Diy craft room organization ideas

Whether you call it a flex room, a bonus room, an additional room, or a spare room, this multi-purpose room is defined as an area in a home that can be used for a variety of functions. Flex rooms can be anything from unused space above a garage to a little room on the first level of your home that a builder designated as flex space or optional room.

These rooms can increase the worth of your home, and they give you the ability to change your home for diverse needs as they arise, such as a growing family or new hobbies.

Great Pegboard Organization Ideas and Inspiration

Check out these amazing pegboards from my fellow craft bloggers.

You can get so numerous grand ideas by just looking at how others own set up their pegboards.

Look at this pegboard from Sisters, What! — I love how theyve put their spools of thread up on the pegboard! I also love the beautiful arrow decorations up at the top.

I love this additional large pegboard from Honeybearlane. That metallic frame around the pegboard is really classy! And glance at how she put frames ON her pegboard for a more exciting and organized glance.

I love this and it makes me desire a copper-frame pegboard in my room!

This cute pegboardfrom Just a Girl is painted extremely creatively with large polka dots. And glance how there are clips on it to make it really simple to hang papers and other flat things on!

And if you love pegboards, consider a whole wall craft room pegboard love the one made by Houseologie. This is an organizers dream come true so numerous places to put things!

Remember how I said having your supplies up on a pegboard can make them easier to access AND inspire you to craft more?

This DIY pegboard yarn organizer is a grand example and so beautiful, too!

Im a large fan of color, so I lovelovelove this Project Runway inspired colorful pegboard from Mad in Crafts! She got the thought from one of the workrooms on the show that has this paint chip color treatment. This also inspires me to paint my pegboard a beautiful color.

The holes in your pegboard make the perfect grid for designs! Glance at this adorable pegboard made by reader Barbie Rodriguez — that cat is too cute! Barbie used a Sharpie marker to draw these designs. She says she can remove them with rubbing alcohol if she ever decides she wants a diverse design brilliant!

Why Does Pegboard Organization Rock So Hard?

  • Pegboards are super affordable
    1. You can get a pegboard at Lowe’s pre-cut for under $ I just bought a full 4 foot by 8 foot white pegboard panel for $
    2. Pegboards are versatile
  • Pegboards are versatile
  • Pegboards are customizable
    1. Cut it to the size you want.
    2. Put a beautiful frame around it.
    3. Stencil it.
    4. Paint it to match or complement your room.
    5. Combine smaller ones to make an arrangement.

      The possibilities are endless.

  • Pegboards come in diverse varieties
    1. Pegboards are traditionally made of hardboard, but you can also get them in plastic and metal, too!
  • Pegboards make it simple to organize
    1. Amazon sells pegboard organization accessories, as so do home improvement stores.
    2. You can create your own DIY organization accessories, too!
  • Pegboards glance super cute
    1. A well-organized, beautiful pegboard is a sight to behold!
    2. You can decorate them to go with any style.
  • Pegboards give you simple access to your stuff
    1. It keeps your tools and supplies visible so you can get to them faster.
    2. When you can see everything, youre more creative and inspired!

    How to Make Pegboard Organizers

    Theres more than one way to create a pegboard organizer!

    The trick to properly hanging a pegboard is to make certain there is space behind your pegboard to accommodate the pegboard hooks, which stick out a bit.

    Diy craft room organization ideas

    Here are the four ways Ive made effective pegboard organizers before:

    Pegboard with 1 x 2 Boards (Furring Strips)

    For this method, you just need two 1 x 2 boards that are at least 2/3 the length of your pegboard. You then screw these into the wall and then mount your pegboard onto it. This is how Ill be mounting my giant framed pegboard that Im working on correct now. This is the method youll desire to use if your pegboard is particularly large and/or needs to support a lot of weight.

    Pegboard Made with Spacers

    You can also just purchase a pegboard mounting kit that comes with spacers.

    The kit includessix #8 sheet metal screws and six rubber spacers.

    Pegboard Made with Washers

    To mount a pegboard with washers, youll need endless screws (about 2 long) and a bunch of washers that will fit on the screws. Put one finish of the screw in your pegboard (from front to back), then put washers on the screw, and THEN screw it into the wall. The washers will hold your pegboard offset from the wall enough to permit for the additional space you need.

    Pegboard Mounted into a Frame

    This is how I made my Framed Pegboard Tool Organizer. You just need a frame that has a lip on the front to inset your pegboard and is deep enough to give you space behind for your pegs.

    Most frames will work! You can see the full tutorial at DIY Framed Pegboard Craft Organizer for Tools.

    What Can You Do with a Flex Room?

    The possibilities are endless! Before you decide what you desire to use your flex room for, ponder about the space itself. Is it shut to a bathroom? Is it in a basement or attic? Would it be easily accessible for guests? Would it be a peaceful put to get work done?

    With a little creativity and space-saving furniture, you can turn this flexible living space into a comfortable spot youll love!

    Create a Home Office

    Turn your flex space into a home office or study so you can work from home! With bookshelves and easy-to-move furniture, you can easily organize and change the space in case you need a makeshift guest bedroom or playroom. You can even add French doors in the entryway to hold the space separate and silent from the relax of the home.

