Diy chocolate gift box ideas

The ROYCE’ Sweet Assortment is a cute, compact box of our limited Valentine’s Day selections and long-time favorites, including: Pure Chocolate “Milk,” Chocolate Wafers “Caramel Cream,” Gateau Ganache, and Graham Choco Cookie. This little box is full of variety and wealthy chocolate flavors, making it a perfect chocolate present box not just for your special someone, but also for friends, family, and even yourself!

Our Valentine’s Day selections are exclusively available in-store at our US boutiques.

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Picking out the perfect Christmas present is hard work, so why select one when you can give many?

Diy chocolate present box ideas

The following DIY Christmas basket ideas permit you to create a totally personalized present for your friends and family members. Whether you’re in the market for a present for Mom (hello, pedicure basket!), a present for Dad, a present for your sibling, or hostess gifts for every the Christmas parties you’re going to, there’s something in here that will please anyone on your list.

No matter what you’re looking for, one thing’s for sure: These themed Christmas present baskets are stuffed to the brim with presents the fortunate recipient will actually use.

From kid-friendly baskets packed with boiling chocolate and ice cream sets, to more adult options that include a mimosa kit and kitchen essentials, you’ll soon discover that present giving just got a whole lot easier. Not to mention, these Christmas basket ideas also eliminate the need for wrapping paper (meaning you don’t own to annoy to study how to wrap a gift!). And because you can DIY these presents, the cost of the present is completely up to you. By the time you’re finished, you might just desire to ditch the present wrap and stocking stuffers altogether and opt for the following Christmas basket ideas.


“Perfect teacher gifts.

I purchased several boxes as finish of year gifts for my sonʼs caregivers. The chocolates themselves are beautiful and well presented. The cause is one that resonates with our family and will be appreciated by every who get these as gifts.“

Harriett J.

“Absolutely delicious!,

I recently ordered some of these chocolates for work and they were so yummy that I had to order these ones for my boyfriends birthday. He absolutely loved them. These chocolates are such a high quality and you get to support an amazing cause at the same time. Will definitely be ordering lots more in the future.“

Zozi G.

“Superb chocolates

This was my first purchase from Harry Specters and it won’t be my final.

They were yummy and beautifully made chocolates, amongst the best I own tasted. I will definitely purchase them again, and it’s a bonus to know that my money is going towards employing people who otherwise would own difficulty getting employment. A grand cause and grand chocolates!“

Sharon M.

“Surprise for my Dad as a thank you.

Took a risk with purchasing these gorgeous looking chocolates. Wasn’t certain if my dad would love the combination of flavours but I wanted something diverse for him. He has done so much for my son and I while my mum was in hospital They reach at his home on the day i’d hoped which was fab.

Dad was totally lost for words as they looked amazing. He Video called me and my son and I could see he was overwhelmed. I must tell I didn’t even get a glance in. Him and mum own enjoyed a few each every evening. I’m so so pleased I ordered these. Thank you Harry’s for making a special surprise possible.“

Sally B.

“Excellent as ever!

Bought Divine Nine as a congratulatory present for my daughter. The chocolates were delivered promptly, beautifully packaged and yummy. We own been using Harry Specters for every our chocolates for ages. And would not go anywhere else! Grand cause too“

When someone you love is ill or going through a hard time, a get well present can mean the world to them.

Diy chocolate present box ideas

But it can be hard to know how to assist. We own compiled more than 100 grand get well present ideas to assist you decide the best way to show you care.

Browse a specific category by clicking on any of the quick links below:

Get Well Gifts For Her

1.Flowers. Flowers brighten a home and bring life to any room. Attempt your hand at DIY flower arranging to make the act even more thoughtful. And although flower are a classic present, sometimes its nice to stir it up with something more unique.

2. Present basket. Create the perfect DIY present basket for any occasion by adding a package of items to read, watch, eat, wear, or soothe.


Present box. For a DIY present box just for grandparents, ponder about including printed photos, a handwritten letter, and other sentimental items they can appreciate for years to come.

4. Teddy bears.

Diy chocolate present box ideas

Gift a teddy bear so your loved one will always own a cuddle buddy, or send a Get Well Soon Finger Puppet from Finger Puppets Inc. for something on the smaller scale.

5. Balloons. Add cheer to your loved one’s space with enjoyment and colorful balloons.

6. Letters. Snail mail still has its merits, so get out your stamps and start writing.

7. Handwritten notes. Use some beautiful note paper to make your letter additional special.

8. New blanket. Cozying up in a unused new blanket is the ultimate comfort.

9. Aromatherapy candle.

Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, so your loved one will always associate this present with your thoughtfulness.

