Diy carnival decoration ideas

  1. The only thing predictable about New Orleans weather is that it’s unpredictable. February temperatures own ranged from 48° to 65°. Dressing in layers would be wise. Carnival takes places at the finish of winter, and some Fat Tuesdays own been really freezing while others were positively balmy.
  2. Also, check the weather. If there’s any chance of rain, be certain to pack a raincoats, rain ponchos, umbrellas, and rain boots.

    Mardi Gras muck is a thing, especially if it rains, so rain boots will save your shoes from being ruined by the festive stir of mud, parade debris, and thousands of feet.

  3. Do pack some heels though if you plan to attend any formal events.
  4. Think about what you desire to wear while visiting New Orleans during the Carnival before you pack your bags. There’s no dress code unless you’re attending some Mardi Gras balls or certain parties, and beautiful much anything goes. Thinking ahead will ensure that you’re comfortable but also feeling excellent about what you’re wearing during your visit.
  5. You will likely also be standing on your feet for hours during parades, so bring comfortable shoes.

    And expect to stroll a lot if you are watching any parades. The streets on and near the parade routes will be closed off, traffic will be congested, and cabs might be hard to come by.

  6. Also ponder ahead about transporting your costume if you’re bringing one. Will the headdress fit into the suitcase? How do you pack your mask so that it makes it to New Orleans in one piece?
  7. If you desire to really enjoy Mardi Gras, dress comfortably. It’s a endless party and you’ll likely be doing a lot of moving around, attending multiple events in one day, and spending a lot of time outside.
  8. No costume?

    No problem! You can pick up one up here, rent one, or make one. New Orleans is a costuming city, with plenty of options (see our shopping recommendations below).

  9. Choose a bag that fits your needs. You’ll need to carry your essentials love phone, wallet and phone charger, of course, plus a bag for throws if you’re attending a parade. But also consider packing water, an umbrella, and things you’ll need throughout the day without returning to your hotel.

    Snacks and beverages along parade routes are available, but you may not desire to leave your spot or wait in line.

Where to Shop

Party Below at Fat Tuesday

The first spot youll see as you exit the ship (if docked at the Puerta Maya, the most southern cruise pier) and make your way off the pier is a Fat Tuesday. This Mardi Gras-themed put has tons of drink specials and is correct near the pier.

Diy carnival decoration ideas

In other words, its a party atmosphere. If you desire to get a drink and party while in port, its the put to be and a short stroll back to the ship should you own one too many.

Pick Up Any Supplies You Might Own Forgotten

When youre on a cruise ship, its not too simple just to run to the corner store and pick up anything you might own forgotten. But in port, youll discover there are several little shops in the pier area that offer up almost anything you can imagine.

Hit the pharmacy or bodega shops to pick up items you might need love Ibuprofen, sunscreen, deodorant, or anything else.

Get a Family Photo in Front of the Ship

The free beach at the pier also offers a perfect view of the broadside of the cruise ships in port. Make your way there and get a photo of you standing with the ships in the background as a cheap souvenir to remember your trip.

French Quarter

Decatur Street
Multiple locations
If you desire a simple, inexpensive mask in the traditional Carnival colors check out the souvenir shops that pepper Decatur Highway. They also carry festive hats, feather boas, and shirts in purple, green and gold.

It’s an simple way to throw on some dazzle without breaking the bank or going every out on an elaborate costume.

Carl Mack Presents
Conti St.
Not feeling love putting together a costume yourself? The Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes & Culture, located between N. Rampart and Burgundy streets in the French Quarter, features the private collection of its owner, Carl Mack, a costumer and entertainer known as The Xylophone Man.

It’s one the largest personal collections of Mardi Gras costumes in the city, and it tells the tale of the walking clubs, masquerade balls, Mardi Gras Indians, krewe royalty, Social Aid and Pleasure clubs, and Cajun Mardi Gras.

Diy carnival decoration ideas

The museum’s costume closet is massive, and it does rentals, with prices starting as low as $

Fifi Mahony’s
Royal St.
A funky-glam French Quarter institution with a extremely impressive collection of wigs (that you’ll get to attempt under the guidance of one of the shop’s helpful employees), plus costume accessories and makeup. Be warned though, this is THE wig stop for numerous, so expect a line in the days leading up to Fat Tuesday.

French Market
N. Peters St.
The historic French Market has a vast daily flea market brimming with both mass-produced Carnival accessories love masks and boas but also wearable works of art made by local artisans (masks, headpieces, fascinators, and more).

Prices start low, so it’s a excellent spot to store for some last-minute Carnival gear.

Decatur St.
This is a funky novelty store with a sister store called Pop City, at Decatur St. Both sell collectibles, toys, accessories, and clothes.

