Diy chandeliers and light fixture ideas

The earliest candle chandeliers were used by the wealthy in medieval times; this type of chandelier could be moved to diverse rooms.[5] From the 15th century, more complicated forms of chandeliers, based on ring or crown designs, became favorite decorative features in palaces and homes of nobility, clergy and merchants. Their high cost made chandeliers symbols of luxury and status.

By the early 18th century, ornate cast ormolu forms with endless, curved arms and numerous candles were in the homes of numerous in the growing merchant class.

Neoclassical motifs became an increasingly common element, mostly in cast metals but also in carved and gilded wood.

Diy chandeliers and light fixture ideas

Chandeliers made in this style also drew heavily on the aesthetic of ancient Greece and Rome, incorporating clean lines, classical proportions and mythological creatures.[6][7] Developments in glassmaking later allowed cheaper production of lead crystal, the light scattering properties of which quickly made it a favorite addition to the form, leading to the crystal chandelier.

During the 18th century, glass chandeliers were produced by Bohemians and Venetian glassmakers who were both masters in the art of making chandeliers. Bohemian style was largely successful across Europe and its biggest draw was the chance to obtain spectacular light refraction due to facets and bevels of crystal prisms.

As a reaction to this new taste, Italian glass factories in Murano created new kinds of artistic light sources. Since Murano glass was not suitable for faceting, typical work realized at the time in other countries where crystal was used, Venetian glassmakers relied upon the unique qualities of their glass. Typical features of a Murano chandelier are the intricate arabesques of leaves, flowers and fruits that would be enriched by coloured glass, made possible by the specific type of glass used in Murano. The soda glass (famed for its clarity) that they worked with was unique and contrasted with other types of glass produced in the world at that time.

Grand skill and time was required to twist and shape a chandelier precisely. This new type of chandelier was called ciocca (literally «bouquet of flowers»), for the characteristic decorations of glazed polychrome flowers. The most sumptuous consisted of a metal frame covered with little elements in blown glass, transparent or colored, with decorations of flowers, fruits and leaves, while simpler models had arms made with unique pieces of glass.

Their shape was inspired by an original architectural concept: the space on the inside is left almost empty, since decorations are spread every around the central support, distanced from it by the length of the arms.

Diy chandeliers and light fixture ideas

One of the common uses of the huge Murano chandeliers was the interior lighting of theatres and rooms in significant palaces.[8]

In the midth century, as gas lighting caught on, branched ceiling fixtures called gasoliers (a portmanteau of gas and chandelier) were produced, and numerous candle chandeliers were converted. By the s, with the appearance of electric light, some chandeliers used both gas and electricity. As distribution of electricity widened, and supplies became dependable, electric-only chandeliers became standard.

Another portmanteau expression, electrolier, was coined for these, but nowadays they are most commonly called chandeliers. Some are fitted with bulbs shaped to imitate candle flames, for example those shown under in Epsom and Chatsworth, or with bulbs containing a shimmering gas discharge.[9]

The world’s largest English gchandelier (by Hancock Rixon & Dunt and probably F. & C. Osler)[10] is in the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul.

It has lamps and weighs tons. Dolmabahçe has the largest collection of British and Baccarat crystal chandeliers in the world, and one of the grand staircases has balusters of Baccarat crystal.

More complicated and elaborate chandeliers continued to be developed throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, but the widespread introduction of gas and electricity had devalued the chandelier’s appeal as a status symbol.

Toward the finish of the 20th century, chandeliers were often used as decorative focal points for rooms, and often did not illuminate.

Plastic Spoon Lamp

For other uses, see Chandelier (disambiguation).

A chandelier (; also known as girandole, candelabra lamp, or least commonly suspended lights) is a branched ornamental light fixture designed to be mounted on ceilings[1] or walls.[2] Chandeliers are often ornate, and normally use incandescent light bulbs, though some modern designs also use fluorescent lamps and recently LEDs.

Classic chandeliers own arrays of hanging crystal prisms to illuminate a room with refracted light, while contemporary chandeliers assume a more minimalist design that does not contain prisms and illuminate a room with direct light from the lamps, sometimes also equipped with translucent glass covering each lamp. Modern chandeliers own a more modernized design that uses LEDs, and combines the elements of both classic and contemporary designs; some are also equipped with refractive crystal prisms or little mirrors.

