of Etsy people continues to amaze me! This simple, customizable makeup bag is the perfect way to enquire every of your girls, and they can even use it on the large day!



Diy bridesmaid proposal ideas