Diy easy canvas ideas

While strange in shape, the 24″x10″ opens up more possibilities than it limits.

Diy simple canvas ideas

Fit this canvas in unique places of your home love on a mantle, above a kitchen stovetop or over your bedroom headboard. This canvas looks lovely showcasing a panoramic cityscape or large family photo.

Good for: fireplace mantels, kitchen, endless hallways

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0″ x 14″

To upgrade to the next level, opt to use 10″x14″ canvases if you own a print or piece of artwork that looks best matted. This canvas is also large enough to accommodate a photo collage — you can easily stack four 5″x7″ photos into this canvas.

Good for: little photo collages, guest bedrooms, kitchens

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″ x 12″

Similar to the 24″x10″, the 36″x12″ canvas works well in longer hallways or over your entertainment middle (it’s the same width as a 42″ TV).

Diy simple canvas ideas

Print inspirational quotes or your favorite travel photos on this canvas.

Good for: living rooms, bedrooms, entryways

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0″ x 8″

10″x8″ canvases are a favorite choice for fill-ins in gallery walls or as a little desk or bookcase accessory. Its size makes it versatile for a variety of artwork — you can mount your favorite family photo or simply print out an image and trim to fit.

Good for: desks, bookcases, little hallways

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0″ x 16″

Slightly larger than the 16″x16″, the 20″x16″ canvas allows you to display longer photos love wedding pictures, tall buildings or expansive landscapes.

Diy simple canvas ideas

Hang this behind a desk or above a doorway.

Good for:offices, game rooms, living rooms

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″ x 12″

The 12″x12″ canvas is an simple pick if you desire to display a large photo, but may own limited wall space. This canvas size looks grand with a single large image or broken up into a photo collage — get creative with your photo sizes!

Good for:apartment living rooms, bathrooms, gallery walls

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″ x 16″

Use a 16″x16″ as the «wow factor» to a gallery wall or hang on its own above a bedroom dresser.

Diy simple canvas ideas

With plenty of space, create a unique photo collage by combining photos and enjoyment quotes.

Good for: living rooms, dining rooms, guest bedrooms

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