Diy christmas gift ideas tumblr

Staying with your friends or relatives this Christmas?

You can definitely make any hostess elated with this best DIY Christmas present for friends. It is one of the best handmade present ideas for Christmas.

Any hostess will discover it pleasant enough to open his/her door for you while receiving a beautiful box full of peppermint blondies.

How to make it?

The recipe for this mouthwatering Christmas present for kids and even everyone else in the family is extremely simple. Preheat an oven to degrees F and butter a by-9 inch baking pan. Make certain to line it with a parchment paper.

Now, whisk butter granulated sugar, eggs, brown sugar, 1 tbsp vanilla, and peppermint extract in a bowl until completely combined.

Further, whisk a few other ingredients love flour, baking powder, and salt in a separate bowl.

Finally, stir the flour mixture and butter mixture together rigorously until combined.

Diy christmas present ideas tumblr

Now, stir in the chocolate and spread the batter in the prepared pan. Bake until they are golden brown for 30 to 35 minutes.

Diy christmas present ideas tumblr

Lift the blondies from parchment paper and cut them into 18 squares.

You need to line a kraft paper box with striped wax tissue paper and put the blondies within it. Shut it and wrap the exterior with decorative paper to give the final touch to this DIY Christmas present for friends.

Snow Globe Cookie Jar

It can be one of the best Christmas gifts for her if your girl is a creative person.

Diy christmas present ideas tumblr

The artistic glance of this present will definitely leave an amazing impact on her.

How to make it?

The process is beautiful simple. Use a fine-tipped brush to paint some white tiny dots on the outer surface of a quart Hermetic Storage Jar.

Now, let the bottom of the jar be filled up with snowball cookies. Further, put some little trinkets made of plastic inside to create a vignette that is totally snow-globe-inspired.

Finally, give the ultimate touch to it while tying a present tag to the jar with ribbon.

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Cutting Board Spice Rack

You can repurpose an ancient cutting board here and make one of the best Christmas gifts for your mom.

Do the refurbishment here by using screws to attach little wooden cheese boxes to a rectangular cutting board.

Finally, repair a leather strap with it for hanging.

Diy christmas present ideas tumblr

Isn’t it one of the easiest handmade present ideas to make a Christmas gift?

Marble Vase

Do you desire to make a huge hostess DIY Christmas gift?

This marble vase can prove to be one of the best options. A beautifully decorated marble vase would be the most rightful DIY Christmas present for friends.

How to make it?

You own to first put a little pillar vessel inside a huge vase. Next, start filling the gaps between them with some beautiful red and white marbles.

Diy christmas present ideas tumblr

Finally, you own to just contrast this colorful set-up with a bunch of beautiful anemones, garden roses, etc.

Flavoured Salt Gift

When it comes to DIY Christmas present for him or her, attempt flavored salt present. It is certainly one of the most delightful ones.

If that special someone in your life is a beautiful savory person then you can make an assortment of salts as a striking food gift.

All that you need to do is just bottle in the jars, stick on the cute labels on them, and finally put them in a metal box with some shredded newspaper to be used for padding.

What are the directions?

First of every, divide the finished salt among four two-ounce jars and tighten the lids to seal.

Now, when it comes to packaging, fill around 4 tins with shredded paper in each tin and nestle six jars of diverse flavored salts within it.

You can go for every of the porcini salt, ancho salt, celery salt, lime-ginger salt, and curry salt.

DIY Fleece Blanket

Want to present your loved one a warm sleep on this Christmas?

Go for making a comfortable fleece blanket.

Start making it soon and the person whom you will give this present will definitely love it. In fact, it can be one of the best DIY Christmas gifts for kids.

How to make it?

Firstly, start with cutting the selvage edges of both the ends on your fabric. You need to ensure that you are making the cuts as straight as possible.

Further, just fold your fabric and make certain that the two edges are cut straightly.

Finally, you can fold the fleece in fourths while matching the corners.

Just hold in mind that you can trace a curve onto a corner and at final, cut a curved edge on every four corners.

That’s it!

DIY Wooden Picture Frame

Add a twist to the usual picture frame present with this simple handmade wooden frame.

Cut a block of wood and shape it into a square, picture-fit size, drill two holes at the top edge for the natural jute rope to go through.

Either carve the middle for the image or simply stick the picture to the surface, and voila!

It’s unique and one of a kind!