Chandeliers are distinct from pendant lights, as they generally consist of multiple lamps and hang in branched frames, whereas pendant lights hang from a single cord and only contain one or two lamps with fewer decorative elements. Due to their size, they are often installed in hallways, living rooms, staircases, lounges, and dining rooms. However, miniature chandeliers also exist, which can be installed in smaller spaces such as bedrooms or little living spaces.

Chandeliers evolved from candelabra and were invented during the medieval era.

They originally used candles as their source of light and remained in use until the 18th century, when gas lights, later superseded by electric lights, were invented.

Beautiful DIY Chandelier Options:

Step 1: Wire the socket

Follow the directions on whatever socket you bought. This is how we did ours. Thread your lamp cord through the top of the socket, then divide the finish of the cord with a wire stripper.

Diy chandeliers and light fixture ideas

Wrap one wire around one of the silver screws and the other wire around the gold screw, then tighten the screws below with a screwdriver.

It should glance love this when youre done:

The Galvanized Pail Chandelier

This is a really rustic design for a chandelier. Yet, it would work really well as wedding décor or even in a rustic designed kitchen.

Unfortunately, there is no tutorial to assist you along with this design so you’ll own to attempt to piece it together if you love the design.

Create this chandelier ›

Hula Hoop Chandelier

This chandelier is another grand design where you can use a hula hoop to create something magnificent.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to add some softer light to a room in a really unique way, then this could work fairly well.

Create this chandelier ›

Double Ringer DIY Chandelier

This chandelier is really gorgeous, rustic, and simple in design so that it can fit correct in any room that you’d love to decorate with a chandelier.

But thankfully, it does come with an awesome tutorial to stroll you through the entire process of creating this masterpiece.

Create this chandelier ›

DIY Industrial Pendant

This pendant is really cool.

It uses industrial material but still has a sleek appearance to make it mix in any modern designed room.

So if you love this thought, you are in luck because there is a grand tutorial to assist you along with the process.

Create this chandelier ›

The Dollar Store Chandelier

Isn’t it amusing how an item that used to only be used in the higher finish homes is now something that can be created from the dollar store?

Well, it can. This chandelier even has a grand tutorial to show you how to recreate this masterpiece on a extremely tight budget.

Create this chandelier ›

The Broken Dish Chandelier

This looks love it would take fairly the artist to recreate this masterpiece, but it is so cool I had to share it because you just never know who out there could actually recreate it.

But sadly, there is no tutorial because I never could locate which site actually originated this beautiful piece.

Create this chandelier ›

The Felt Flower Chandelier

Are you planning on having a garden party anytime soon?

If so, then you’ll desire to check out this chandelier.

However, it doesn’t own a tutorial so you’ll own to use this mainly for inspiration.

Create this chandelier ›

The Spoon Chandelier

This is a extremely frugal thought. You can go to Goodwill in most areas and purchase mismatched spoons for pennies, and you could probably discover the circle to hang them from as well.

Then you just take it home and start attaching the spoons in a design that you love.

It is that simple to create this work of art.

Create this chandelier ›

DIY Fringe Chandelier

This fringe chandelier is a enjoyment way to decorate your home. It looks beautiful simple and inexpensive to create as well.

But it also comes with a tutorial to make designing it that much easier.

Create this chandelier ›

The $40 Pendant

This lady found a grand pendant light that she loved extremely much. However, the store-bought version was shut to $

So she went home and figured out how to make it herself. This only cost her around $ Talk about savings!

Create this chandelier ›

DIY Crystal Ball Chandelier

This would be a cute décor item in more feminine spots in the home love a girl’s room or a powder room.

It would also be a beautiful decoration for a party or a wedding reception too.

So if you are looking for something shiny and inexpensive to turn into a chandelier, then you might desire to give this tutorial a glance.

Create this chandelier ›

Chandelier from Wood Beads

This chandelier would work well in almost any area in your home. The reason is that it is fancy without being over the top.

