Diy casino theme party ideas

We know we could add a lot more ideas and recipes, but we’ll definitely continue. It could be ‘The Perfect Casino Night at Home 2 – The Afterparty!’, what do you say? Stay tuned and check regularly! Thank you so much for dropping by our blog – we hope you’ll discover some inspiration and that you’ll make the best casino night ever! We’d love it if you could share photos! We’d be happy if you also share what your perfect casino night would glance love on our social media youll discover our handles below!

Remember – frolic and drink responsibly and own enjoyment with your friends (well, not too much)!

Delivered and collected from your door

Additional Services


Will guide the volunteer croupiers on how to become the croupiers themselves, before the event takes place.

DIY Poker/Blackjack/Roulette Table

So, you own two options here! One is to do a casino table from scratch – full on DIY mode! Hold in mind that you will need a lot of materials love carpenter’s glue, plywood, foam, staples and etc.

if you desire your table to glance love a genuine casino table. The second option is probably a little bit easier (for us it is, we’re lazy people!) and you most probably own most of the materials lying around at home (or standing). You need a dining table and a volunteer to frolic the role of the Dealer and, if you desire to make it as precise as possible, you can get a green tablecloth and either leave it love that or do the needed symbols with a marker or washi-tape. Another option is to purchase a pre-made DIY casino set – there are a lot of places where you could get it from or rent it and it’ll save you some cash in the endless run.


Wherever you are in the UK, we can still provide professional croupiers to attend your event.

Needed Casino Equipment

Depending on what you and your friends would love to frolic, there are a lot of games that you could offer at your perfect casino night.

The main components are: a few decks of cards, chips, a roulette wheel, a set or two of dice. You can definitely discover every of that on a excellent price separately or together (you know, in those fancy boxes). If you desire to stick to the DIY vibe of the party, you could easily make your own chips and roulette wheel from cardboard or any other material – get creative! Your guests will be impressed!


He will help your volunteer croupiers with the casino games and will be on hand to support at every times on the night of your event to ensure efficient management from start to finish.

Hack Your Own Casino – Simple DIY Projects!

Let’s start with the DIY stuff.

Diy casino theme party ideas

If you don’t know. DIY stands for ‘Do It Yourself’ – in other words, you make diverse types of crafts on your own. We’ll share some ideas how to make your own poker/blackjack table on a budget, we’ll share some decorating ideas to make the casino night even more ‘casino-ish’ (is that a word?) and… well, we’ll see what might pop up next!

Let’s Decorate!

Diy casino theme party ideas

How to Make Your Party More Casino-ish And Fun!

To be honest, we love decorating! Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, we really enjoy looking for some DIY ideas and crafts that would make the occasion even more special.

Diy casino theme party ideas

We had a lot of enjoyment looking for some décor ideas for a casino night at home or just a casino-themed party and here’s what we found (Thank you, Pinterest and every the bloggers out there!):

  1. Wine/champagne glass tags from playing cards – you’ll probably need a lot of decks of cards for both playing and decorating. This is one simple and extremely classy type of decorating that we ponder your friends would love. Just punch a hole into a card, cut it a little bit so that it can fit on the glass and record the name of the guest. Easy-breezy! And it looks cool, too!
  2. Playing card garlands – you’ll need ribbons, some tape and playing cards.

    Just tape cards to some ribbon and put the garland however you love – horizontal, vertical, hanging from the door, lying on the sofa, you decide! Your guests will love it a lot. If this type of decoration doesnt fit your overall casino vibe just frolic with the cards! Or use them for our next idea.

  3. Fancy utensil rings – get some red/white/black napkins, a ribbon, playing cards and a puncher.

    Diy casino theme party ideas

    Punch a hole in one or two cards, wrap the utensils in the napkin and tie everything with a ribbon. Classy and casino-themed! And, again, if this is not your decor forte or youre just finished with your meal grab the cards and frolic a quick game of Poker or Baccarat!

Most of these DIY’s are with cards, but you can use cardboard, tissue paper or whatever else you love to use as craft materials and just add elements, connected with a casino. We own more tricks up our sleeves, which you can check out in our other article dedicated to decoration.

In addition, you can check our previous post for ideas simple DIY tricks for creating the ultimate gaming room casino style room at home. We recommend you grab your friends and prepare everything together – it’ll be more enjoyment plus an additional hand is always welcome!

How does it Work?

We provide every the casino game accessories such as Roulette wheel, casino chips, cash chips, cards, cardholders, casino enjoyment money, game rules & how to set-up etc.

The only thing we do not provide is genuine casino tables.

You provide the tables and we will lay our genuine casino baize on top of the table/s. With the authentic gaming accessories that we provide as part of this package, your event will be transformed, adding excitement and glamour.

