Diy campervan conversion ideas

The RVers who opt for Class B camper vans or converted vans are a diverse bunch. But there are several questions that everyone should enquire themselves when considering to rent or purchase a van.

Side Door Kitchen

This is a excellent option for optimizing space in your van, but you will need to be careful when closing the doors because it will cause things to fly around if not secured well. As you can see this is used on a VW van. Hold in mind that this will not work on a sprinter van because they own sliding side doors.

Diy campervan conversion ideas

However, there are numerous other cargo vans that own doors love this. This may also work on the back doors of your van.

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Split Kitchen Design

She has her sink and stove parallel to the walls and her fridge next to the side door facing the back of the van. This is a grand design if you own a large fridge or desire a little additional cabinet space under your sink or stove.

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Do you love to be outside?

With limited living space, the outdoors will finish up playing a large part in your van travels. Ponder about your hobbies. You would do well in a van if you can do them in the unused air or, better yet, if they actually require the outdoors!

Are you creative?

Vans require a lot of creativity. Some of it is enjoyment — love finding stealthy places to park with killer views. But it’s significant to get creative inside the van, too.

Consider the items you desire to bring with you on your travels and get creative about how to store every your possessions in a little rig.

How clean do you need to be?

Okay, I’m not saying van lifers are dirty. I’m simply pointing out numerous vans don’t own showers. If they do, they’re certainly not that comfortable. It is really significant to take into account the fact that you may not shower every day.

Diy campervan conversion ideas

And the van may get dirty. After every, you are going to be spending a lot of time exterior — a certain level of dust or dirt can be expected daily.

How materialistic are you really?

We’re not every minimalists and that’s okay. It’s significant to be honest with yourself about how attached you are to your things.

Diy campervan conversion ideas

Because you simply can’t fit a ton of stuff into a van. If the thought of leaving behind most of your clothes makes your head spin, a van might not be the correct RV for you.

That said, if simplifying your life has been your New Year’s resolution for the past ten years running, finding the perfect van may be just the motivation you need — choosing a van forces you to really assess what is significant and necessary.

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Author: Liz Wilcox

Kitchen Parallel to Front Seats

This option is grand for vans shorter in length.

The downside to this option is you will not be capable to access the front seats from within the van. You could, however, divide the kitchen area into two sections to make a walkway to the front seats. For the van pictured, they will need to exit the van to access the front seats anyway because they own 3 seats.

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Kitchen Parallel to Side Walls

This option is best for high tops and sprinter vans because youll desire to own a clear walking space to the front seats.

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Trunk Kitchen

This isnt the ideal kitchen option for a van conversion because youre forced to outdoor use only, but if you own a little van, it may be your only choice.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Choosing A Van

Social media and online ads it can make seem love the #VanLife is perfect for everyone.

And of course, there are some really grand advantages (adVANtages, get it?) that come with choosing a van as your RV.

There are also some disadvantages, which may seem large or little depending on your needs and travel style.

For one thing, is there is limited space. You won’t be capable to bring everything with you. You also won’t be capable to bring everyone with you. If you own children, a van can finish up feeling noisy and stressful on endless trips. If you’re traveling solo, loneliness can happen and you’ll own to put effort into meeting people.

On the bright side, a van can hold your living or travel costs low. You can fit in cheap or free parking spots that other RVers cannot.

And there is grand liberty that comes with van travel.

The ability to go just about anywhere cannot be understated. Living in such a little space can simplify your travels and make it simple to focus on what is really important.

Class B Motorhomes Vs.

Diy campervan conversion ideas

Conversion Vans

First and foremost, there are a couple diverse types of vans for you to select from. Whether you should select a Class B motorhome or a conversion van really depends on your camping and travel style.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the two. They are both a bit bigger than a cargo or minivan. They both own tall roofs so the average person can stand comfortably inside.

And both the Class B and conversion van are favorite for RV rentals because they are equipped with amenities not generally found in cars, while still offering the flexibility of a standard vehicle.

But the differences are significant to know when considering if a van is correct for you.

Differences Between Class Bs And Conversion Vans

Class B vans are specifically built to be recreational vehicles.

This means they own everything you’d expect from their larger RV counterparts. Inside, you’ll discover a bed, kitchen, storage and a bathroom. You will also discover a water and sewage system underneath the rig.

A conversion van may own a bed and even a converted kitchen, but running water and a bathroom must be added after purchase. Most of the time, choosing a conversion van rental means relying on public toilet facilities during your travels.

In short, Class B motorhomes are designed for camping while conversion vans may need some modifications before they are ready for a endless road trip.


Diy campervan conversion ideas