Diy dress up costume ideas

What about the Spice Girls?

This is a tongue in cheek take on the girl band Spice Girls. Instead of tight revealing outfits, these ladies are wearing aprons with actual spice tags.

Rizzo From Grease

Grease is one of the most favorite musicals of every time and you can dress up as any of the characters in the movie. Here’s Rizzo, one of the Pink Ladies.

image: teenvogue

Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs Costumes

One thing Zuckerberg is known for is wearing the same style of clothes every the time, which also goes for Steve Jobs.

Diy dress up costume ideas

So, if you own a t-shirt, hoodie and jeans for Zuckerberg and a black turtleneck, blue jeans, New Balance shoes and a pair of glasses for Jobs, you own two options.

Disney Characters

From Belle to Cruella, Wicked Witch of the East, Maleficent, Goofy, Mini Mouse and numerous others, you can’t go incorrect with one of these costumes. With so numerous options, you can make it as simple or intricate as you want.

Easy Ceiling Fan Costume

This costume uses a simple frolic on words to get its message across. You’ll make co-workers ponder for a minutes than giggle at the pun. This is simple to do, amusing and not too outrageous.

image: Excellent Housekeeping

Inflatable Car Guy

This costume will require some space, but if you can tug it off, you will give everyone at the office a enjoyment experience.

Uncle Sam

Do you work at an accounting firm?

What better way to hold everyone on their toes than to dress as Uncle Sam.

Diy dress up costume ideas

Every you need is a top cap, a white wig, a bow tie, a goatee and you are set. You can add the jacket and the striped pants if you desire to go every out.

The Addams Family

On the slightly creepier and adult side, you can do The Addams Family. If there is one family which epitomizes Halloween, this one is it with a grand sense of humor to boot.

“Bad Blood” Costumes

Get ready for some bad blood with every those envious people attending the Halloween party that aren’t involved in this warrior women getup.

(via Brit + Co)

The Bird

A certain president has made more favorite than ever. So why not go as the bird and get everybody tweeting. This DIY costume comes from Elizabethany, a radio and social media personality.

image: Elizabethany

<em>Ghostbusters</em> Remake Costumes

With the girl-power remake of Ghostbusters, we knew this DIY costume tutorial was a must. Grab your besties and spend a night in DIYing your group Halloween costume. You’ll never believe it, but the secret behind this glance is Tupperware containers.

Diy dress up costume ideas

(via Brit + Co)

DC vs. Marvel Costumes

Unite the gang with a superhero theme. Instead of sticking to one universe, own them pick their faves and go from there. (via Brit + Co)

Group of Hippies Costumes

Dig deep into your closet (or your mom’s) and tug together a glance worth of Woodstock groupies. (via The Home That Lars Built)

A Fortune Teller in your Office

One way to get everyone in the office to participate in the festivities of Halloween is to go dressed as a fortune teller. This costume is especially creative if the person also includes some of the tools of the trade.

Clark Kent/Superman

This costume could actually be a two for one.

You can dress in a suit with glasses and be Clark Kent. But if something should arise in the office, you can unbutton your shirt and reveal you are actually Superman.

An Emoji

Emojis let you express how you feel when you are messaging. This makes another simple DIY costume. You can create emojis on a piece of cardboard with diverse emotions and use diverse ones throughout the day. Or own one displaying them every at the same time.

Food Costumes

Want to be a vegetable, fruit, snack, dessert or any other food type?

Dressing as an edible is extremely favorite. You can be as creative as you desire with these ideas. Just make certain you will still be capable to work with your costume.

Bread Winner

This is another costume which takes the meaning of a expression literally and makes it amusing. Every you need are some medals around your neck and some bread.

image: Excellent Housekeeping

Social Butterfly

This costume has become favorite in the past couple of years.

However, you can add your favorite social media channels and make it your own.

Sock Hop

Still, in that era of Grease, a sock hop costume can be worn in any office environment.

We know you’ve spent the past month, if not the past few months, trying to come up with the perfect group costume thought for every your friends to participate in on Halloween. And since Halloween is our jam, we went ahead and did every the thought hunting for you. So as much as you’d love to every dress up as a “sexy” version of something random again this year, we bet your friends will thank you for sharing these ideas with them.

Scroll on for our ultimate guide to simple Halloween costumes. The best part?

Diy dress up costume ideas

You can DIY any of these 71 diverse and unique group halloween costume ideas.


Here’s an all-time classic Halloween costume classic. While it is not as original, men and women can go as a vampire. You can give it your own twist by adding special-effects, contact lenses and more.