Have enjoyment being the croupiers yourselves, or hire the professional croupiers from us!

DIY Games Available:

  1. Roulette
  2. Casino Stud Poker
  3. Blackjack
  4. Texas Holde’m Poker

All DIY casino games can be collected or delivered by our couriers.

Diy Casino Party Pack Contains


  1. X gram coloured roulette chips (60 of each colour)
  2. Fun Money vouchers £, £ & £50 denominations
  3. 2 X roulette balls
  4. Clear instructions on setting up
  5. 1 X win marker
  6. 1 X 60 cm Mahogany Roulette Wheel
  7. Cheque book to cash players out
  8. 1 X roulette baize 10 ft X 12 ft
  9. Clear guidelines on how to frolic and croupier the game


  1. 1 x discard holder.
  2. 10 pink £1, cash chips
  3. 1 x dealing shoe
  4. Clear instructions on setting up game
  5. 5 Brown £5, cash chips
  6. 1 x capacity chip tray
  7. Fun Money vouchers £, £ & £50 denominations
  8. 1 x Blackjack baize 10 ft X 12 ft
  9. 3 x decks of playing cards
  10. Cheque book to cash players out
  11. 40 Black £ cash chips
  12. 1 x cut cards
  13. Red £10 cash chips
  14. 50 Green £25 cash chips
  15. Clear guideline on how to frolic and croupier the game

We own lots of packages to suit every types of events and budgets check out our special offer and package dealspage.


  1. One Table Top Blackjack Game
  2. Unlimited enjoyment money
  3. One Table Top Roulette Game
  4. 3 Day Hire
  5. Instructions on how to be the croupiers
  6. Collect & return equipment to CM49RS

Prices from £


  1. One Table Top Blackjack Game
  2. Unlimited enjoyment money
  3. One Table Top Poker Game
  4. Up to 4 days hire
  5. Instructions on how to be the croupiers
  6. One Table Top Roulette Game
  7. Delivery by Courier & Collection by Courier

Price £


  1. One Table Top Blackjack Game
  2. Unlimited enjoyment money
  3. One Table Top Roulette Game
  4. Up to 4 days hire
  5. Instructions on how to be the croupiers
  6. Delivery by Courier & Collection by Courier

Price £


  1. One Table Top Blackjack Game
  2. Unlimited enjoyment money
  3. One croupier for up to hours to deal the game of your choice
  4. Up to 4 days hire
  5. Instructions on how to be the croupiers
  6. One Table Top Roulette Game
  7. Delivery by Courier & Collection by Courier

Prices from £

What to Wear?

Okay, you’ve prepared everything for the perfect casino night.

Well done! But aren’t you missing something? We’ll give you a little hint: we suppose you wouldn’t love people to show up in their pyjamas, right? Since it’s a casino-themed party, it would be ideal to own a dress code included to make the party more fun! There are some specific rules players should follow when it comes to clothing when entering a casino. We recommend you make your research based on a casino you would go frolic at, check out what is the dress code and use this as a guide for you and your guests’ outfits for the casino night at home.

Modern casino fashion is definitely another way to spice the party up – it could be a ‘Bond’ themed party or just a casual friend gathering in comfy clothes. Check out what is trendy now in our dedicated post!

There Is No Party Without Drinks and Something to Eat!

All is set, you own the decorations, you own the table set and every the equipment needed, now it’s time to ponder about the most significant element of the night – the food and drinks (that makes two elements.)! You can never go incorrect with the following – pizza, burgers, chips, soda, wine, champagne, chocolate for the ladies (and the gents, we know you love chocolate, too).

However, if you desire to hold it classy, here are some suggestions we found!

Casino Cupcake Tower

Everybody loves cupcakes and they’re super simple to make. Eggs, flour, butter, baking powder or you could just use a cake stir and separate it in muffin tins. Make frosting, purchase some cookie cutters in the shape of hearts, spades and etc and start decorating!

Poker Cookies

These can be made for an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed party as well – you just need cookie cutters in the shape of cards with their symbols or you could free-hand them, it’s up to you.

Diy casino theme party ideas

We believe youll own a lot of enjoyment during the preparation. Bake and serve – they’ll be gone within seconds! Everybody loves cookies!

All Kinds of Appetizers

Mini-burgers, meatballs, whatever you and your friends love as appetizers you can prepare for the casino night. Make certain you add a tiny heart or a spades’ shape and go with the red, black and white colours as your main guide.

We mentioned what you could prepare as drinks, you know best what people will drink. Check out which are the best (mixed) drinks at the casino for some ideas what to prepare!

Attempt to serve it in a enjoyment way – whether it’s going to be in crazy cups or as a fancy cocktail stir, the significant thing is to own enjoyment. Drink responsibly and enjoy!


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