St. Ann St.
Just steps from Jackson Square, Maskarade can meet every of your masking needs with its vast selection of handmade Italian masks (Venetian style) as well as a collection of masks done by the local and national artists.

Nikki’s French Quarter Halloween Shop
Chartres St.
The shop’s name mentions Halloween, but don’t let it hinder you as it carries accessories, novelties, masks, makeup, body paint, and wigs that come in handy for other occasions.


Peters St.
Does this giant makeup chain even need an introduction? Certain enough, it’s conveniently located in the heart of the Quarter, and will meet every of your makeup needs come Carnival time.

The Quarter Stitch
Chartres St.
The Stitch is made by and for those who are obsessed with knitting, but there’s more to it than yarn. It’s also a grand spot for almost any helpful of arts and crafting supplies, so check it out if you’re attempting a DIY Mardi Gras costume.

Lounge on the Beach at the Pier

If you dock at the main cruise pier (the one thats south of San Miguel, the main town on Cozumel), then you can lounge on a manmade beach with grand views of the ship. As you leave the pier, hang a left past Fat Tuesdays. Stroll below a bit and on your left youll see a little beach with a number of loungers. The sand is white and soft, but there isnt water access. Still, its free and convenient.


Bargain Center
Dauphine St.
If you don’t mind rummaging through an overwhelming inventory of oddities, vintage accessories and thrift-store fare this treasure trove is for you.

There’s an occasional traditional costume that belonged to a float rider, or a unique, locally made creation on consignment. Also, check out the amazing Mardi Gras Indian headdresses mounted on the walls.

Piety Market in Exile
St. Claude Ave.
This bustling neighborhood market is held on the second Saturday of every month at the New Orleans Healing Center, and is as New Orleans as it gets. This is a unique chance to grab a fabulous creation made by some of the best artists the city has to offer (the extensive vendor list is basically a who-is-who of artistic New Orleans). Some of the most beautiful headdresses you will admire on Fat Tuesday probably came from Piety.

The prices are beyond reasonable, and several vendors are generally on hand selling vintage and secondhand costumes and accessories. Attempt some yummy pop-up food while you store, too.


Broadway Bound Costumes
Canal St.
Despite its name this store doesn’t carry costumes but is a solid choice if you desire to make one. There you’ll discover every kinds of supplies, from trim to sequins to beads and feathers.

NOLA Craft Culture
S. Solomon St.
Brought to you in by three Muses, NOLA Craft Culture is a dream-come-true for the costume-makers who had trouble finding specific craft supplies love micro-glitter, boiling glue in diverse colors or fine-point glue guns.

The store is packed to the gills with feathers, sequins, rhinestones, appliqués, and lots and lots of glitter. There are also umbrellas, confetti, 5-foot-long ropes of boiling glue, and locally-sourced glitter makeup and lashes.

Diy carnival decoration ideas

Nyx purses and Muses shoes grace the space. What makes this women-owned and operated store truly unique is that it aims to become a space for classes, workshops and community crafting. Anyone who makes a purchase can also finish their projects on-site in the downstairs craft room. If you ever tried to get de-glitter your home after completing a project you will understand how brilliant this is.

Head to Mr. Sanchos Beach Club

Mr. Sanchos is one of numerous all-inclusive beach clubs on Cozumel.

Diy carnival decoration ideas

For about $50 per person, you get full access to the club, which includes a nice beach with beautiful water, pools, chairs, every you can eat/drink, showers, lockers, and more. Its an simple way to enjoy the islands beaches and get your fill of food and drink, every for one price. (Read reviews of Mr. Sanchos here)


The New Orleans Costume Center
Royal St.
This gem specializes in new and previously owned handmade costumes and has locally made artwork on consignment.

It also carries supplies to make your own costume, love feathers, sequins, trims, and cap forms. You can sell your costume there, and hire a costume designer.


Funky Monkey
Magazine St.
Come Mardi Gras this resale boutique is your destination for seasonal gear love vintage ballgowns and eclectic accessories.

Miss Claudia’s Vintage Clothing & Costumes
Magazine St.
Little but mighty, Miss Claudia’s is a goldmine filled with majorette boots, funky vintage costumes, dazzling accessories, and other Mardi Gras essentials.

Uptown Costume & Dancewear
Magazine St.
This compact yet comprehensive store offers costumes, dancewear and accessories love wigs and hats.

Are you planning to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras?

Visit to discover your perfect historic French Quarter hotel that will put you correct in the middle of every of the action and within walking distance to numerous of the Carnival parade routes, bars, restaurants, and entertainment spots.