10. Little plants.

Diy chocolate present box ideas

Choose a houseplant that requires little care for best results.

11. Bath bombs. Bath bombs or bath salts from Ancient Factory Soap are the ultimate relaxation technique to assist your loved one unwind.

12. Shower sprays. For a relaxing, invigorating shower, attempt Travertine Spa’s steam shower spray.

13. Essential oils/Diffuser. Check out Frankie and Myrrh for ideas on how to cure any number of ailments with the assist of essential oils.

14. Adult coloring books. Try gifting a beautiful version from Skyhorse Publishing.

15. New dishes. Eating will be even more enjoyable with beautiful new plates or bowls.


Bracelets/Jewelry. For an additional special piece of jewelry, consider a birthstone galaxy charm from Chamilia.

17. New journal. Your loved one may desire to record this time of life in a nice journal.

18. Pen and pencil set. While you’re at it with getting a journal, consider adding a pen and pencil set to finish any get well gifts for her.

19. Photo album. Capture happy memories with a high-quality photo album from Album Envy.

20. Digital photo frame. Since printing photos is hard in today’s digital age, upload them every to a digital photo frame and present it to someone you love.

Or, get the benefits of printing without the hassle by trying a photo printing texting service love NanaGram.

21. Decorative objects. If your loved one has an empty shelf in the home, add to the decor with a luxurious candle, unique sculpture, or other decorative objects.

22. Wreath. Your friend will love greeting guests with a cheery wreath in any season.

23. Comfortable clothing.

When lounging around the home for endless periods of time, your loved one will feel more comfortable in new sweats or pajamas.

24. Stuffed animals. Comforting stuffed animals are one of the best get well present ideas after surgery.

25. Sleeping masks. Sleeping masks make for unique get well gifts to assist your loved one get some much-needed rest.

26. A painting kit. Painting can be therapeutic when someone is feeling down.

27. Framed inspirational quote. Easily personalize a print with the assist of Poster Haste.

28. Relevant holiday decoration. If it’s shut to a special holiday, consider gifting seasonal decor.


Inspirational calendar. Help a friend get organized and feel inspired with a unique and motivational calendar.

30. Handheld massager. Offer the present of relaxation with a handheld massager.

31. Warm/Fuzzy socks. Both a slipper and a sock in one, fuzzy socks are the perfect comfort gift.

32. Decorative rocks/stones. Offer a Loving Memory Garden Rock with a personalized message.

33. Netflix/Hulu subscription. Let your loved one own a TV show binge session with a Netflix subscription.

34. Playlist of new music. Your loved one will appreciate the time you spent crafting the perfect playlist on Spotify.


Aromatherapy face mask. Who wouldn’t love to hydrate their skin with a fancy face mask?

36. New pillow. Add a silk pillowcase from Sleeping in Silk for the ultimate comfort.

37. Meditation book. Bring a calming spirit to your friend’s life by teaching the art of meditation.

38. Box of aromatherapy soap. Choose a unique scent your friend will love!

39. Basket of household cleaners and sanitizers. Offer a basket of household cleaners to assist them stay on top of the messes, and include some fancy products to assist them enjoy the process more. We love toxin-free scented sprays.


Favorite magazines. Your present will hold giving every year if you sign up for a magazine subscription on behalf of a friend.

41. Nice lotion. This is a grand present especially in the wintertime, when the air tends to be drier.

42. Incense. Bring in an exotic element with incense from around the world.

43. Fleece shawl or wrap. A girlfriend will love wrapping up in a cozy, wearable fleece.

44. Present card to favorite drink put. Whether your loved one is a Starbucks junkie or prefers Diet Coke, give the present of a tasty beverage present card.


Personal heater/heated blanket. If it’s a freezing month, a heated blanket will be the best present you could offer!

ROYCE’ Collection “Valen”

Our most romantic chocolate present yet, the ROYCE’ Collection “Valen” comes packaged in a striking red and heart-adorned box and contains a wide selection of our most decadent confections. Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate “Venezuela Bitter” over a glass of red wine, or indulge in the Baton Cookies “Coconut” and “Hazel Cacao” with mugs of boiling coffee.

Get Well Soon Gifts For Him


Favorite book/things to read. Pass on one of your favorite novels, or get creative with a personalized book for adults from I See Me.

47. Audiobooks. Audible has an amazing selection of books that can be downloaded in an instant.

48. Brain teasers, puzzles, & games. Try Alexa-connected travel board games for your ultra-techy friends.

49. Card caddy. For the more traditional non-techy folks attempt a card caddy from Narrows Hill.

50. Offering yard or housework assist. Serve your friend by raking leaves or mowing the lawn.

51. Visit from a pet or animal. Don’t own a furry friend?

Rent one for truly memorable get well gifts for him.

