Diy chest of drawers ideas

Here’s a grand storage bench made from the top of an ancient piece and spare table legs.

Roadkill Piece into Bench

A Curb Discover into Bench

An Ancient Tall Chest of Drawers makes a grand Media Center

Remove drawers to make a media cabinet

Hall Table

By cutting away the bottom portions of an ancient one, a new hall table was born!

Old Buffet into Media Center

You may call this a buffet, but now it’s a media middle holding lots of craft items in the living room.

Expand your storage options 

A grand tip for storage is to go UP—adding height and additional storage allows more room for grand storage.

Storage Bench

This MDF 80’s furniture was in need of some serious TLC.

Diy chest of drawers ideas

It had water damage to the bottom, but I knew it could live out it’s life as a fabulous new bench.