Also, check out our guide to the Mardi Gras Weekend, the  Mardi Gras Parade Schedule, and our tips and recommendations on How to Experience New Orleans Mardi Gras Love a Local and Parade Rules and Tips.

Diy carnival decoration ideas

Happy Carnival!

The first weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival hit Indio on Friday, bringing plenty of attendees and activity to the Southern California desert city. This year the buzz was every about the hotly anticipated Outkast reunion, a new slate of art and food offerings—including a $1,plus dining package—and how Goldenvoice's fest now feels love more of a luxury retreat than an edgy music gathering.

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When it comes to Caribbean ports, theres Cozumel and then everywhere else. The Mexican island is booming and is the most busy cruise port in the expression exterior of Florida. Each year, about four million people make a stop in Cozumel and every major cruise line that sails the Caribbean makes a call there.

Of course, that means there are millions of people looking for the best thing to do in the time that are in Cozumel.

If youre in this group, dont worry. You arent alone. The excellent news?

Diy carnival decoration ideas

There are plenty of options for you to select from. Under, weve rounded up a definitive list of every the things you can do in Cozumel.

Weve tried to include helpful links for booking activities where appropriate. In numerous cases the items listed under can be booked via an excursion through your cruise ship.

Note that these suggestions are in no specific order. This article contains links to Viator that are affiliate links. We earn a commission if you book through their website, at no charge to you.


Southern Costume Company
Lafayette St.
How would you love to wear a costume that has been used in an Oscar award-winning film or an acclaimed TV series?

Come browse the 9,square-foot warehouse brimming with everything from period costumes to the ever-popular pirates, animals, and everything in between. Southern Costume Company dresses Mardi Gras krewes too, so you know you’re in excellent hands. You can also order a custom costume made, and there are seamstresses on-site. And the costume rental prices are reasonable.

Drink Cheap at Three Amigos (or Other Bars)

The cruise ships will offer a lot of excursions and things to do in Cozumel, but they wont mention that you can drink cheap, often just a stones throw away from the ship.

Head into the pier area and youll see Three Amigos

If your childs special day is approaching, it’s time to consider the party theme! To assist you and your kid select, we’ve made a list of kids party themes. With each theme, we own included links and resources to kick-start your creativity.

A Party themes


The Animal theme is simple and works grand for every ages. If you desire to add an edge to your party, hire a face painter and turn your guests into their favourite animals. Alternatively, book a travelling zoo or a reptile home for the afternoon.

You can discover some nice decoration ideas, for hosting a safari party, in this article from Partywizz also provides a one-stop store for animal party decorations and tableware.

Alice in Wonderland

For Alice in Wonderland, youll need a few DIY projects and decorative elements to set the tone.

You can discover some nice party theme ideas in this article from

Arts and Crafts

Looking for a more hands-on theme? Host an arts and crafts party! This article from lists some grand activity ideas for every ages. With younger kids, it helps to change activities every 15 to 20 minutes. You can also discover some hosting tips in this article from Otherwise hire a professional at

Why Not Just Remember Your Stateroom Number?

When considering stateroom door decorations, numerous people wonder why bother?

Why not just remember your room number? While your stateroom number is not printed on your shipboard identification card – in case it is lost or stolen, you dont desire someone else to be capable to access your stateroom – it is just a simple room number.

It is true that distinctive, personal decorations can make it easier to discover your room, but decorating your door is about a lot more than just remembering your cabin number.

Door decorations can make celebrating a special occasion on your cruise even more enjoyment, whether it is a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, retirement, family reunion, or any other event.

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If you are part of a group, decorated doors can also make it easier to discover other members of your party, even on diverse decks and in diverse types of cabins, without remembering multiple stateroom numbers.

For young cruisers or elderly passengers who may own more difficulty remembering cabin numbers, stateroom door decorations can relieve stress and assist everyone feel comfortable with finding their home-away-from-home on board the ship.

Stateroom decorations can even make it easier to communicate with diverse family members or other passengers when you leave notes or messages for one another on a little whiteboard or notepad.

Costume Tips

  1. Consider wearing a mask. You’ll notice that a lot of people wear masks, especially on Fat Tuesday.

    Diy carnival decoration ideas

    If you aren’t making one, there are plenty of places in New Orleans where you can purchase one, from an inexpensive mass-produced one to an exquisite thing of beauty made by a local artist. See our suggestions under, and happy masking!

  2. Accessorize wisely. Don’t let the accessories weigh you below. You own some serious partying to do, for endless stretches of time.
  3. This doesn’t mean your costume shouldn’t be comfortable, of course.

