Diy christmas light decorations ideas

Add twinkle lights to your hallway ceiling! Every things looks so MERRY BRIGHT! This will be a amazing thought for kids playroom or living rooms decoration as well. Details: Nest Of Posies-Blog

Christmas Ladder Tree with Colorful Fairy Lights

Find a ladder and hang ornaments on it and complement it with colorful Christmas lights! This thought is grand both for a corner decoration indoors and outdoors!

Diy christmas light decorations ideas

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Shooting Star Lights Display

These shooting stars were so inexpensive and simple to make and really striking in our create striking effect this holiday season in your yard. Tutorial: Martha Stewart

DIY Glowing Garland for Stairway Banister Decoration

Be crafty to add some Chirstmas lights and ornaments to the evergreen galand, the result turns out so festive for your decoration!

It is perfect for the stairway banister decoration! via On Sutton Place

Lighted Christmas Present Boxes for Exterior Decor

These lighted Christmas boxes offer a touch of vintage chic to any exterior decor this holiday season. Get full, step-by-step instructions: diy-vintage-chic

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Hanging Lights on a Genuine Tree

1) When working with a genuine tree, branches can be less uniform, therefore it is best to not wrap the lights around the tree.

Diy christmas light decorations ideas

Instead, weave them around the tree, working in triangular sections. Use an extension cord to join the first set of string lights, and work your way from the top of the tree to the bottom.

2) Weave the lights back and forth across the triangular section, placing them about inches away from the tip of the branches. For a more natural feel, put some lights a little closer to the tip, and others deeper into the tree. Make certain you aren’t overlapping cords, as this will create a messier glance.

3) When adding another string of lights, be certain to tuck the plug and unlit portion of the string into the core of the tree as to avoid the appearance of a gap in lights.

Continue this process every the way to the bottom.

*If your lights aren’t hanging from the branches how you’d love, you can hold the light in put by tying it to the branch with wire.

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Hanging Lights on an Artificial Tree

1) The process for hanging lights on an artificial Christmas tree are fairly similar to that of a genuine tree. It is generally slightly more simple due to the artificial tree’s uniformity.

2) If you desire to hold the lights on your artificial tree for the years following (an simple option), we recommend using the same top-to-bottom approach as with a genuine tree, but instead you should wrap lights around the branches to secure them to the tree.

Diy christmas light decorations ideas

This works best with mini string lights, and is not recommended if you are using large bulb or icicle lights.

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Christmas is correct around the corner. It is time to share your holiday spirit with your home decor. When it comes to Christmas decorating, the extremely first thing that we can do is creating a nice light display.

The colorful, sparkling and twinkling lights on the walls and edges of a home bring a festive glance to Christmas decorations and make your home glance love a palace! Decorating with lights for Christmas is a tradition and looks extremely unique as well. Electric string or fairy lights can add a romantic, festive and warm mood to our space or occasions and create a magical scene for Christmas!

Here we own a grand collection of awesome and unique light decoration ideas for Christmas, which will surely illuminate your holiday spirit, and delight your guests and neighbors!.

Diy christmas light decorations ideas

Take a glance at these creative ideas and give your favorite one a attempt this Holiday season!

DIY Lighted Branches

Bring a tree branch indoor, spray paint it and wrap it in lights! The lighted branches glance so appealing paired with the white tree branch draped in lights and the slanted “BELIEVE” sign leading up to the top of the cabinet and the tallest mini tree on the far left. It is also grand for outdoors decoration for this Christmas and winter.


Diy christmas light decorations ideas