Diy candlestick ideas

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Diy candlestick ideas

DIY Windshield Rainbow

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From Mason jar crafts to drop wreaths, there’s a lot of DIY-ing to be done once autumn rolls around. But for our extremely first crafting spree of the season, we own to admit: We’re partial to leaf craft projects. They’re simply the easiest and most festive way to celebrate the turn in the weather, and what’s more, they’re affordable too.

Diy candlestick ideas

And you don’t need us to tell you just how gorgeous a leaf craft can be—simply glance exterior your window and marvel at Mom Nature’s handiwork!

So whether you’re looking for a weekend project to hold yourself busy, something to pass the time on a weekday night, or you’re on the hunt for a few simpler leaf crafts for kids, you’ll desire to add leaves to your crafting arsenal—and quick. Making use of autumn’s most inspiring (and most easily accessible!) element is simple and enjoyment with our extremely best picks for leaf-inspired door decorations, creative autumn garlands, and other enjoyment drop craft ideas.

From a stately wreath that involves natural birch bark to colorful mini leaf cookies, there’s something on our list for every crafter’s experience level. It’s always a excellent thought to glance exterior for inspiration!

Turn basic blossoms and kitchen cans into sweet arrangements for under $15.


• Empty, cleaned food cans of varying sizes

• Pliers

• Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

• Dried corn husks

• Scissors

• Ombré ribbon

• 3 or more bunches of grocery store flowers (try spider mums and zinnias)

• Floral shears or kitchen scissors

• Water to fill cans



Collect cans, making certain to press below any sharp edges with pliers.

2. Apply a bead of boiling glue vertically below the side of the first can and adhere a piece of corn husk. Hold it in put and let set. Continue until the entire can is covered. Trim the top and bottom edges with scissors until straight. Repeat on the remaining cans.

3. Wrap a piece of ribbon around each can and knot. Trim edges to prevent fraying.

4. Select a flower bunch and a can (for a cohesive glance, stick to one color of flower for each arrangement).

Hold the flower stems up to the side of the can to gauge how tall they should be (aim for a height just slightly higher than the top of the can). Snip ends with shears or scissors at an angle to permit them to soak up more water.

5. Fill each can with cool tap water and pour in the food packet that came with the bouquet. Put flowers in the can and fluff slightly until they sit comfortably. Repeat with other flowers until each can is filled. Arrange along the middle of the table.

Beautiful Ideas to Decorate with DIY Candle Holders

Candles are an incredibly simple way to decorate any room.

Diy candlestick ideas

Whether you put a candle out on a table or on your bathroom sink, a candle never looks out of put anywhere. If you are getting a little bit bored with the conventional-looking candles in the clear glass containers, we own a few enjoyment DIY projects that will add a little personality to your candle holders. From enjoyment and funky to rustic and romantic, you will love the simple DIY projects we own in store for you.

Wooden paint dipped holders

With Easter coming, perhaps you’ve been looking for cute novelty candleholders to put on the dinner table when you host your family?

We love these smooth, egg-shaped wooden holders that you can either make yourself of discover at your local crafting store, but we love them even more the way they’ve been customized by Hello DIY. They drilled a hole in the top for the candle to sit in and then dipped the tops and bottoms into a lovely pastel blue paint with chrome finish. Tape off the parts you don’t desire painted to make a clean edge when you peel the tape off.

Metallic finish mercury candle glasses

If you’ve never seen mercerized glass, then you’re missing out! The shining chromed effect is an awesome finish that makes even the simplest candleholders glance rather fancy and, contrary to favorite belief, it’s an easier craft to do!

Ruffled Blog guides you through the process of making it happen so you can enjoy the way the candle glows through the silvery chrome on the outside.

Marble painted votives

Have you ever used marbling techniques with water and nail polish on things love DIY coffee mugs or even your finger nails? Then you already know how much enjoyment it is! We love doing it too and that’s why this cute little candleholder project from Once Wed caught our eye. We love the thought of making an entire set that matches in technique but contrasts in enjoyment bright ways when it comes to colour.

