Diy dressing table ideas

Diy dressing table ideas

Early vintage vanity tables were known by the lovely name Toilet Table. And I know what youre thinking but no, not because people did their trade in them.

The term comes from the french expression toilette which was a cute little handkerchief cloth. Ladies used them to wrap up their most delicate cosmetics before storing them away.

Since plumbing wasnt mainstream, some vintage vanity tables were designed with a compartment for a little water basin. The heavy handed makeup of the s was a pain to remove, so it was ideal to own a put to wash your face.

Those were the days before makeup wipes, so youve really got zero excuses to pass out with a face full of makeup nowadays.

One of the most amazing examples the early French vanity table, belonged to the famousMadame de Pompadour.

She was best known for being the mistress of King Louis XV, but she was a totally iconic and respected lady in her own right.

Before Marie Antionette was rambling on about cake, Pompadour was influencing favorite taste through her status at court.

The Modern Makeup Table

Late s Vanity Table

It wasnt endless before vanity styles shifted again, this time drawing inspiration from the past. In the tardy s french provincial and victorian designs got a facelift, giving new life to the vintage vanity.

With interior design trends of shabby chic and french farmhousetaking over, these reproductions are still wildly favorite today.

Early s Vanity Table

At the start of the s contemporary vanity tables with futuristic designs showed up on the scene.

They had some beautiful exciting finishes, love colored lacquers and shimmering effects. Every over mirroring was another favorite vanity style, which probably came in handy for blending that pesky foundation line under your chin.

Vanity tables completely capitalized on the Y2K millennium glance, and were a nod to the glitter obsessed era trend.

s Makeup Table

The biggest update for modern vanity tables, is that they sprawl across whatever space they occupy. Its beautiful common for them to take up a wall, closet, or even an entire room.

Vanity closets, and vanity rooms are new trends that are showing no signs of slowing below.

Serious makeup lovers are even installing shelving systems, and additional drawers around their vanities to contain their treasure troves.

This shift in design goes correct along with the explosive growth of the beauty industry in the past few years.

Diy dressing table ideas

This boom paved the way for makeup artists attaining social media stardom by sharing pics of their enviable collections.

The most favorite style, is a girly glam stir seen every over Pinterest. These vanity tables are generally a simple white desk, with deep drawers. Completing this glance is generally a glamorous light up vanity mirror love this, and a set of thesenarrow column shelves.

Much love Madame Pompadour inspired ladies of her time, beauty bloggers own inspired our modern vanities to own tons of storage.

Vintage Vanity Lover

Modern furniture brands make gorgeous reproductions, and genuine vintage pieces are easier to discover than ever.

Sites love Etsy, and Charishhave authentic pieces from any design period a girl could dream of.

Some of my favorite vintage vanities are repainted to give them a modern shine, love this dazzling design via Painted Restorations.

While Im partial to the romantic designs of vintage vanity tables, they dont always provide the most storage space. Make certain youll own your storage needs covered by a few simple drawers if youre opting for one of these more dainty makeup tables.

s Vanity Table

By the 19th century, the vanity had floated its way over to Victorian England and America with a newly classed up name; thedressing table.

They had slowly become a crucial part of the standard bedroom suite, and furniture makers used dark oak, walnut, and mahogany to make trendy matching sets.

Queen Anne style vanity tables became every the rage, but were less flashy than their previous french ancestors.

These dressing tables had chic cabriole legs with an S curve, but lacked the over the top Rococo style flair that was a entire must own years before.

How To Discover Your Perfect Vanity

Todays ladies are fortunate to own more options when choosing furniture styles, thanks to a little thing called the internet.

Equally as significant as choosing a style youll love longterm, is choosing an one that fits your storage needs.

Here are a few suggestions of vanity styles that will check both your boxes!

Madame Pompadour & The French Vanity Table

Madame Pompadour was a trusted adviser to the King, so she was obviously love really busy most of the time.

She became annoyed that she was held up for hours during her beauty routine or toilette as the Frenchies were still calling it.

It was hard for her that she couldnt get any of her significant matters checked off while waiting.

As an unofficial minister of the arts, she commissioned renowned furniture designer Jean-Francois Oeben to make a vanity table where she could carry out every of her tasks, in the ultimate style.

His creation was a Rococo style vanity, thats as much a functional marvel as a work of art.

Diy dressing table ideas

This gorgeous dressing table is adorned with dainty flowers, and even features a tower motif inspired by the Pompadour jacket of arms.

Oeben artistically engineered the mechanical vanity so that when the top slides back, the front moves forward revealing a HUGE (for the time because glass was pricey) mirror.

The sliding mechanism extends the surface area, leaving plenty of room for visitors to tug up a chair other side. Its also got some concealed storage compartments, perfect for hiding away little objects.

For Madame Pompadour, it was a gorgeous put to visit with her gal pals, correspond to letters, and store her beloved cosmetics.

Diy dressing table ideas

Oebens vanity perfectly represented her interests and skills, and also encapsulated the societal trends of her era at the Palace of Versailles.

Pompadour was well known for receiving every types of guest while sitting at her elegant dressing table.

Her vanity became the new GOALS, and inspired other women to continue on with the seated tradition.

The Time Before Vanity Tables

Okay, so lets just come out and tell this. Humans own always been inventing tricky ways to appear better looking than they actually are. Shocking, I know, but beautiful much as soon we saw our reflections in a muddy puddle, we invented clever ways to go from hurt to hot.

Way back before the Kardashians (probably) tried to trademark contouring, ancient Egyptians stored their rare eye makeup colors, perfumes, and oils inside super fancy and ornately decorated boxes.

Egyptian women guarded these as some of their most prized possession.

Given how simple it was to get tossed in the Nile back then, you wouldnt dare mess with her sacred beauty stash.

Maybe because society was advancing super slowly, or because women were too busy trying to prove they werent witches, but nothing really innovative happened in the beauty storage game for fairly a endless time.

As the years went on, these cosmetics treasure chests simply became more ornate, with intricate compartments and fancier handles, but not much else changed.

Finally something exciting started to happen, around the tardy 17th century in Europe.

Diy dressing table ideas

The beauty revolution was spreading love wildfire, so the once basic beauty boxes were retired in favor of something bigger and better.

By that time members of high society were indulging in some insanely lengthy beauty rituals. Im talking intricate clothing with a bazillion buttons, hairstyles way bigger than peoples actual heads, and of course, heavy makeup.

Oh, and that wasnt just for women.

Men were also expected to jump on the train of lavish dress and excessive style.

Royals went through these tedious grooming routines daily, without even being capable to scroll through their instagram feeds to pass the time. Im certain that no celebrity today would be capable to endure that level of boredom.

Fortunately these aristocrats were constantly surrounded by their court (aka: squad).

Diy dressing table ideas

These little cliques were always on standby, so reigning ladies started turning their boring beauty rituals into enjoyment hang out sessions.

These highborn women were longing for a space where they could chit chat while being glammed up. Naturally they turned to renowned furniture makers to come up some with some creative solutions.

Drawing inspiration from the favorite mensshaving tables, and low boy tables, designers came up with some stunning concepts. The finish result was a piece of furniture where you could entertain friends, catch up on writing, and most importantly, store vast collections of powders, cremes, and wigs that noble ladies needed to glance impressive.


Diy dressing table ideas