Diy coffee table ideas

You need just the basic DIY coffee table plans to follow and use this simple step-by-step process:

  1. Put the tabletop together with wood glue and screws.
  2. Use your plans to measure and cut the wood.
  3. Choose the legs, which you can use pre-made (from the hardware store), or build them from 2x4s.
  4. Begin with the tabletop. Any sturdy wood (cedar, oak, and even pine) will do. Reclaimed wood or pallets are also popular.
  5. Use the wood stain and finish the top.

This basic process shows how simple it is to build a coffee table, and there are numerous more styles which you can create.

We list every of them next.

DIY Pipe Coffee Table

Industrial piping furniture are among our favorites because they combine the natural warmth with freezing industrial elements. The design of this unit has a lot of visual interest and can easily be the focal point of the living room. If you can build this gem yourself at home, thats every the better.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Make use of any reclaimed wood and recycled materials that you might own, and turn it into a unit thats filled with character. If the material is thick enough, then you should be capable to create a rectangular prism of a excellent length without adding a brace in the middle.

Add caster wheels for mobility.

DIY Factory Cart Coffee Table

Here is a excellent use for ancient fence pickets. Just cut them to size and turn them into a cart that can double as a movable table. There are wheels underneath for mobility and a rope handle on one side. Just be certain to clean and sand it to make the finished product glance better. You can use a unit on wheels in other rooms such as the kitchen, too.

DIY Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

This table will glance grand whether in a farmhouse or a modern home.

The splayed legs can be a little tricky, but those who own a miter saw should be capable to recreate them with angle adjustments. This project is suited to those with a bit of experience in doing creative DIY projects.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Going for a rustic piece of furniture gives you numerous options as you can reuse wood to get grand results. Pallets are perfect for little tables, for example.

DIY Lift-Top Coffee Table

This lift-top unit is as excellent looking as it is practical.

You can make this table using the base X tables plans from Ana White. The lifting top turns this unit into a makeshift little dining table.

DIY Spool Coffee Table

Repurposing material is fairly often the way to go, especially when an item already has the shape of a piece of furniture you desire. This piece made from an ancient cable spool is a grand example.

DIY Retro Coffee Table

This project turns an ancient abandoned table into an interior piece that is worthy of peoples attention. Since the structure is already finish, every thats needed is a bit of cleaning, painting, and decorating. In this example, the base was painted gold while the top was sprayed with white paint before book illustrations were layered onto the surface to get the retro look.

DIY Terrarium Coffee Table

Here is a excellent option for those with green thumbs.

Instead of buying a table and placing a potted plant on top, build your own that includes space for plants in the middle. The hollow portion can be filled with stones and succulents which are simple to care for. It makes a beautiful terrarium, or alternatively you can use it as a herb garden.

DIY Coffee Table with Storage

Any living room makeover would benefit from this stylish and functional piece. The top is made from stained birch plywood with a DIY storage area beneath the surface for books and trinkets.

It is supported by brass hairpin legs which are firm but not bulky.

DIY Wooden Coffee Table

You already own the tools, and now you need to get the 2x4s to get the occupation done. Consider the wood stain colors you are going to use, and make certain it is a color that will match numerous settings just in case there are furniture or carpet changes at some point.

DIY Industrial Coffee Table

Get free plans for this table that mixes industrial design with farmhouse sensibilities.

Its a grand beginners project with basic cuts and straightforward instructions. The base is a hollow rectangular prism painted in black made up of 22s. The top is a series of 14 boards that cover the entire piece.

DIY Mission Style Coffee Table

If you own a free weekend, then consider making this attractive table for your living room. It is as beautiful as it is functional yet not extremely hard to make. This is a excellent option if you own L-shape seating and wish to own a sturdy unit to relax your feet on.

DIY Balustrade Coffee Table

Build this Restoration Hardware inspired piece with balustrade legs.

You will not remorse the effort you put into it.

Diy coffee table ideas

Its a enjoyment project to do.