Cut paper candle holders

Of course, you probably wouldn’t desire to make an entire candleholder entirely out of paper since it’s such a flammable material, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate how cool it can be for décor into making your own candleholders. Follow in How About Orange‘s lead and make some cut out paper slips for the plain glass holders you already own but own become bored with. You’ll love how the flame glows through the slits in the paper.

Ice cube tray votive holders

Do you love upcycling pieces of ancient household wares in ways that put them to simple use so that you can save them from being thrown out without going far out of your own way?

Well, there are plenty of candle holder designs that meet your criteria but one of our extremely favourites is one from Paper n’ Stitch! They’ve taken the cups from an ice cube tray and cut them from the frame to make little holders that are perfectly sized for candles that own gotten a little short. We love the reclaimed aesthetic of the way they’ve left the edges jagged.

Stained wood block candle holder

Do you own some extremely thin candles at home that you’ve been looking for a perfect display for because they’re an unconventional shape that you haven’t seen store bought holders for yet? That’s the perfect chance to make one of your own!

Diy candlestick ideas

We love this darkly stained wooden block design from Houzz that looks wonderfully rustic chic. With candles this size, one of the bits on your drill will probably be the perfect size for you to drill the holes in the block to hold them.

Copper pipe candle holder

Are you browsing through this list hoping to discover a candleholder design that looks a little bit more contemporary than some of the things you’ve seen so far? Well, if you’re ready to work a little bit with wire bending and molding, then check out this copper design from An-Margritt! The candle sticks correct on the finish and voila!

You own an awesomely curving, tall standing candleholder that really stands out.

Diy candlestick ideas

Coloured birthday candle blocks

Did you love the thought of making a candleholder out of wood but you’re looking for something a little more pop art minimalist than weathered rustic chic love we showed you before? Then perhaps you’ll prefer this individual wooden holder style from Hank and Hunt! Cut little cubes form a piece of wood, sand the edges smooth, drill a candle-sized hole in the trop, and attempt your hand at a bit of stain style ombre painting!

They’ll glance grand no matter what colour you select to do them in.

Constellation votives

Just in case you’re still caught on the thought of making wooden candleholders but the ideas we’ve shown you still just haven’t fairly held your attention yet, here’s another simple design for your consideration! Design Sponge guides you through the process of creating specific holes in little pieces of particle board wood so that, when the light from the lit candle shines through, they glance love star constellations!

Rope wrapped candle holder

Perhaps you’re still looking for a rustic or reclaimed chic glance in your decorative accessories and you ponder that making yourself some nice, weathered candleholders would really contribute to the whole aesthetic? Then check out how Minted Strawberry made these adorable, low sitting rounded holders wrapped in thin rope like a coil. They glance love something you’d discover on a boat!

Rustic tree slice candle holder

Does your home own a wonderfully comfortable rustic feel that’s extremely natural and incorporates numerous outdoor elements?

Then hold that theme up by making yourself this stunning wooden slice candle holder! Technically you could use this piece of natural tree trunk for numerous things, but the moment we saw how calming Brit + Co.‘s thought of putting a little candle on the wood and letting it melt how it pleases, we were taken with it. They show you how to make one of your own.

Little clay candle holders

Perhaps you’re intent on making your extremely own candleholders yourself from scratch but you’re no excellent with wood so you’re not likely to make the stained wooden block design?

Then attempt creating these adorable, individual clay candle stands love Once Wed did! We love their semi-twisted, spiral shape and we ponder they’d glance completely adorable painted every diverse colours as well.

Concrete votive holder

Perhaps you’re extremely into the thought of making your own holder from scratch but you’re not keen on using wood or clay because you desire something a little more industrial chic? Then attempt using concrete! If you’ve never worked with concrete before then you might not actually realize how simple and useful it is for homemade things.

This awesome tea light holder by Signepling is a grand project to start with. We love the minimalist glance it adds to the room.

Twig Candle Holder

Are you into rustic, natural-looking décor? If your answer is yes, then you may just love this next project which involves going into nature and collecting a handful of nice-looking twigs. Give your home a nice, rustic feel with our simple DIY twig candle holder tutorial.

Materials: A bunch of twigs that are more are less the same size, candle holder, candle, boiling glue gun and glue stick.

Instructions: Lay the candle holder correct side up on a flat surface.

