Diy christmas wreath ideas

Now its time to get really creative and accessorise your wreath! In keeping with the country garden style, weve chosen to add whimsical twigs and lotus seed heads into this design, however you could select to add in non-floral decorations such as baubles, bows or dried fruit. Whatever finishing touches you select for your wreath ensure everything is securely attached to the design using florist wire.

Now your wreath is ready to display!

EXPERT TIP: Keep your wreath looking unused by regularly misting it with water. If being displayed outside, youll need to hold an eye on the weather and bring your wreath inside overnight if a frost or particularly freezing spell is forecast.

In this case it is best kept in a garage or shed never indoors where the central heating could cause blooms to fade prematurely. If kept in the correct conditions the flowers and foliage should be endless lasting, however you can always replace any blooms as they get past their best.

The most beautiful time of the year is here again, and we are less than a week away from the first Advent.

Diy christmas wreath ideas

Advent time is a period for the preparation of the Christmas celebration. Therefore, to make this time a truly memorable experience in terms of Family quality time, the WolliMolli team has gathered five lovely and heart-warming craft ideas to create together with your loved ones.

We wish you a amazing Christmas waiting time, and we are looking forward to your CRAFT creation stories. Please view the gallery of craft work ideas under the blog post.

Plate Christmas Wreath Craft
This paper plate Christmas Wreath craft thought is unique and simple for kids to create.

The whole family can be involved in its creation process, and it doesn’t require a lot of resources: paper plate, paint, green card stock, paper cutter, glue dots, scissors, and a stapler. You can use décor as an ornament for a mantle or doorknob, and it is an simple way to create a Christmas festivity spirit at home!

Instructions regarding the craft’s development process can be found here.

2. DIY Advent Calendar Inspiration

Advent month can’t be imaginable without the Advent calendar, which allows you and your loved ones to count days until Christmas with little surprises every day.

There is a wide variety of craft ideas available for Advent Calendars, which can be filled either by little presents, sweets, or kindness and family activities to do together.

Please discover DIY Advent Calendar inspiration can be viewed here.


Diy christmas wreath ideas

Santa Searchers Christmas Craft

Santas Searchers Christmas Craft thought is simple to create and will bring enjoyment and magic while waiting for Christmas. Christmas games can also accompany the DIY Christmas craft creation, for instance, searching the Santa Clause, printed Christmas elves, or little surprises hidden in the home. We believe that this is a grand craft for younger kids because it will contribute to creative development, and most of the supplies for craft’s creation you can discover in the home.

Enjoy the search for Christmas magic!

More information on the instructions on how to develop craft can be found here.

4. Christmas tree card craft

Advent time gives us an excellent chance to express gratitude and send personalized cards to each other. The Christmas tree card’’s craft is a beautiful and personalized Christmas card thought for kids and family to create. Kids can decorate the cards by adding sequins or their fingerprints, they can also record a little Christmas poem or message inside the card.

Please discover the instructions on how to make a craft here.

y lanterns craft

To conclude, Advent is a celebration of light and hope, therefore we would love to share DIY Advent lanterns thought as our today’s final holiday décor inspiration.

These lantern strands can be a Glowing Advent accessory for your home or a amazing present for Christmas preparation time for friends or colleagues. It is recommended that the project is developed by older children, because the wire cutters will be involved in crafts development process.

Please discover instructions how to create Holiday lanterns craft here.


Cut the stems of the chrysanthemums and roses short and at an angle and insert into the foam. Then add the waxflower, hydrangea, trachelium flowers and thistle in the same way, ensuring that you spread them evenly around the wreath.

EXPERT TIP: Attempt grouping clusters of two or three flowers together for visual impact.

Christmas Wreath Ideas

Frosty Winter Wreath

Add a touch of frost to your DIY wreath collection to sell to ensure people own a diverse choice of wreaths to purchase.

Diy christmas wreath ideas

These easy-to-make frosty winter wreaths are made by placing sticks, twigs and pinecones together to form a circular shape and then applying a light covering of white spray paint and a sprinkle of glitter.

Woolly Wreath

Another unusual DIY wreath thought is to make the decoration out of wool. Repurpose a woolly jumper that’s past its sell-by-date into a truly unusual and sellable item.

Bow Wreath

Another of the most delightfully diverse DIY Christmas wreath ideas, would be to sell bow wreaths. Turn your present wrapping, bow making skills into a desirable item to sell by attaching brightly-colored bows around a circular wreath template.

Bauble Wreaths

Be inventive with Christmas baubles and use this much-loved festive decoration to create a super-stylish, unusual wreath for people to hang in their homes with pride.

Gold Winter Wreath

Gold is a favorite festive color that can be used to decorate a wreath, so it radiates Christmas cheer.

Simply cover artificial leaves and flowers with a gold spray and add some gold glitter to create a wreath designed to sparkle this Christmas.

Bulb Wreaths

DIY Christmas wreaths to sell don’t own to be made from natural materials. On the contrary, Christmas wreaths made out of trendy items, such as vintage lightbulbs are likely to be a desirable item to purchase for anyone looking for a super-trendy and eye-catching festive wreath.

Mini Wreath

Wreaths don’t own to be large to make an impact.

Instead, focus on creating little wreaths. Buyers will adore them for their cute and distinct look.

Striped Ribbon Wreath

Appeal to buyers who struggle to attach a wreath onto their front door by making the decoration available with a striped ribbon attached to the wreath. Not only with the striped ribbon create an unusual contemporary glance, but it will also mean the wreath can be attached to a door or other type of surface with greater ease.

Bells and Bows Wreath

There’s nothing fairly love bells and bows to get people in the mood for Christmas.