DIY Glass Coffee Table

Pallets make grand DIY projects with minimal work; the trick is making them glance attractive enough to be used in your decor. This thought to use a glass table top solves it brilliantly.

DIY Little Coffee Table

Designer furniture can undoubtedly turn heads, but their prices can also break the bank. This example costs a thousand dollars at retail, but you can get almost the precisely same thing much cheaper if youre prepared to roll up your sleeves.

DIY Suitcase Coffee Table

Heres how to upcycle an ancient suitcase into a unique and whimsical accent table.

It will become the feature of your interior in no time, and youll be proud to own made it yourself.

DIY Copper Coffee Table

Some copper pipe and a wooden board can make this beautiful minimalist piece of furniture with a touch of industrial style. It may be a bit tricky to cut and join the pipe, but with some effort, you can build a brilliant accent piece.

DIY Door Coffee Table

Repurposing projects are always a lot of enjoyment, so is this project made from an ancient door.

It also includes storage space, so it serves as more than just a surface. And of course, it has a lot of visual appeal for your home decor. Check out the detailed tutorial to discover out how its built.

DIY 24 Coffee Table

Being creative means, you can save a lot of work, such as using just a bunch of 24s to create this whimsical accent piece. Its quick to build, and it has a remarkable visual appeal.

DIY Square Coffee Table

Heres a piece that is meant to be an attraction. It has a modern square-shaped construction with clean lines and a glass top. Ornamental pieces can be placed on the top and at the bottom as can be seen from the illustration.

DIY Rustic Twig Coffee Table

This is a remarkably simple yet beautiful solution that makes use of dried tree branches and twigs.

Instead of throwing them away or leaving them to rot, why not turn them into a statement piece for your living room? Just pile everything together, bind with glue, and cut cleanly on each side to the desired length.

DIY Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Those who would love to inject a bit of personality into their interior furnishings can attempt this project. It features a stained wood top with a natural grain finish around the edges. In the middle is a geometric pattern that can be modified by the creator. Hairpin legs provide support from the corners.

DIY Modern Coffee Table

Moving to a smaller home often means having to discard ancient furniture and getting new ones that fit the current space.

For this project, a circular Scandinavian piece of furniture was constructed to replace an ancient rectangular train cart. It uses three Danish table legs for a sturdy, minimalist base.

DIY Pottery Barn Coffee Table

Inspired by Pottery Barn, this table features ample room underneath with an open shelf and three drawers. Buying it will set you back hundreds of dollars while building it would only cost a tenth of the original price. This works best for large living rooms given the size of the piece.

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

This table has a rugged base made up of 44 legs at each corner.

For added strength, these are reinforced on each side by an X-mark made of 2x4s. The tabletop is composed of several planks lying below to cover the entire area. Underneath is a narrower storage solution for better functionality.

DIY Tile Coffee Table

Clever use of materials makes building a table project a breeze. In this example, a wall or floor tile is being used as the surface (thats the simple part), and every you own to do is make the frame and legs for it.

DIY Mid-century Modern Coffee Table

Mid-century modern has a lot of design appeal with its strict lines and hairpin furniture legs. And while furniture love that is fairly pricey to get, you can build it for pennies on the dollar.

Just follow the tutorial for detailed plans.

DIY Sawhorse Coffee Table

Pallets can pile up in some homes.

Diy coffee table ideas

It makes sense to use it as raw material for various projects. For instance, why not turn the planks into a sawhorse table? This is grand for those who appreciate shabby chic furniture and own a endless narrow place.

DIY Wood Slab Coffee Table

This amazing slab table is one of our favorite projects. Its one of the easiest to build too because it takes just preparing the slab, applying a finish and adding hairpin legs that you can pick up in a hardware store. Put every things together, and youve got a unique and stylish table design.

DIY Industrial Coffee Table

If you can saw and screw pieces of wood together then you will quickly build this simple DIY project.

Apply diverse type of finish to the wood surface and the legs to get the brilliant industrial look.