Flo from Progressive

Flo from Progressive was one of the most successful marketing personalities with more than 100 commercials.

If your industry handles insurance, so much the better.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Make this childhood game come to life with adult-sized costumes of rock, paper, scissors.

Disney Princesses Costumes

We couldn’t leave this obvious group costume thought out of the stir. Whether you go sexy or sweet, it’s always a excellent fallback. You’ll love to twirl your skirts and sing your songs! (via Brit + Co)

The Cast of Seinfeld

If you own a little or large group, this costume thought can include the four main characters, or numerous of the other well know supporting cast.

You can take it a step further and include the whole office.

Diy dress up costume ideas

Speaking of offices, you can do this for The Office or any of your other favorite shows. Every it takes is clothes you probably own in your closet


If you own black skinny jeans, a striped shirt, suspenders and a beret, you own yourself a mime costume. Add the white makeup and you are ready to amuse your co-workers every day long.

Is that Photoshopped?

Photoshop is so favorite it has become a verb. And if you make your costume this intricate, your co-workers will be asking if you own been photoshopped.

Halloween Costumes From The Office

It seems appropriate to start this list with ideas from hit NBC television show The Office.

And the effort Dwight Shrute puts into his costumes on the show should assist get the ball rolling. Here is Dwight as the Joker from “The Dark Knight”.

This is from the Employee Transfer episode which aired originally on October 30, 2008.

image: NBC

Candy Corn

While still on the candy theme, it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy corn. This enjoyment and bright costume will cheer everyone up at the office.

image: Liveaboard Takes the Suburbs

Bulletin Board

Just take some post-it notes, record diverse messages and pin them on a long-sleeved shirt.

And you will become a bulletin board. You can make this bigger by making yourself one large post-it note.

Handmaids Tale Costumes

Not digging the lingerie costumes? Wear a giant red cape and dress modestly with a bonnet. (via Brit + Co)

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a grand way to create a diverse persona. They are cheap and simple to apply. You can go every out and really create a grand costume with this idea.


: This costume is certain to turn heads much love these ladies did on the red (or rather color-blocked) carpet.

Diy dress up costume ideas

(via Brit + Co)

Brunch Costumes

Babes who brunch together, stay together — on Sundays *and* Halloween days! (via Brit + Co)

Comic Book Super Heroes for Men and Women

We’ve already mentioned Superman. When it comes to costume ideas, comic books provide a treasure trove. Spiderman, Wonder Lady, The Hulk, Super Girl, and the list goes on. Select your favorite superhero and go for it.

Fab 5 Gymnasts Costumes

This group get-up is bound to take the costume contest gold. It’s also a much-needed excuse to wear sweatpants to every of your outdoor Halloween parties. (via Brit + Co)


Two holes in a sheet and you own a ghost costume.

As far as Halloween costume ideas for office workers go, this has got to be one of the easiest ones.

Find the Post Favorite Characters and Licensed Costumes

Here, you’ll discover every of the latest and greatest costumes, including officially licensed offerings love Black Panther, Wonder Lady, Disney princesses, Batman, PJ Masks, Star Wars, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, the Wizard of Oz, Spider-Man and numerous, numerous more. So, if your little girl has her heart set on dressing as Frozen’s Elsa, your son wants nothing more than to get in character as Kylo Ren, or you desire to treat yo’ self with an ultimate Batman ensemble, you’ll discover exactly what you’re looking for in the size and price that’s correct for you.

In addition to officially licensed costumes, we carry a wide variety of exciting outfits that you’re certain to love, love pirates, witches, unicorns and dinosaurs, as well as scary ensembles (zombies, killer clowns and devils, oh, my!) and amusing outfits (giant, inflatable whoopee cushions, anyone?) that will own everyone at your party talking.

Bob Ross

Long after his passing in 1995, Bob Ross is more favorite than ever.

With this costume, you can include a co-worker and bring the whole thing together.

<em>GLOW </em>Costumes

These ladies are kicking ass and taking names. Not unlike your gang of fearless babes trying to get into the club before cover charges are in effect. (via Brit + Co)

Life’s Better in Costume!

With almost 20 years of expertise in the costume trade, more than 10,000 unique costumes, and one million-plus customizable costume and accessory options, we know Halloween inside and out. We started with a dream, and we’re in the trade of making our customers’ dreams come true. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume or you’ve been designated this Christmas’ Santa Claus, you’ve come to the correct place.

We own every of the costumes, accessories and decorations that you, your friends and your family are looking for to make your celebration the best one yet.