Get creative with these beloved Christmas items by gluing bells and bows to a wreath made from artificial leaves to sell a decoration nobody will be capable to resist.

Festive Star Wreath

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without star decorations being strewn circular the home.

Diy christmas wreath ideas

One of the most effective DIY Christmas wreath ideas would be to capitalize on people’s love for star decorations by making a large star shape out of wire and then adorning it in Christmas delights such as mistletoe, red berries, and ivy.

Tartan Wreath

Tartan in traditional festive colors of greens and reds, never fail to create a festive impact at any home. Cater for the desire to embellish homes in tartan at Christmas by selling handmade tartan wreaths. Add an additional jingle onto the wreath by attaching two bells on the tartan.

Cotton Spool Wreath

One of the most unique and quirky Christmas wreath ideas is to make a decoration made out of cotton spools.

People won’t be capable to resist this cute-looking wreath made from vintage cotton spools, tied together with festive red ribbon.

White Christmas Wreath

White flowers offer one way to create a timeless, Christmassy vibe. For example, make a wreath that stands out by adorning it with artificial soft-white magnolia flowers. Surround that with bright-red Christmas berries. And finish the design with artificial burgundy hydrangeas.

Magnolia Wreath

One of the most effective Christmas wreath ideas is to make the decoration out of large, green and glossy magnolia leaves. These dark green leaves, which are fondly associated with the festive month, make the perfect complement to other Christmassy materials, such as fir and pinecones.

Straw Burst Wreath

Get super inventive with straws and make a wreath made from red and white straws so customers own a decoration that really turns heads when people pass by their front door.


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Why not get into the festive spirit by making a Christmas wreath, using evergreen foliage and berries from your own garden?

It’s extremely easy: lay bundles of greenery on a wreath base, wrap wire around stems to secure, overlap the previous one to hide wire and continue until you reach starting point (see step-by-step photos below).

Raid your garden, or the hedge rows, for some greenery: conifers, box and holly are ideal.

Personally I prefer using a mixture of diverse types of foliage. Always cut more than you ponder you’ll need – it’s surprising how much you finish up using.

For decoration use: conifer cones, rosehips, seed heads, berries, flowers (skimmia is particularly endless lasting), twigs and perhaps bundles of cinnamon or dogwood sticks. Dried orange slices and hydrangea flowers are beautiful but can go mouldy if the weather is wet.

You’ll also need:

  1. a reel of florist wire
  2. florist stubbing wire, or similar (for wiring pine cones, dried orange slices, berries etc)
  3. wire cutters
  4. a wreath base – ready made or make your own out of metal wire or flexible, bendy branches (willow being ideal).

    Remember, the thicker the base is, the more greenery you’ll need to hide it.

  5. secateurs

Prepare by cutting your materials to size (the bundles of greenery will need to be in proportion to the frame) and separate them into piles.

Start by securing the finish of the florist wire to the frame. Wrap it around the frame four or five times, tug it tight and make certain it’s secure.

The wire remains uncut until you’ve gone full circle with the greenery.

Lay the first fan-shaped bundle on top of the wreath base and secure by wrapping the wire around the bundle a couple of times, pulling it tight so it’s firmly fixed into place.

Keep the wire taut.

Continue laying bundles, securing them as you go along, working your way around the frame. Make certain the base is hidden.

If you accidentally leave any gaps, these can easily be filled afterwards by adding a pine cone, berries or other decorations.

Make certain each bundle is overlapping the final one, to hide the wire.

To finish, tuck the final bundle under the first and secure the wire by wrapping it circular the wreath base several times, securing it before finally cutting the wire.

You can decorate the wreath afterwards by adding ribbon, wired pine cones, berries, dried orange slices and bundles of dogwood or cinnamon sticks.

How to wire a cone:

Use a length of florists stubbing wire (or similar), create a hook and wrap it around the cone, slipping it between the open scales (tightly closed cones make concealing the wire more difficult).

Twist the wire over itself to secure.

Once you’ve wired your decorations, and decided where you desire to put them, simply shove the wire through the wreath, tug tight and secure by pushing the finish into the wreath base.

Now you own a beautiful wreath to hang on your front door. Use ribbon, or make a loop of wire, to attach your wreath to a hook.

Nothing is guaranteed to get you more in the Christmas spirit than an afternoon spent wreath-making so get together with friends or family over a mince pie and own a go at making your extremely own door decoration.

Diy christmas wreath ideas

In this easy-to-follow tutorial we show you how to make a Christmas wreath thats certain to brighten up hearts and homes over the festive period. Would rather leave it to the experts?

Diy christmas wreath ideas

Take a glance at our Christmas wreath collection.

EXPERT TIP: Personalise your wreath by choosing flowers, colours and decorative accessories that complement your Christmas décor. If you desire to achieve a certain style such as vintage or traditional, enquire your local florist to recommend stems that will assist you create the glance.


Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut off pieces of spruce approximately 7 inches in length and remove the pine needles from the bottom inch of each sprig.

Next start to frame the foam wreath with the cut spruce, inserting each sprig at a slight angle and working in a clockwise fashion so that every the branches point in the same direction.

Diy christmas wreath ideas

Repeat with the eucalyptus until the surface of the wreath is well covered and there are no gaps where the foam is visible.

EXPERT TIP: To reduce the cost of creating the wreath why not see what seasonal foliage you can forage from your own garden?


Soak the wreath ring in water then put on a protected work surface, ready to get started.


Next you will need to create a hoop to hang your wreath from.

Diy christmas wreath ideas

To do this create a loop using florist’s wire and attach securely to the back of the foam wreath.

EXPERT TIP: When working on your wreath, remember that this will be the top of the design