Diy denim vest ideas

So everyone knows how to just cut off their jeans and let them fray, right? Why am I even showing a photo tutorial for this? The answer is that if you simply cut off your jeans theyll fray forever, leaving you with obnoxious white threads every. single. time you wash them for the relax of your life.

Diy denim vest ideas

Lame. But if you sew around the bottom of the cutoffs, as shown under, youll only get new frayed threads for the first couple of time you wash them. Once the fray hits the area youve sewn it will stop and you can stop getting annoyed every time you wash them. Photo instructions under. (Note: feel free to using matching thread if youre so inclined.)

Pretty simple, right?

Want more simple sewing tutorials? Attempt these:

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As a designer and seamstress, I love making original looks that you can’t purchase online.I prefer to redesign garments into exciting highway style glance love this pair of jeans into a jacket.I got a lot of interest when I shared this on Instagram so I decided to create a tutorial.

For this one I added a Make it Coats zipper for the front closure which brought the whole glance together nicely. Get the details under on how to turn a pair of jeans into a jacket.


DIY Instructions:

Use a pattern (either garment or sloper) to get an thought of the measurements.

Diy denim vest ideas

I wanted the bodice to be somewhat cropped and the sleeves to fit passed my wrists. If you’re not certain just cut at the middle knee point.

Cut open the inner seam of the jeans.

Cut the middle front, zip fly. You will need to get trick with this. Make certain to hold the original hem so you can use it for the front of the jacket.

Measure your shoulder to a couple inches under the underarm to get an thought of how endless the sleeve opening should be.

Diy denim vest ideas

Then cut a slight curve as endless asyourmeasurement. Mine was 9″ and went about ″ in.

For the back, fold over the middle back seam to lessen the opening and create a back bodice piece. Fold over the raw edge and pin into place.

Top stitch with the Coats Jeans thread in gold. You can use a twin needle for this or just sew 2 sets of stitches side by side to mimic the topstitch on the jeans.

Here is how the back should look.

Place front and back correct sides together and sew at the shoulder seams.

Diy denim vest ideas

(I used a 5/8″ Seam Allowance).

For the sleeves. Take the bottom of the jeans which will be your sleeves. Put the cut edge next to the arm opening on the bodice. The outer top stitch should be alongtheshoulder seam and the inner seam which istypically not top stitchedshould be along the underarm.

Cut a curve similar (along the raw end) to the arm opening you did on the bodice. Repeat for both sides.

If the sleeves are too large for your arms, sew them in correct sides facing.

Place sleeve in the arm opening so correct sides are facing and sew.

It will now glance love this.

You can use the front zip fly as the closure or add a zipper love I did below.

To add a zipper: Open the separating zipper. Fold over the middle front edges, press if need be and pin the zipper on.

Top stitch the zipper into put using the zipper foot and the jeans thread.

Here is another version above…

Now you own a one-of-a-kind jacketfrom a pair of jeans.I can’t assist but giggle when someone asks me where I got my jacket, “oh, my husband’s ancient jeans!”

For some reason, when it comes to jeans, jean jackets, etc I just cant let them go no matter how endless its been since I final wore them.

Case and pointI currently own a pile of denim sitting in the bottom drawer of my dresser that I havent worn in years.

Diy denim vest ideas


So in an effort to revamp some of my worn wares into something new, I went searching for ways to upgrade the denim clothing I already own into something new and now Im feeling beautiful excellent about my hoarding ways. Haha. Upgrade those clothes that are sitting in the back of your closet with this list of 13 ways to spruce up the denim you already have.

Here are 13 Ways to Upgrade Denim Clothing Correct Now

1. Lets kick things off with a super simple DIY drop hem jeans tutorial. The best part? You can use a pair of jeans you already own and save yourself a few (hundred) bucks.


Diy denim vest ideas

Why yes, you can turn an ancient pair of jeans into the perfect denim skirt. Trash To Couture has the full tutorial so you can make your own.

3. Another enjoyment option for your denim jackets: a colorful fringe jean jacket DIY.

4. Im a large fan of splatter paint makeovers, and this DIY splatter paint denim jacket from Oh Joy! is a enjoyment project to add to the list.

5. This DIY denim jacket quilted applique project from The Home That Lars Built could be exactly what your summer wardrobe needs.


Mom jeans are still in, and this no-sew DIY side-stripe pant will only make your mom jeans that much cooler.

7. Make the perfect pair of shorts with A Pair and A Spares tutorial for denim cut offs four ways.


Diy denim vest ideas

Attempt this denim skirt refresh two ways from Pop Sugar.

9. No need to hold searching for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Advice from a Twenty-Something has an simple to follow tutorial to assist you create your own.

And I love this denim embroidery project from Honestly WTF. Simple but certain does make a statement.

Heres another enjoyment upcycled jacket project from Emerja Design, only this time with fabric.

Technically, this tutorial is for DIY embroidered jean shorts, BUT it would glance perfect on the back of a denim jacket, if you dont own any denim shorts or pants to spare.

Study how to hand embroider messages on your denim with this step-by-step tutorial from Lauren Conrad.

Got any denim youve been wanting to upgrade?

Ponder youll attempt any of these projects this summer?

How to make cuffed cut off jeans

The first method gives you the standard rolled up cuff glance for your shorts. This method looks best if the exterior of your jeans are darker than the inside, because the cuff will be more noticeable.

Photo instructions are under. (Note, I finished the raw edge by serging, but you could also zig zag. Another note: a cuffed hem is easier to do at a spot on the jeans where there is NOT a lot of taper. If the width of the put you cut is much smaller than the width of the put youre trying to roll it up to, youll finish up with bunching.)

Handstitching the cuff in put isnt required, but it ensures your cutoff shorts stays rolled up in the wash, which is really nice.

Just stitch up and below the cuff at the inseam and outer seam of each leg.

How to make hemmed cut off jeans shorts

I ponder this hemmed finish looks really nice on darkwash jeans they feel just a little bit dressier than the other two options. Photo instructions are under, but one thing to note is that when you are actually sewing the hem, you need to stretch the shorts leg as you sew.

Diy denim vest ideas

Otherwise, if the shorts are at every tight around your leg youll pop the stitches of the hem as soon as you put them on. Stretching while you sew adds a little give to the hem so it can stretch around your body.


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