Diy door wreath ideas

While it looks love a work of art, this wreath is in fact deceptively simple to make.

Diy door wreath ideas

Every ingredient can easily be substituted for something easier to track below. Use whatever is in the garden and forage for ingredients where possible.

You will need:


1. Bind generous handfuls of moss on to the wire wreath frame with mossing wire.

Diy door wreath ideas

To do this, fasten one finish of the reel of the wire to the ring and wrap around the moss in a circular fashion, keeping it taut, and adding handfuls of moss until well covered.

2. Add seasonal foliage (such as Eucalyptus cinerea and Skimmia japonica, but you can use holly or other greenery), by pushing the ends deep into the moss base, working to roughly a 45 degree angle. Use a variety of materials to create an exciting and textured wreath; here, crab apples were added for colour and rosemary for scent and texture.

3. Insert additional items, such as orange slices or pine cones on a wire.

Before adding the oranges, bundle them together into threes with wire.

4. Finish off the wreath with a generous bow. To make this, first tie the ribbon and then affix with wire.

This wreath design is by Georgia Miles from the Sussex Flower School , who runs wreath making workshops from the rural Sussex village of East Hoathly.

Festive leaves wreath

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Succulents wreath

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You could relegate the traditional wreath to the front door, and own a super stylish living wreath on a mantlepiece or hanging on an interior door.

Traditional eucalyptus and berry wreath

This wreath makes the most of seasonal and evergreen foliage, with colour and scent from berries and oranges.

Looking for more Christmas decorating ideas?

How To Make A Wreath: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Diy door wreath ideas

Instructions for how to make an embellished grapevine wreath to hang on a front door or garden gate.

Over the years, I own received emails from readers who either wanted to purchase the wreath off my front door or one just love it. I felt terrible having to tell them that I don’t make wreaths to sell.

Diy door wreath ideas

Here’s the thing…it’s not hard. It just takes time and a little patience. I’m going to teach you every how to make a wreath…right here, correct now!

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I’ve been making wreaths seems love my whole life, so I own every of the necessary supplies. If you’ve never made one, there are some things you will need to purchase. Here are simple links to what you will need:

1. Wire cutters

Diy door wreath ideas

Glue gun and glue
3. Green florist wire

I decided to make a garden themed wreath, hoping to hurry spring along. The process is the same no matter what type of wreath you make. First you need to collect your supplies.

How to Make a Wreath
For my garden themed wreath I needed:

  1. wire cutters
  2. A bow (this is optional)
  3. 2 grapevine wreaths. One 20 in. and one 24 in.
  4. florists wire
  5. glue gun
  6. glue
  7. 1 natural looking garland from a craft store.
  8. The enjoyment stuff.

    Things you own collected to embellish the wreath.
    In this case I own vintage garden tools, a watering can and a bird’s nest.

Before we go any further I desire to explain why I sometimes use 2 wreaths. The most significant thing to remember when making a wreath is that it needs depth. It’s crucial for curb appeal. One way to easily achieve that is to layer 2 wreaths…one on top of the other.

Diy door wreath ideas

Wire them together in 4 places. Just stick the wire up through the grapevine and twist.

To get additional depth you can add a garland. Attempt to select one that looks as natural as possible. Lay it on the perimeter of the smaller wreath and attach it with wire the same way you hooked the wreaths together.

Honestly, I could stop here and it would be perfectly fine. Glance at the depth I’ve already achieved. Of course, I can never leave well enough alone so I always add more layers. I made a blue grain bag bow and attached it, again with wire, to the wreath at about 4 o’clock.

Here is my tutorial on How to Make a Perfect Bow.

A bow can be made from anything…burlap, drop cloth or ribbon by the roll. Just make certain it’s at least 4 in. wide and a excellent thickness. I left endless tails on mine but you could make them shorter if you prefer. If you don’t love the bow at 4 o’clock, attempt 12 o’clock or even 10 o’clock. Every glance grand from the street.

I found these vintage garden tools on Etsy and own been saving them for this project. I love that they still show some blue paint.

I tried a couple of diverse ways to attach them but ended up placing them criss-cross and again used wire to attach.

The final thing I added was the bird’s nest. I had already glued the eggs in the nest so every I had to do was wire the nest to the wreath. I nestled it under the tools and I ponder the eggs tie every the blues together. Honestly…the tools won’t show up from the highway. That’s fine with me because it’s a little surprise when someone approaches my door.

If you remember I had gathered a watering can with my other garden items.

After I got the bird’s nest on I decided the watering can would be over-kill. Sometimes less really is more! I used extremely little glue with this wreath because it just worked better to wire everything. It’s always excellent to own your glue gun ready to go…just in case.

I own to confess that I adore the bow…I made a red one for my Christmas wreath and I ponder I love this blue one just as well.


For the wreath in this tutorial I opted for a garland. Numerous times I use natural-looking floral stems. I own found that the best way to attach stems is just to stick them correct through the grapevine.

I never use glue or wire with floral stems.

One important thing to consider when you are choosing wreath embellishments is the color of your door. Attempt to select contrasting colors for the elements on your wreath.

Diy door wreath ideas

White always pops from my blue door so I attempt to use it as often as I can. If your door is white, bolder colors would be better.

I hope I’ve inspired you to make a wreath for your front door. There is no better way to put your personal stamp on your home. It’s the perfect way to welcome visitors and introduce yourself.


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Grapevine Wreath Ideas

We hope this helps you with getting started decorating your extremely own grapevine wreaths. Attempt some of our DIY grapevine wreaths ideas and tutorials. You’ll discover wreath ideas for the front door, and wreath making ideas for your home.

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Diy door wreath ideas

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