Since it is made from wood beads it can easily fit in anywhere. Follow the tutorial and create your own masterpiece.

Create this chandelier ›

DIY Capiz Chandelier

I’ve seen these little decorations on things love windchimes at souvenir shops but never knew what they were called.

Well, they are miniature pendants that own tiny holes in them which can be turned into a brilliant little chandelier.

Which makes awesome home décor.

Create this chandelier ›

The Outdated Chandelier

Do you own an older chandelier that makes your dining space feel and glance a little dated?

Then you need to consider using this tutorial to update it. It looks beautiful simple to do, and the finished product is adorable.

Create this chandelier ›

The Solar Light Chandelier

This is another grand outdoor thought. If you aren’t a large fan of having to light candles in your chandelier, then you should consider going solar.

Instead of having to use fire for light, you just permit the sun to do its occupation.

Then you’ll own plenty of light overhead in a much simpler form.

Create this chandelier ›

DIY Paper Hearts Chandelier

Around your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, you may desire to discover a cute way to decorate. This would also be a grand decoration for a kid’s Valentine’s Day party as well.

Plus, it looks beautiful simple to figure out and should be relatively inexpensive to create as it is made out of paper.

Create this chandelier ›

Rustic Industrial Pendant Light

This rustic industrial pendant is a really unique design that fits into most any home décor situation.

Plus, this pendant also comes with design plans that will make building this that much easier.

Create this chandelier ›

The Christmas Ornament Chandelier

This would be a grand project to make correct after Christmas.

You can use anything circular (like a hula hoop) and then string clean Christmas ornaments from it.

So next year, when every of the ornaments go on sale after Christmas, stock up and create this beautiful chandelier for less.

Create this chandelier ›

The Foam Chandelier

If you are looking for a chandelier to work as a party décor or something more on the temporary side, then this could be a excellent option.

So you’ll just need to follow the tutorial to build your chandelier out of foam. Then you’ll own a beautiful decoration that will stun guests.

Create this chandelier ›

DIY Bulb Chandelier

This multi-bulb chandelier looks really grand.

It would fit in well in almost any décor setting.

But it also has a grand tutorial to assist you along in the process. So you can recreate it yourself.

Create this chandelier ›

The Musical Chandelier

Do you own ancient records that you can’t do anything with? Don’t throw those out either. Instead, string them up into a decorative chandelier.

Plus, it would be a grand way to go below memory lane.

People will be so thrilled to see records and the music that they held on them that it will be a conversation piece.

Create this chandelier ›

The Pallet Chandelier

You know we love pallets around this site. They are grand building material that doesn’t (usually) cost you anything.

So take that into consideration when creating your own pallet masterpiece. It is beautiful, rustic, and something almost everyone will love.

Create this chandelier ›

Step 2: Add the bulb

These little crystal balls own a tiny door in the side that opens, resembling a tiny super-glam liberace version of a death star.

Its extremely convenient for adding the bulb.

You just open that little door, thread the finish of the lamp cord through the top of the ball by the handle, and tug it taut, then add your bulb.

AAAAAAND you just wired a chandelier. Just love that.

The Solar Chandelier

This is another version of the solar chandelier. It is so you can own decorative outdoor lighting without any hassle of lighting candles or running electricity.

Plus, this one has a extremely thorough tutorial to assist you figure out how to create your own.

Create this chandelier ›

The Hula Hoop Chandelier

I really love this thought because it is so simple yet it looks so excellent.

You just put hula hoops inside each other.

Then you paint them and string a light inside of them for illumination. It shouldn’t cost a lot to create either.

Create this chandelier ›

Step 3: Hang it

Before we did this step, we spray-painted the previously-white ceiling canopy with gold spray paint. Thread the lamp cord through the hole in the middle of the canopy, and hook the gold chain (included with the crystal ball) onto the canopy as well.

Then you wire it up just love any other light fixture and screw the canopy onto the ceiling. (Im being purposely vague and not saying specifically how to wire a light into your houses electrical system because if youre not already comfortable hanging light fixtures, you should probably just hire an electrician.

Electricity kills people, and Id love you to stick around. I ponder we own a excellent thing going.)

