Diy carnival party ideas

Diy carnival party ideas

For example, you can own a custom carnival cake made just for your event
— or —
Save your money and dress up ordinary cupcakes by putting them on aacupcake tower, or on layered plates.
Next, add some enjoyment toppings likemustache cupcake picks,spinning pinwheel straws
ormini swirl lollipopsand you own a really memorableyet simple birthday treat for all!

Even adults enjoy carnival games, photo booth and activities at a kids carnival!

A carnival party has enjoyment for every ages, so if you own grandparents, aunt or uncles or other relatives or
friends who would love to share in your special birthday celebration — this is a grand time to invite them!

If you are looking for photo stick props — check out these cute Carnival Themed Photo Stick Props!

You can also own them assist out at some of the carnival games if they are wanting to be a part if the fun!

An Extravagant Cake is NOT required — Cupcakes will work just fine!

Carnival Parties Save the hassle (and time) of packing «Treat Bags»
— let the kids do it for YOU!

There are so numerous enjoyment carnival games and activities!
Save your money no need for large inflatable rentals, face painters or balloon clowns.

We own oodles of Carnival Game Party Ideas — the image above shows some of the favorites!

The Can Knock Below set can be homemade with empty cans and hand-stitched beanbags or purchased for about $

Our original Fish Cup Game that is almost free — it uses cheap 9 ounce cups from the grocery store, plastic fish and ping pong balls.

Soda Pop Throw uses plastic bracelets and soda bottles on a table.

Finally, the Pluck a Duck or Duck Matching Game is a favorite of younger kids and a carnival tradition!

Carnivals are such a colorful and festive event,
you just need some basic red & white and
add a splash of primary colors — you cannot go wrong!

Click here to see every our carnival party supplies- some starting as low as 54 cents each!

The Carnival Themed Party Table (shown above) was a «piece of cake»!

We started with a red tablecloth and then added the carnival themed tablecloth roll to make a table runner!
Next, we put out the popcorn boxes with mini swirl lollipops and
made each put setting with a party cap topped off with a foam clown nose for each guest!

This Carnival Banner Sign is less than $8 can be hung exterior to assist guests discover your Backyard Carnival
— or can be hung indoors near the photo booth!

We also love to hang Colorful Pennant Banners (or hanging flags), they are feet endless with 48 flags!

A grand time savers compared to balloons as they setup in less than 10 minutes and can even be saved for future events!

Add some pinwheels to your carnival decorations (like on tables in popcorn boxes)
and the kids can take one home as an additional favor when they leave!

Carnival Decorations are Simple & Assist Make «Picture Perfect» Memories!


Diy carnival party ideas