    Mardi Gras is a marathon, and a lot of it is spent in the streets and getting yourself from point A to point B for another parade, party or ball. Select a costume that will permit you to fit into the doorways, use a public restroom, won’t drop apart at the finish of the day or cause scrutiny (the bar for the latter is extremely low in New Orleans though — only truly offensive and outrageous costumes would get any helpful of negative attention — beautiful much anything else goes, the crazier the better).

  4. If you desire your costume to stand out it will own to be truly fabulous. The bar is extremely, extremely high in New Orleans, and people here take costuming extremely seriously.

    A costume will be a must if you’re riding or walking in any parades.

  5. Finally, don’t feel love you need to conform. The point is to be yourself and feel good about wearing your costume. This is the perfect time to live in the moment and be free.

Guidelines for Decorating Your Stateroom Door

Before turning your stateroom door into a personalized work of art, it is significant to follow basic guidelines to ensure your decorations are permitted.

First, contact the cruise line and enquire if there are any explicit instructions or guidelines, and remember that diverse cruise lines may own diverse policies regarding stateroom door decorations. The same line may also change policies on diverse ships, or at any time, so it is best to always verify guidelines before every cruise.

Even if there are no formal policies, these general guidelines can assist you be certain your decorations dont cause any problems.

Most significant is that no decorations should in any way damage the stateroom door or surrounding surfaces.

There should be no holes, paint discoloration, chips, scratches, or other evidence that the door was ever decorated after your cruise. Magnetic decorations are simple and convenient options that wont damage doors, or you can affix magnetic tape to non-magnetized decorations to create instant magnets.

You can get stateroom door magnets by clicking here.

Be aware, however, that some suites or specialty cabins may not own metal doors. Other adhesive options include Command Strips, poster putty, and similar materials that can safely adhere to diverse surfaces and finishes without causing damage.

If decorations do cause damage, passengers could face fees or fines for vandalism, even if the damage is minor or accidental.

It is also significant to be certain your stateroom door decorations dont extend beyond the door. Cruise ship hallways are narrow, and any decorations that extend onto nearby railings, light fixtures, or other surfaces can block the hallway from cabin stewards service carts, luggage carts, and other passengers.

If cruising with Carnival you can check their official guidelines on stateroom door and stateroom decorating.

Decorations attached to other surfaces can also create problems for safety equipment such as emergency lights, speakers, or sprinklers.

With safety in mind, it is also imperative that any door decorations you use are made of fire-retardant materials. If inappropriate materials are used, the decorations may be removed and passengers could be fined for violating the ships safety procedures.

After the cruise, be certain to remove every door decorations completely. Not only does this assist the stateroom steward by not adding additional chores to an already busy day as the room gets turned over for the next passengers, but it also ensures there will be no fines or problems with the additional mess left behind.

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Ideas for Stateroom Door Decorating

There are numerous enjoyment and creative options to decorate a cruise ship stateroom door.

Some of the most favorite choices are to acknowledge special occasions, such as birthdays, honeymoons, and anniversaries, especially if those occasions are being celebrated during the cruise.

Any holidays can be grand opportunities to decorate, including Christmas cruises, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or other favorite holiday sailings.

Diy carnival decoration ideas

Decorations might also celebrate graduations, retirement, promotions, or other significant milestones.

Amazon actually has a fair quantity of stateroom door decoration items, take a glance here.

Onboard gatherings, such as family reunions, group cruises, and bachelor or bachelorette parties might also use decorations to assist diverse passengers feel connected no matter how large the ship is. Any group cruise, such as a craft-themed cruise, a book-lovers cruise, or similar group booking might also urge door decorations so members of the group can more easily discover one another.

Some passengers even simply enjoy decorations that celebrate the cruise itself, such as mouse ear decorations on a Disney cruise, anchor designs for a Royal Caribbean sailing, or tiaras and crowns on a Princess cruise.

Whatever decorations are chosen, its significant to remember that stateroom doors are in public hallways, and the decorations ought to be family-friendly and appropriate for every passengers to see.

No decorations with vulgarity or profanity should be used, and inappropriate decorations will be removed.

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Decorations should also be carefully chosen so they dont compromise passengers privacy, such as not using decorations that include full names or telephone numbers.

With care and consideration, your stateroom door can be more than just another empty doorway in the hall.

It can be a personal expression of your excitement to celebrate your cruise vacation and every the enjoyment you hope to own as you set sail.

How to Dress for Mardi Gras

Costumes are to the Carnival season as peanut butter is to jelly — indispensable. We urge you to consider wearing one, or at least to accessorize with a sparkly headdress and some feathers. At the extremely least, wear something in the Carnival colors — purple, green and gold. Not only will it get you into the Mardi Gras spirit but you will fit correct in. Here are our tips on how to dress for the Carnival and where to get the best costumes and costume-making supplies.