One at a time, glue a twig vertically to the candle holder. Go around and hold gluing twigs until the candle holder is covered. Put the candle in the candle holder.

Washi Tape Candles

Washi tape is a decorative tape (you can discover it in craft stores) that comes in a wide variety of unique colors and designs. For this reason, it can be used for numerous crafting projects. Washi tape is incredibly useful and enjoyment for a number of reasons. It is extremely enjoyment to decorate with it.

Diy candlestick ideas

From the cover of your journal to your boring pen, colorful washi tape can give anything a enjoyment makeover.

In this DIY project, you will be adding some pizzazz to your candles using washi tape. These candles make cute presents and party favors as well!

Materials: Washi tape, tea light candles, measuring tape — not necessary but useful to own and scissors.

Instructions: Measure out the circumference of the tea light, then cut that same length of tape. Carefully wrap the tape around the exterior of the tea light holder until it is completely covered with the tape.

If you accidentally get wrinkles in the tape, just lift it off and start over. If you own excess tape then you can fold it over the bottom of the tea light holder so that everything looks uniform and smooth.

Film negative candle holders

Perhaps you don’t fairly own the time to make your own candleholder from scratch but you do own some plain glass ones that you discover helpful of boring and would love to spruce up a little?

Well, there are plenty of ways to do that, but as nostalgic crafters, this photo memory thought from Photojojo might be one of our extremely favourites. They’ve used actual photo negatives pasted around the exterior so that the flame when you light the candle will cast a glow that shows the image.

Literary Candle Holder

Do you just absolutely love the written word? Do you happen to also be a huge fan of candles? Maybe you even enjoy a nice romantically-lit candle every now and then.

Decorate a room in your home with this beautiful candle holder DIY tutorial.

This is also a perfect present thought for book lovers who also happen to be candle lovers too!

Materials: A sheet of a book that you wouldn’t mind tearing out, scissors, a clean jar, battery-powered tea light, pencil and a measuring tape

Instructions: Measure around the jar as well as its height not including the rim. Use those measurements to cut the paper accordingly. With the text showing, bend the paper into a ring and shove it into the jar, arranging it so that the sheet lines the walls of the jar.

Turn the tea light on and put it inside the jar.

Jeremy Emery

Designer and copywriter, "Don’t wait for chance. Create it."

We’ve been obsessed with candles and candle holders for a endless time now. Nothing relaxes us as much while we record (or do beautiful much anything else, for that matter) as having a lovely candle flickering in the background while we do about our day. It just makes us more relaxed!

Diy candlestick ideas

We’re also the helpful of people, however, that get bored of our smaller décor pieces easily and love to change them out often. That’s why we’ve been pouring over unique candle holder ideas that will glance grand no matter the quality of candle or tea light you own access to.

Check out these 15 DIY candle holder ideas that are a little more unconventional and a lot more enjoyment to set up than your average store bought holder!

Copper wire candle holder

Copper wire might not sound love the most common thing to work with on an average crafting day, but with a excellent pair of pliers and some patience , you can create every kinds of things.

By using a mid-thickness wire that isn’t too tough to bend but isn’t so thin that it’s too malleable, A Merry Mishap shows you how you can make a candleholder that will hold your candle high and glance totally unique and minimalist every at once.

Do you know someone who absolutely adores lighting a relaxing candle but who foregoes holders and ends up letting their candles melt wax every over the table? Share this post with them in hopes that they’ll make themselves a cute holder or two instead!

We every own numerous ancient and unused items lying around in our homes or garages waiting to be thrown away.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a grand feeling of liberation that comes after shedding ancient stuff.

However, before you start cleaning your home, we desire to show you some incredibly creative DIY projects that may change your mind. You’ll study that a lot of useless items can be transformed into creative ideas.

You can turn an ancient glove into a cutechipmunk toy, toilet paper rolls into a beautiful floral wall art, plastic bottle into a broom and numerous more craft projects.

We’ve been working on this list for a endless time, but I’m certain there are numerous more awesome DIY ideas that we’ve missed.

So if you own done a cool crafting project yourself, or know some creative things to do when bored, feel free to share it in the comments!

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