Diy desktop storage ideas

Diy desktop storage ideas

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Why stop at the walls? Build deep shelves in the wasted space around a doorway to store books.

Diy desktop storage ideas

You may even discover you own space to squeeze in a few lovely green plants and any other knick-knacks in need of a home.

Use the walls

Image credit: Colin Poole

Make the most of every final bit of space in your home and build floor-to-ceiling shelving and cupboard space. If you own lots of books or records, it’s a grand solution for storing them, while at the same time creating a striking wall of colour.

Invest in a trolley

Image credit: Colin Poole

A trolley has a million uses. You can use it to organise anything from craft supplies to groceries to toys to cocktail paraphernalia. And because it’s on wheels, you can manoeuvre it so that it’s always out of the way, however little your space.

Use baskets for quick clear-ups

Image credit: Ti-Media

Labelled baskets are a practical way to separate everyone’s shoes and outdoor gear, so line up several on shelving at diverse heights in the hallway or utility room. Colour-coded labels assist young kids who aren’t reading yet stow their stuff too. Store them on shelves in the hallway to free up the significant oh-so significant floor space in little spaces.

Make the most out of an alcove

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Lay a narrow bookcase on its side to create an alcove bench for seating and storage. Pop a basket or storage box into each section of the shelving, filing the space entirely.

Diy desktop storage ideas

Cover the top with cushions and throws to create a cosy nook for reading.

Make a headboard work harder

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

If you are negotiating a little bedroom the headboard is the perfect space to squeeze in some additional storage.

Diy desktop storage ideas

Create hidden storage and remove the need for a bulky bedside table with a bespoke headboard. Cover an MDF board with black gloss Fablon, then screw picture ledges to the back.

Diy desktop storage ideas

Create an under stairs utility

Image credit: Carolyn Barber

Take an orderly approach to your under stairs space how ever little it it. Add clips, hooks to the door or wall to free up floor or cupboard space and make certain every your cleaning tools are simple to discover. If you own space add a well-stocked trolley or a pail filled with your cleaning kit are kept together.


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