I extra-love the light it blings everywhere. My closet is so well-lit and I beautiful much dont leave it except by force.

But the genuine miracle here is that Andy believes crystal chandeliers in the closet are a excellent and normal thing. *Victorious fist-pump!*

Own you ever made a chandelier?

Did you ponder I hand-wired every those little crystals myself? Aint nobody got time, yo.

P.S.: Check out every our other DIY light fixtures correct here!

The Tea Cup Chandelier

My mother-in-law used to make these chandeliers. They were really beautiful, and you can even change the design a little.

For instance, she made her chandeliers to glance love they were pouring something from the teapot into the teacup.

Create this chandelier ›

DIY Birdcage Chandelier

This birdcage chandelier is really awesome.

They hung it upside below and made it glance love a birdcage that was actually in use.

So if you own an ancient birdcage, don’t throw it out. Instead, recreate this beautiful chandelier that is certain to catch every guest’s eye.

Create this chandelier ›

The Mason Jar Chandelier

We made a similar version of this to go over our counter space in our kitchen.

Diy chandeliers and light fixture ideas

It was beautiful simple to do and extremely inexpensive.

But if you are unsure how to even get started, there is a grand tutorial to assist you along with the process.

Create this chandelier ›

The Wreath Hanger Chandelier

This chandelier actually looks really cool. It is made from a wreath hanger and is wrapped in tulle.

Then they hang lights from it to catch everyone’s eye. It appears to be inexpensive and really gorgeous.

Create this chandelier ›

The Bicycle Chandelier

Do you own ancient bicycle wheels, and you aren’t certain what to do with them? Don’t throw them. Instead turn them into a beautiful chandelier.

However, hold in mind, that you might need some wiring experience to tug this off.

Diy chandeliers and light fixture ideas

But with the correct assist, you could own these wheels hanging from your ceiling in no time.

Create this chandelier ›

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There was a time in his life when my husband wouldve balked at the thought of a crystal chandelier in a closet.

He wouldve said that it doesnt make any sense chandeliers are for dining rooms! and why dont you just use one of those nice boob lights?

(He wouldnt own known the term boob light at that time either, but if he had, he wouldve happily enjoyed any occasion to use it.)

I consider it a grand and mighty achievement that, almost nine years into marriage, he didnt even blink when I told him I wanted a fancy chandelier in my closet makeover.

His only response was, Okay, desire to attempt to make one?

BAM. Brainwashing mission complete.

After one chandelier attempt fail, we emerged victorious with this guy:

It every started when I found these crystal ball chandeliers at Horchow.

I liked them, but I wanted something a little more gold and a little less FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.

This Marmont Pendant from Serena and Lily was much closer, but I still wanted a little more bling, and there was just no way a $ closet light fixture was happening in this house.

My little chandy came out to a measly little $60, and is full-on BLINGIN CRYSTAL.

I thought and thought for a endless time about how we could make a crystal ball love that.

How would you string crystals through metal love that without knowing anything about welding? My conclusion: uhhhh, beats me.

Remember my DIY capiz shell chandelier? Its made from a capiz shell tea light holder which we rigged up to the ceiling. (See how here.)

So I went off hunting for another tea light holder that looked love the crystal balls and found these guys:


Diy chandeliers and light fixture ideas

I loved them, so I ordered one sight-unseen, with fingers tightly crossed that it would work out. Not-exactly-a-spoiler-alert: it did.

The Tree Branch Chandelier

This is a super cool thought and appears to be less expensive as well. You could use this chandelier in any area of your home.

And though it doesn’t own a written tutorial, it does own pictures to assist you along with the creative process.

Create this chandelier ›

The Doily Chandelier

This chandelier is a really tidy design.

You create it helpful of love you do paper mache. You blow up a balloon and put the doilies every over them.

Then when they hold their shape, you pop the balloon. It then becomes your doily chandelier.

Create this chandelier ›

Now that you own over 30 options of DIY chandeliers, you should be capable to add a little something special to any area in your home.

But I’d love to know, own you ever made a DIY chandelier before? What helpful did you make?

Any pointers you can give to those that are new at this?

We love hearing from you so be certain to drop us a line in the comment section below.