We offer a wide variety of categories, including men’s, women’s,girls’, boys’, men’s and women’s plus size, baby,accessories,decorations, and numerous more. There is truly something for everyone here—from sexy costumes to family-friendly ensembles—and we make it simple to discover your fit by including size charts with each costume. We also understand that everyone’s budget is diverse, which is why we offer costumes, accessories and decorations in a wide variety of prices.

We desire to make certain that you love your costume, and we understand that fit and affordability are two of the most significant factors when shopping online.

Let Your Employees Dress up as You

Your employees may be concerned they’ll get in some boiling water for doing this. But guarantee them it’s every in excellent enjoyment (as endless as you’re comfortable taking a joke.) If everyone goes along with it, this could be grand for morale!

Miley Cyrus and Crew Costumes

This is one of our favorite DIY ideas for incorporating some pop culture into your Halloween.

And it gets bonus points for being a perfect choice for soon-to-be moms who still desire to dress up with their gals. (via Brit + Co)

Dwight Shrute

The popularity of The Office means it has fans across every demographics. And with Dwight’s shenanigans on the show, it is only fair anyone should be capable to dress love him. Here is a simple costume which shows your appreciation for Dwight.

Fruit Salad Costumes

Pick your fruit and get your DIY on with this simple and customizable group costume. (via Brit + Co)

Gangnam Style Costumes

Grab your sexy ladies and get ready to op-op-op-op-oppa Gangnam style.

Make certain you every perfect your gallop shimmy before hitting the dance floor. (via Brit + Co)

Cotton Candy Costume

Another thing which is synonymous with Halloween is candy. So why not go as cotton candy. Here’s a playful DIY costume you can make with just a few items.

image: AWW SAM

The Minions

You can go solo as a single Minion or include everyone in the office as part of a theme. This is also an simple and enjoyment costume the whole crew can participate in.

We Own a Costume For Everyone and Every Occasion

Whether you’re flying solo and putting together your own costume or getting a group together, you’ll discover something perfect here.

Superheroes and villains make grand solo or group costumes, because everyone knows who they are. Save Metropolis as Superman, or circular up your fellow Avengers and dress up as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (we’ve got it all: Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Iron Man, to name but a few). Get your gals together as a team of Disney princesses, from Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella to Elsa and Moana, or do your own thing as Star Wars’ Princess Leia.

In addition to standard Halloween costumes, we own year-round costumes in stock such as mascots, Santa Claus, elves, Easter bunnies and even patriotic ensembles perfect for the 4th of July.

After every, who says you own to limit costumes to Halloween? Hold the enjoyment going every year endless by putting kids’ costumes into rotation for dress-up frolic, or make an excuse to host an adults-only themed party. No matter what helpful of costume and decorations you’re looking for and for what occasion, we own exactly what you need.

Stand out from the crowd this year by creating family Halloween costumes that will bring you tons of compliments while you trick-or-treat! From favorite movie characters and Disney family costume ideas to animal families and sweet treats, we’ve found 21 ways to dress up your brood this year.

Scroll below and start planning for this scary holiday correct now.

photo: narwhaldesignink

Pixar’s Up Family Costumes

On a cloud! These DIY Up costumes are perfect for Halloween. Head over to littlecitylittlelady’s Instagram pic of her take on this Pixar film. We give two thumbs up to the little one dressed as the home (and the grown-up costumes too!).

photo: Sugar Bee Craft

Leaping Leprechauns Family Costumes

Good as gold!

We give the green light to the striped stockings and large green cap that make these fortunate little ones ready for trick-or-treating. Create a rainbow and add gold coins to a shirt, and you’ve got an adorable leprechaun family Halloween costumes thought. Get more inspiration for these crafty costumes over at Narwhal Design Ink.

photo: Craftiness is Not Optional

Guardians of the Galaxy Family Costumes

Protect the universe by having your brood channel characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Zoom over to Sugar Bee Craft and see the use of face paints, props and leather jackets that make this family’s Halloween costume ideas marvelous.

photo: A Joyful Riot

Easy DIY Star Wars Family Costumes

Follow the force! If your family is Star Wars-obsessed then dressing up as Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo or Princess Leia (to name a few options) can be tons of enjoyment. Mama Liz over at Tell Yes shows how to put together a few things from around the home to tug off this futuristic family costume idea.

photo: littleladylittlecity

Ariel Family Halloween Costumes

Dive in!

Put your sewing skills to work love mama Jessica over at Craftiness Is Not Optional, and own your crew dress up as Disney®’s Little Mermaid cast. Little ones can be (of course!) the little mermaid, but baby brother makes an adorable Sebastian.

photo: Tell Yes