Diy cheap bathroom flooring ideas

Diy cheap bathroom flooring ideas

Fitting your bathroom out with the most authentic traditional sanitaryware can be expensive. For example, nothing looks the part in a traditional bathroom more than a freestanding, cast-iron bath, but the cost implications of buying one and potentially having to reinforce the floor for fitting, can be prohibitive. A clever alternative would be to go for a high-quality acrylic roll-top, which costs as little as a few hundred pounds, but creates the same classic look.

If you discover this to be the case, don’t feel tied to heritage brands – draw on designs from history and stir and match more affordable pieces to create your own style.

Remember that bathrooms weren’t even installed in some homes until the start of the 20th century so true authenticity often can’t be achieved (unless you convert the room back into a bedroom, of course).

Reclaimed sanitaryware can be picked up for a steal from home clearances, online auction sites or salvage yards.

Diy cheap bathroom flooring ideas

Just make certain you aren’t opening a can of worms but trying to install something that will demand extensive alterations to your plumbing, or a piece that requires resurfacing to be functional. Re-enamelling an ancient bath can cost at least £

Choose affordable bathroom tiles

When it comes to choosing bathroom tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles are highly practical for the bathroom and need no further upkeep once installed, unlike genuine rock tiles, which they are capable of realistically replicating at a more affordable price.

Save more money by only tiling areas with a splash risk, but if you need to tile large areas, select a quality, budget tile, then add interest in smaller areas with feature tiles.

Using hand-finished tiles sparingly will give an artisan glance to the space.

Diy cheap bathroom flooring ideas

You can then use less-expensive tiles for greater expanses. Attempt mixing in plain tiles in two or three diverse tones for a characterful country look.

In some cases, ancient tiles can be spruced up with tile paint. Painting tiles is an simple DIY occupation, but it is recommended that you replace tiles where possible to ensure a professional-looking finish.

Work with the bathroom you’ve got

The first law of renovating any room on a budget is to salvage whatever you can from the current design. This could potentially save you £££s in replacing items that are serviceable but just need a little TLC.

However, don’t hold something if it will own a cost impact in another way.

Diy cheap bathroom flooring ideas

For example, it might be cheaper to replace a whole bathroom suite than attempt to discover replacements to match one another.

The most significant thing though is to attempt to maintain the existing plumbing layout if possible. Hold the waste and water inlets as they are and attempt to put sanitaryware accordingly to hold plumbing costs below. Acquainting yourself with the rudiments of bathroom plumbing can assist you make the correct choices for your budget, too.

Plan ahead to cut costs on a bathroom remodel

Plan the order of works well so that you don’t own to redo or undo work.

Diy cheap bathroom flooring ideas

Wiring and plumbing issues need resolving before you start installing cabinets, flooring and wall finishes.

Ahead of your project, hold an eye out for deals on big-ticket items such as baths and tiles.

Choose sanitaryware on a budget

Other than shopping around online or waiting for sales, what can you to do maximise savings on sanitaryware?

When it comes to choosing bathroom sinks, a pedestal model or wash-stand, which has legs, is generally less expensive than a vanity unit or cabinet and makes a striking standalone piece.

If you need more storage space than this type of sink can offer, add simple shelves to an alcove and supplement with smaller bathroom storage solutions such as baskets, caddies and hooks.

To make savings, you may be tempted to stir and match sanitaryware from diverse brands. This can work where styles are similar, but do check the colours extremely closely, as not every whites are the same.

Diy cheap bathroom flooring ideas

This also goes for adding a pristine new item into an existing, slightly ageing suite.

If you are buying the fittings for your builder to install, before purchasing double check the practical matters, such as changing an old-fashioned high-level cistern over to one that is shut coupled, or if the position of bathroom taps and/or waste is due to change. Moving taps and waste pipes will involve additional work and expense.

Diy cheap bathroom flooring ideas

Our plumbing guide will give you a better thought of what might be involved.

Take on bathroom renovation work yourself

Take on DIY tasks that you feel confident with, but leave anything that involves the cutting or adjustment of expensive materials to a professional.

Enhanceyour shower at a low cost

Upgrading the shower to a more efficient and powerful model will heighten the sense of luxury, but can be expensive.

You may be capable to get away with just changing the shower head for a larger, more aerated model.

However if your current shower is underpowered, you may need to add a pump, or switch a gravity-fed system for an electric shower. Both will require the assist of an electrician.

Diy cheap bathroom flooring ideas

Discover out more about choosing the correct shower.