The Hoop Chandelier

This chandelier is created by using a hoop and then lighting it with battery operated Christmas lights. You then need a hanging mechanism.

As you can tell it is beautiful simple to figure out. Hopefully, it will light up your dining room and make it a more enjoyable put to gather.

Create this chandelier ›

Diy chandeliers and light fixture ideas

The Cardboard Chandelier

This is another grand temporary chandelier. It is made of cardboard so I don’t see it lasting endless term.

But if you’d love to create a chandelier for a party decoration, then you could follow this tutorial and create a chandelier that is extremely inexpensive.

Create this chandelier ›

The Outdoor Candle Chandelier

So you enjoy eating exterior, do you?

Then create a nice dining space that you’ll enjoy every the more. You can do this by adding a nice table, chairs, and this adorable outdoor candle chandelier.

But the best part is that there is a tutorial to show you how to go about creating this masterpiece. Now you can make your space exactly the way you desire.

Create this chandelier ›

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Weve been working on a few home projects this week, until tardy at night. Sweet little Connor has asked for almost a year now for his room to finally be painted hooray, its almost done.

Just a bit of touch up paint around the edges and were ready to actually set up his room. His mattress has just been laying on the floor and nothing has really had a put. So, its not really his fault when I enquire him to clean his room and he just shoves things in little nooks and crannies, is it? There hasnt been much order in his room I guess were to blame. Ack, sorry buddy! But he is beyond thrilled to finally own a put for everything. Thats what the weekend holds for us everything back into his room.

I kinda go back and forth with what Im working on and sharing here on the blog. A little bit of sewing, then some home decor, a bit of painting, then I get excited to make baby items, then a few kid clothing pieces, and then back to painting, etc.

Oh geein some ways Im extremely type A.

Diy chandeliers and light fixture ideas

In other ways, Im extremely type, uh.Z??

But Ive been looking around for DIY Chandeliers and own found the cutest ideas around the internet. (Not for his room, but for other spaces in our home.)  So, I had to share.

Some of them are far cheaper than purchasing a brand new chandelier or fixture. And sometimes thats every you need to perk up a room or living space. Maybe some of these will spark an thought for you too.



 Sassy Red Chandelier by Its Just Laine

Fabric Garland Chandelier by A Beautiful Mess

Mason Jar Chandelier by Nest of Bliss

Beaded Chandelier by Gus and Lula

Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier by Brenna at Paper & Ink

Painting Ancient Chandeliers by Make It and Love It

Mason Jar Chandelier by Kara Paslay Designs

Bead and Ruffle Chandelier by Garage Sales R Us

Vintage Brass Chandelier by Craft and Couture

DIY Orb Chandelier by Ador By Melissa

Jute Cording Chandelier by I Love That Blog

Paint Swatch Chandelier by Hey Gorgeous Events

DIY Brass Chandelier by One Kings Lane

Ping Pong Ball Pendant Lamp by Poppytalk

Industrial Cage Pendant Light by Simplicity in the South

Steel Pipe Chandelier by Something is Done

Beaded Chandelier by Makely

Wood Bead Chandelier by Tatertots and Jello

Pom Pom & Hoop Chandelier by A Blog Full of Weldons

Work Light Chandelier by Likainen Parketti

 Painted and Beaded Chandelier by How Does She

Wine Bottle Pendant Light Chandelier by DIY Network

Bead and Jute Chandelier by Simply Salvage

Mini Lamp Shade Chandelier by The Hometrotter

Hanging Bulb Chandelier by Ruffled Blog

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Glossary of terms

Adam style
A neoclassical style, light, airy and elegant chandelier – generally English.
The light-bearing part of a chandelier also sometimes known as a branch.
Arm plate
The metal or wooden block placed on the stem, into which the arms slot.
A bag of crystal drops formed by strings hanging from a circular frame and looped back into the middle underneath, associated especially with early American crystal and regency style crystal chandeliers.
A turned wood or moulded stem forming the axis of a chandelier, with alternating narrow and bulbous parts of varying widths.
A glass drop with a hole drilled correct through.

Bobèche A dish fitted just under the candle nozzle, designed to catch drips of wax.

Also known as a drip pan.