DIY Rustic Coffee Table

If you love the rustic glance, then give this project a attempt. It features solid wooden table construction with a large top. However, there is no area under for books, magazines, and remote controls. The instructions are beautiful straightforward, and a lot of people own already shared their attempts.

DIY Circular Coffee Table

Those who are more willing to embrace experimental designs may desire to take a glance at this.

Diy coffee table ideas

It echoes the extremely modern minimalist aesthetic except that the surface is not as smooth as expected. Randomly arranged blocks add texture and visual interest.

PIP’s Console, Coffee, or Side Table(s) can be customized to fit your home decor and will be made by YOU. We supply the wood, tools, and instruction to assist you build a table, no experience necessary. You will leave with a raw wood table, ready to be finished to your taste at home!

Grab a ticket to stick around after the workshop for a quick and thorough, hands-on, 30 minute finishing techniques course to study how to finish your table.

We will give you the breakdown on how to make it farmhouse chic or sleek and modern as well as prepping and protective products and techniques, and a starter material kit to get you going.

Experience: Beginner

Tools: Miter saw (power and manual), Kreg Jig, power drill, wood clamps and brad nailer for coffee table

Attendees: Partners Allowed | Mandatory for 2 side tables

Price and Options:

  1. Coffee Table — $ — 21″ wide, ‘ endless, select height on site.

    Max height 24”

  2. Console/Bench — $ — 8″ OR 12″ wide table, select height and length on site. Max height 33″ | Max length 6’
  3. Large Circular or Square Coffee Table — $ — 37″ x 37″ or 36” in diamenter, select height on site. Max height 24”
  4. Side Table(s) — $90 for 1 table or $ for 2 tables, square or circular — Partner mandatory for 2 tables — 18″ wide, 24″ endless, select height on site. Max height 24″
  5. Finishing Techniques: +$30, includes hands-on instruction for prepping your table, basic instructions and recommended products for staining/painting and protective coats.

    This course comes with a sample set of sandpaper, gloves, staining pad, and practice block.

Customize your table by:

  1. Height

  2. Length/Depth (console only)

  3. Finish: Paint and/or Stain, sheen (at home)

Time Commitment: We propose reserving 3 hours to create your table, and 30 minutes for the Finishing Techniques Workshop directly following the first event.

Finishing at home: Depending on materials you own at home (paint brush, polyurethane, etc.) and your desired finish, the materials for finishing this project could cost you anywhere between $0-$50 and could take 1 hrs-3hrs to complete

Please Note:

  1. Partners optional | Partners mandatory for 2 side tables

  2. Attendees must be 18+ unless the event indicates otherwise

  3. Workshop tickets are nonrefundable.

    We offer a one time transfer or workshop credit if notified 48 hours ahead of the event.

    Diy coffee table ideas

    Visit ourFAQto study more

Event registration closes 48 hours before this workshop takes put, or until sold out

Wow, this coffee table is really an ancient friend, says David Schafer, founder of Studiomake Design Studio, who discovered the Dwells Tour site in Davids ancient loft in San Diego and was so fascinated that I went to see David, I knew it seems strange to be an obsession, but its not an ancient coffee table, its a cardboard table (if you are not certain which expert editors love dad, read it now.)

David and his wife, I do the coffee table when they both studied university architecture.

It was another class that made a large corrugated cardboard model, reminds David. When the dust had settled it was a large pile of scrap and cardboard, and as a forest salesman in my school, my occupation was to eliminate the mess, so we cut every parts of the waist, maximum smooth, glued together, one dough.

Although it is made of a material that is not considered particularly durable, the table has had a endless time.

Love this year. For a moment I sat at my high table as a table beside me, David says. When we moved to this room in San Diego, we put two rolls on a plywood board, which became the coffee table you see in the picture, and a friend ran his wine and gave it back. Another chance in life

The robustness of the coffee table was a pleasant surprise. We did nothing special to protect it (even if it could be treated with polyurethane or wax as Candid Gehrys Simple Edges furniture), but over time, the skates were extremely excellent, the edges softened and developed a skeleton surface, David says.