    Need an office space for two? Check out these space-saving design tips!

    Turn the Space into a Game Room

    Keep video and arcade games out of the living room by creating their own separate game room! A flex game room is a grand put for setting up gaming computers, video game consoles, and old-school arcade games. Dont forget comfy loveseats, floor cushions, and bean bag chairs for those endless game nights!

    Make a Dream Hangout Spot

    Upgrade an open flex space into a bright and cheerful spot for older kids to hang out.

    Diy craft room organization ideas

    Jazz up the room with colorful bean bag chairs or a endless sectional sofa. Not only does this bonus living room hold the kids and their friends out of the main living room, but it allows everyone to own a little privacy as well.

    Design an Additional Living Room

    Why own one when you can own two? Turning a bonus space into a second living room gives you the option of having both a formal living room for guests and an informal space for family time.

    Designate a Playroom

    Having trouble corralling every of the toys in the house?

    Give them their own home in a flex playroom! Kids of every ages will love to frolic in a colorful, unique space thats just for them. Add furniture love little tables, easels for art projects, and large cushions or beanbag chairs. Make storing toys, books, and games simple with bookshelves and cabinets. Or use storage containers and baskets to hold them organized under tables.

    Make an Additional Bedroom

    Growing families arent the only ones who need additional bedroom space.

    Bonus rooms can easily be turned into a bedroom for a third roommate or a relative planning a long-term stay. A futon or day bed makes for a grand space-saving seating area that can easily be turned into a sleeping spot for guests.

    Enjoy Movies in a Home Theater

    An additional room is a grand put to set up a home movie theater. Add bookshelves or floating shelves along walls to store DVDs and Blu-Rays. You can also swap out your TV for a projector to create a true big-screen home theater feel.

    And dont forget about comfy furniture! Whether you go with a sectional for the whole family to share or leather armchairs for each person, excellent seating will make movie nights even better.

    Build Yourself a Hobby Room

    When you dont own a designated area for your hobbies, it can be hard to focus on what you love. But with a flex room, you can build an area thats just for painting, writing, yoga, crafts, and more! To create more space in your hobby room, incorporate free-standing bookshelves to store supplies. An industrial table with stools is excellent to own if you plan to work on endless projects, too.

    Relax in a Lounge Space

    Looking for a put to unwind after a endless day?

    Diy craft room organization ideas

    A bonus room is the perfect spot to create your own private lounge area. This room can be used for a silent reading area, a cozy nap space, or watching your favorite television show. Add a chaise lounge or armchair, fluffy pillows, and blankets, and let the relaxation wash over you.

    Set Up a Home Gym

    With a few free weights, a yoga mat, cardio equipment love a stationary bike or treadmill, you can create the perfect home gym that has free membership! Grab a few fans to hold the space cool, put up some mirrors on the walls, and add a bluetooth speaker for some grand music. Rubber mats under cardio equipment or weights will prevent damage to floors, and you can even add a little table for equipment cleaning wipes, water bottles, candles for yoga practice, and more!

    Set Up a Bonus Room Bar

    A flex room is an excellent spot for a bar!

    Set up an island with bar stools, include plenty of storage space for spirits and glassware, and throw in a TV for catching the large game. Then, youll own an entertaining spot in your home thats perfect for cocktail parties and little get-togethers.

    Make a Combination Room

    With a few functional pieces, you can create a multi-purpose room that can transition between playroom, guest room, and office depending on what you need.

    Use furniture with hidden storage or storage containers to hide any toys or office supplies when guests stay over. Add a large ottoman with storage at the foot of the bed to hold additional towels, linens, blankets, and pillows for your guests to use.

    Design Your Own Music Room

    If youre a music aficionado, turning a flexible living space into a music room is a grand idea! No matter if you frolic piano, drums, guitar, or another instrument, little music rooms are excellent for practicing, as well as storing and displaying your instrument or record collection.

    Put Together a Nursery

    Tuck your little one into a cozy flex room nursery.

    Whether the room is large or little, flex spaces are perfect for nurseries, as they can easily transition to a toddlers room in no time. With a crib, a comfy chair, and multi-function changing table, you can truly maximize your available space for your family!

    Design a Beautiful Home Library

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    Diy craft room organization ideas

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    Diy craft room organization ideas

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    Diy craft room organization ideas

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    When I moved into my home, I found something crazy in my basement.

    The previous owners had mounted a pegboard to the wall above a workbench and painted it bright orange. Yikes. I ignored it. Quick forward a few years and were ready to use the workbench. But it was covered with stuff. We looked up, saw every the little pegs on the pegboard, and began hanging stuff up on the pegboard. The SURFACE WAS CLEARED OFF IN MINUTES. Since then, Ive become a believer in pegboards. And I just installed a extremely LARGE framed pegboard in my craft room, before which Id researched them extensively.

    So I present my Ultimate Pegboard Organization Guide for Craft Rooms!

    This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a little commission but it wont cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.


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