Branch Another name for the light-bearing part of a chandelier, also known as an arm.

Candelabra Not to be confused with chandeliers, candelabras are candlesticks, generally branched, designed to stand on tables, or if large, the floor.

Candlebeam A cross made from two wooden beams with one or more cups and prickets at each finish for securing candles.

Candle nozzle The little cup into which the finish of the candle is slotted

Canopy An inverted shallow dish at the top of a chandelier from which festoons of beads are often suspended, lending a flourish to the top of the fitting.

Cage An arrangement where the central stem supporting arms and decorations is replaced by a metal structure leaving the centre clear for candles and further embellishments.

Corona Another term for crown-style chandelier

Crown A circular chandelier reminiscent of a crown, generally of gilded metal or brass, and often with upstanding decorative elements.

Crystal Glass with a chemical content that gives it special qualities of clarity, resonance and softness, making it especially suitable for cutting. For example, lead crystal.

Drip pan The dish fitted just under the candle nozzle, designed to catch drips of wax. Know also as a bobèche.

Drop A little piece of glass generally cut into one of numerous shapes and drilled at one finish so that it can be hung from the chandelier with a brass pin.

A chain drop is drilled at both ends so that a series can be hung together to form a necklace or festoon.

Dutch Also known as Flemish, a style of brass chandelier with a bulbous baluster and arms curving below around a low hung ball.

Festoon An arrangement of glass drops or beads draped and hung across or below a glass chandelier, or sometimes a piece of solid glass shaped into a swag. Also known as a garland.

Finial The final flourish at the extremely bottom of the stem. Some Venetian glass chandeliers own little finials hanging from glass rings on the arms.

Hoop A circular metal support for arms, generally on a regency-styles or other chandelier with glass pieces.

Also known as a ring

Montgolfière chandelier Chandelier with shape of «montgolfière», the early French boiling air balloon

Moulded The process by which a glass piece is shaped by being blown into a mould

Neoclassical Style chandelier Glass chandelier featuring numerous delicate arms, spires and strings of ovals rhomboids or octagons.

Panikadilo Gothic candelabrum chandelier hung from centres of Orthodox cathedrals’ domes.

Prism A straight, many-sided drop

Regency Style chandelier A larger chandelier with a multitude of drops. Above a hoop rise strings of beads that decrease in size and attach at the top to form a canopy. A bag, with concentric rings of pointed glass, forms a waterfall beneath. The stem is generally completely hidden.

Soda glass A type of glass used typically in Venetian glass chandeliers. Soda glass remains «plastic» for longer when heated, and can therefore be shaped into elegant curving leaves and flowers. Refracts light poorly and is normally fire polished.

Spire A tall spike of glass, circular in section or flat sided.

To which arms and decorative elements may be attached, made from wood, metal or glass.

Tent A tent shaped structure on the upper part of a glass chandelier where necklaces of drops attach at the top to a canopy and at the bottom to a larger ring.

Venetian A glass from the island of Murano, Venice but generally used to describe any chandelier in Venetian style.

Waterfall or Wedding Cake Concentric rings of icicle drops suspended beneath the hoop or plate.


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    Rice. Designing Camelot: The Kennedy White Home Restoration. Van Nostrand Reinhold: ISBN

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A chandelier in one of the Durga Puja pandals in West Bengal, IndiaOne of the largest chandeliers in the world ever produced for the Al Ameen Mosque in Muscat (Oman) shortly before delivery.

Do you remember when chandeliers were only appropriate if you live in a super fancy house?

Well, the times are changing and that isn’t the case any longer. Truthfully, the more rustic a chandelier looks the more ‘in’ it is correct now.

So if you’ve always wanted a chandelier, know that the sky is the limit. You can make them yourself, put them anywhere you desire (even the bathroom), and your home will be every the rage.

Which is why I’m bringing you some of the coolest chandelier ideas available on the internet. Some will show you how to make the chandelier, while others will just be for inspiration.

But I’m certain you’ll discover at least one that you love.


The expression chandelier was first known in the English language in the , borrowed from the Ancient French expression candere, which comes from the Latincandelabrum.[3][4]

DIY Recycled TetraBox Lamp

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