Diy coffee table ideas

When we went to school, we sold it on Craigslist, he says.

I ponder it went to a excellent home. We are happy to announce that you do not own to be an architectural student to create a similar cardboard table.

Diy coffee table ideas

Before you start stacking a stack of cardboard (Davids board consists of layers at the end). This is an excellent project that you can do after a move.

If you own enough, cut each piece to the desired table size, so as David calls it, install a glue that actually only contains three solid surfaces that hold the box together, the glue dries. It can even be the floor and two walls in the corner of a room, says David. For adhesives, contact cement is recommended and suggests installation of the plates horizontally and individually.

Wait until the thin layer in each layer is dry before adding the next one, as it will join the dry surfaces that are in contact, David says.

When the table reaches the desired height (Davids height was 32 inches) it will be over. As David said, you can select the sheet where you desire to put the table to create a coffee table or coffee table. When you cross your fingers until you tell goodbye, there are so numerous related stories.

Having a coffee table next to your sofa seems love a no-brainer. Even though side tables are also a solution, a coffee table certainly makes gatherings more comfortable. If youre thinking about making one yourself, here are some excellent DIY coffee table tutorials that I hope will be super helpful!

Concrete and wood furniture looks so classy yet modern dont you think?

Check out my free plans for this amazing concrete & wood coffee table and visit Sarah, at The Created Home for the tutorial.

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Wood and steel is another stunning combo for furniture, especially if you love the rustic industrial vibe. I partnered up with Ashley and Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic and it came out great!

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Shelly from  was helpful enough to share the details of her rustic industrial coffee table and the excellent news is you can make it for about $

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This rustic storage coffee table seems extremely functional, and since its an simple build you might desire to attempt it if youre a beginner.

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Im impressed by the amazing wood imperfections of this rustic coffee table made from sycamore wood slabs.

However, those hairpin legs hint towards Mid Century Modern, which is brilliant!

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Convertible furniture is one of the smartest solutions for little homes and this DIY coffee table doubles as a full-size table. Exciting, right?

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Balustrade coffee tables glance so fancy but where can one actually purchase some balustrades? Luckily, the original post covers that, making this project more doable.

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This Terrazzo-style coffee table seems love just the thing to brighten up a living room and its a quick build that will hold you busy on a rainy afternoon.

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Lets confess this coffee table with pullouts is practically a work of art.

If you enjoy playing board games youll surely desire to make this one.

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A wood slice tabletop and hairpin legs are definitely a winning combination and this cabin chic coffee table couldnt get more impressive.

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Since were still in the rustic department, check out this tree stump coffee table. I ponder it looks extremely unique and appealing!

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Terrariums are extremely trending in home decor and the truth is they are fairly beautiful.

This coffee table actually contains a terrarium which is fairly clever and it certainly catches the eye.

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If you love chunky coffee tables this project is correct up your alley. This truss beam coffee table is sturdy and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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Simple is classy! This circular coffee table has a plywood top so it will be light enough to be moved around easily.

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Heres a basic coffee table design you can customize to your hearts content with one additional perk: those little rollers at the bottom which make it super portable.

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You know Im a fan of concrete furniture so Im definitely in love with this one.

Brittany keeps things simple by using concrete pavers for the top and provides free and simple to follow plans.

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This farmhouse coffee table can be easily restyled using a diverse stain or paint but if you desire to get its original farmhouse glance, the tutorial does provide the finish details.

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Pallet furniture is so fascinating. You can take some plain pallets and turn them into something grand without too much fuss. This gorgeous pallet coffee table also falls within those lines.

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This live edge coffee table looks too excellent to be true.

But it is % genuine, doable and remarkable.

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If theres one thing I can appreciate is furniture with hidden storage. Even if you dont use it, it doesnt hurt to own it. This basic project includes free plans for the storage coffee table which is suitable for beginners as well.

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Furniture showing off the beauty of the wood grain has a certain appeal and this chunky coffee table proves my point.

Even more, this is a super sturdy build that kids or pets wont be capable to tear apart.

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