Diy christmas ideas for boyfriend

Diy christmas ideas for boyfriend

Idea from Pinterest 

Treasure Chest Box

Idea Source: Reddit (no instructions)

DIY Tie Blanket

Making an simple tie blanket is a cozy, simple and meaningful DIY present for your boyfriend! No sewing skills required other than adding a personalization with your initials or anniversary date.

You can even purchase tie blanket kits at the craft store and then use a boiling glue gun to add initials or patches.

Photo source: Pinterest (no pattern listed)

Add a sweet sign to a store bought gift

Guys and their shoes, it’s hard to beat a nice new pair of shoes as a present for him.

Why not add a thoughtful message along with your generous gift?

Photo from Pinterest

Easy DIY Leather Bracelet

These super nice leather bracelets definitely glance professional, yet are super simple and take less than one hour to make!

Diy christmas ideas for boyfriend

He’ll definitely be surprised by a cool bracelet he can wear. Maybe he’ll then get the hint he should be buying you jewelry too 😉

Find the project on All Free Jewelry Making

Easy DIY Pillow

Whatever your guy is into…turn it into a DIY pillow! Sammi Leanne made this adorable pillow for her bf that was obsessed with gaming.

Diy christmas ideas for boyfriend

Maybe when he can’t frolic his video games since he’s hanging with you, he can hug his gaming pillow instead lol.

Find the project on Sammi Leanne


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