52. Nice pair of headphones. If you own a friend or loved one who is into music, pick a nice pair of headphones to give them an even better listening experience. Or you could even attempt a pair of SleepPhones from AcousticSheep to give them a better night of rest.

53. New ties. Ties are the classic present for any man, even when they’re feeling under the weather.

54. Boxed coin set. Boxed coins are a grand present for someone who loves vintage items or history.

55. Movies.

Keep your loved one entertained with the best new movie on demand.

56. Comic books. Bring a grin to someone’s face with a enjoyment comic book.

57. Decorative mug. A golfer would love a mug in the shape of a golf bag from

58. Getting organized. You could give the present of getting organized from Everything In Its Put, if your friend isn’t a large golfer.

59. Jar of hard candies. If your friend has a sore or dry throat, they’ll especially love sucking on some hard candies.


Diy chocolate present box ideas

New slippers. Quality slippers will final for years and make your loved one ponder of you every time they wear them.

61. New filtration water bottle. Choose a grand filtration water bottle for a unused way to quench thirst.

62. Favorite movie or superhero shirt. Wax nostalgic by gifting a T-shirt referencing an ancient movie or superhero.


Diy chocolate present box ideas

Book of jokes. Discover a grand book of jokes to lighten the mood, and you could even throw in a fake rat from Gifted Rat.

64. Smartphone handset: A Bluetooth-enabled banana phone will give your friend a giggle while they open it.

65. New watch. You’ll assist your friend stay on top of the time with a new wristwatch.

66. Soft robe. Men appreciate a grand, cozy robe just as much as women!

67. Backrest pillow. Ease back pain with this convenient pillow.


Lapdesk for laptop. Make working from home easier with a lapdesk.

69. Favorite movie character accessories. Pinterest has grand inspiration on enjoyment movie character accessories.

70. New fan. Help a loved one cool below with a quality standing fan.

A MUM has wowed fellow parents on after showing off her incredible DIY chocolate hamper.

Explaining she made the chocolate box using just a deal discover from Poundland, the mum revealed it would also work for alcohol and toys — depending on who it's for.

Writing on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group, she said: "I made this chocolate box.

"Pick a strong quality box from Poundland, this one is massive and £5 or the Card Factory, you can get the little ones for £1."

In the clip, the mum lifts the lid of the box revealing a hamper filled to the brim with chocolate.

Explaining how she made it, she said: "Cut the sides, poke two little holes in the lid and add ribbon.

"Get some chocolate stick it down!

Or could use candles alcohol or toys what ever you want!

"It would make the perfect present for a loved one… Merry Xmas!"

Inside the hamper, the box was filled with every chocolate lover's dream, including huge bars of Cadbury and even an entire tin of Freddos.

The mum had also lined the edges of the box with Kinder bars as well as crunchies and fudge bars.

So far the post has had over 5,000 likes and over 2,000 comments from mega impressed social media users desperate to recreate the same idea.

One tagged her pal and wrote: "Please, I beg you to make me this!"

Another wrote: "I'm defo doing this instead off buying them selection boxes."

Will you be trying it?

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We also revealed one mum was outraged after restaurant staff brand her two-year-old daughter ‘terrifying’ on her bill.

And we showed you how an exhausted dad pokes enjoyment at endless list of tasks on daughter’s school newsletter by writing his own hilarious version.

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Love is Love a Box of Chocolates: ROYCE’ Valentine’s Day Present Boxes

by ROYCE' ChocolateFebruary 11, 2019

Love is as multifaceted and surprising as a box of chocolates, which must be why chocolate boxes are such favorite and essential Valentine’s Day gifts! Treat your sweetheart to luxury chocolates with special ROYCE’ Valentine’s Day present boxes:

ROYCE’ Pure Chocolate “Venezuela Bitter and Milk”

The ROYCE’ Pure Chocolate “Venezuela Bitter and Milk” is packaged in a limited edition Valentine’s Day box. This simple, pure milk and dark chocolate stir is an ideal present for anyone who prefers an uncomplicated taste of luxury.

Chocolate Selection “ROYCE’ Sweet Season”

Celebrate this sweet season with this sweet selection of Japanese-style chocolates.

This present box includes a enjoyment, charming assortment of chocolates and salty snacks. Among the numerous offerings, this box includes sweet and salty favorites such as our Popcorn Chocolate “Original,” Potechi Crunch Chocolate, and Bar Chocolate “Nut”.