Diy easy sewing ideas

 5. T-Shirt Quilt

Dont throw or give away your kids ancient shirts when they outgrow them. Upcycle them to make a DIY T-Shirt quilt he will absolutely treasure.

Sleep Mask

No tween slumber party is finish without these adorable sleep masks! Head over to this sheet to study how to create this simple sewing idea.

Fabric Bookmarks

Create fabric bookmarks for your teens or tweens to make studying more enjoyable. Collect some extra scraps of cute fabric and follow the tutorial for some adorable DIY bookmarks.

DIY Headband

Top off your girls outfits with these sweet and simple DIY headbands!

Diy simple sewing ideas

Im certain shell be wearing these headbands every single day.

Drawstring Tote

Your teen will love showing off this super cute drawstring tote bag with chevron print. This looks perfect for holding their essentials when traveling.

DIY Coin Purse

Sew matching coin purses for you and your loving daughter!

Diy simple sewing ideas

Now you can stash away your additional change in style with these DIY coin purses.

Body Pillow Case with Phone Pocket

This giant pillow cover features a zippered back and a pocket in the front which can fit an iPad or mobile phone— perfect for your techie teenager.

DIY Cord Keeper

Hold your tech-savvy teens cords organized and tidy with these cute cord keepers. This is also a cute hint for them to practice being organized every the time.

Diy simple sewing ideas

Boxy Dopp Kit

A Dopp kit is also known as a shaving kit or a man’s toiletry kit. Its a must-have for your every grown up kiddo when he goes camping or sleepovers.

Beautiful Polka Dot Pouch

I love the playful and vibrant colors of this DIY sewing project. Im already thinking of making this polka dot pouch for me and one for my daughter.

Shirt Cuff Wallet

Your son will love this cleverly refashioned wallet. This is one of the coolest upcycled wallets Ive seen so far. Give this a attempt soon!

DIY Messenger Bag

Upcycle a cargo pant and make this fashionable and functional DIY sewing project. Its simple to sew plus, it can carry your teens stuff anywhere they go.

DIY Makeup Organizer

Got a teenager who loves makeup? This DIY makeup organizer is perfect for storing her palettes, brushes, and tools. Dont forget to use her favorite color so shell appreciate your present more.

Duffel Bag

Make an attractive duffel bag for your teens with this tutorial. This bag is perfect for your little darlings sleepovers and camping.

Diy simple sewing ideas

This bag looks hard at first but with easy-to-follow steps, youll surely get addicted sewing this bag regardless of the occasion.

DIY Sunglasses Case

Now is the perfect time to hold every summer essentials safely stored so we can use them again in a few months. Create this simple sunglasses case you and your teens will appreciate.

Infinity Scarf

Be winter-ready in ten minutes with this infinity scarf your teens will love wearing! This thought is perfect for the upcoming holidays or just every time the weather gets cold.

Customized Sweater

Another stylish way to hold your teens stay warm on school days is by knitting custom sweaters for them.

What do you ponder of this plaid deer head silhouette pattern design?

Lip Balm Holder

Chapped lips are fairly hard to avoid during the winter season and nothing can be more annoying than endlessly digging through the bottom of your purse to discover your lip balm. So when I came across this thought I figured, why not? My daughter and I could definitely use this handy holder which easily hooks onto a bags handle or strap.

DIY Travel Jewelry Case

Are you and the kids going on a vacation soon?

Diy simple sewing ideas

Craft this travel jewelry case, especially for your daughter to avoid her accessories from getting lost or misplaced.

DIY Lunch Bag

This DIY lunch bagis simple to make and super enjoyment to use! This bag project is so versatile: you can use it to store your lunch or as present bags for the holiday season.

Check out this video from Michele Baratta for more DIY novice sewing projects for kids:

Sew and make simple giftsyour family will love because nothing can beat something handmade.

Your teens will treasure these DIY simple sewing projects. These sewing projects are guaranteed to be useful and fashionable at the same time. So bring out your sewing machine and attempt these free sewing patterns next weekend!

What do you ponder of these sweet and simple free patterns? Own you picked a favorite sewing craft yet? Share it with us in the comments section below below!

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Editors Note: This post has been originally published on November 2, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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I love sewing…and I love making my own Christmas gifts to give away to friends and family.

So, I am so excited to show you these amazing Christmas gifts that you can sew to give to your loved ones. From coasters and pen holders to bookmarks, laptop cases and even a really gorgeous faux leather purse, there are so numerous things that you can sew that make amazing gifts for the holidays. I started making my Christmas gifts a few weeks ago but if you haven’t started yet or you just can’t figure out what to make, don’t worry…you still own plenty of time and I’m going to share 30 simple to sew gifts that you can own finished in just a day.

If you love to sew, you can easily make any one of these gifts for the holidays. Even if you’re just beginning to sew, these are beautiful simple.

And, if you are a sewing newbie, you should be certain to take a glance at these 80 sewing hacks and tips that will make it much easier for you. These are every really simple sewing patterns and every of them are things that your loved ones will actually desire for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for something for a teen or the man, or lady, in your life, there is a DIY hand sewn present in here just waiting for you to make.

I get so much satisfaction out of making Christmas gifts. People do love a excellent homemade present and whether it’s candy, sweet bread or a nice little tote or camera strap, you can be certain that they will adore your homemade gifts, too.

If you prefer not to sew, I’ve got a grand list of 30 really creative no-sew projects that you should check out, too. If you do love sewing, you just own to take a glance at these 25 DIY Christmas gifts. If you start now, you own time to make them all!

Hand Sewn Apple Coasters

These little are made from felt and they are really cute. You just cut the apple shapes from a template in any number of colors and then sew them together.

You can honestly own a set of these finished in an afternoon, even if this is your first sewing project. These are grand for couples or anyone who loves an apple theme and if you don’t need coasters, you could turn them into kitchen magnets with just a bit of glue.

Pattern/Tutorial: purlsoho

Hand Sewn Camera Strap

If you know someone who loves photography, or perhaps you are buying a camera as a present, then you can make this camera strap to go with it. This is such a simple sewing project and one that won’t take you longer than a couple of hours to finish. Customize it with any cotton fabric you select or you could also use faux leather to make it glance a bit more professional.

Pattern/Tutorial: everythingetsy

DIY Faux Leather Handbag

This faux leather handbag would cost you a little fortune if you bought it in a department store. This one however, is a DIY project and it’s a really simple one, too. You can discover faux leather in every sorts of diverse colors at any fabric store and most hobby or craft stores. Just select your colors and then sew. This one will only take you a couple of hours from start to finish. You gotta love free sewing patterns!

Pattern/Tutorial: theaspiringhome

Simple To Sew Trade Card Holder

If you own someone in your family who carries around trade cards, this trade card holder is the perfect present. It’s grand for new college graduates who may desire to hold their contact information handy for occupation interviews and it’s extremely simple to sew together.

You just need a couple of little pieces of fabric and if you prefer, you can hand sew this as opposed to using your machine.

Pattern/Tutorial: thefallenhem

Simple Potluck Bowl Cover

These potluck bowl covers are perfect for moms and grandmas who tend to do a lot of cooking and taking food to church, family gatherings or other events. They’re so simple to sew together and really do come in handy for keeping a lid on every that yummy food. Make an entire set of these – three or four would constitute a set, right?

Diy simple sewing ideas

You can even customize them by using diverse fabrics or even adding an embroidered initial.

Pattern/Tutorial: thecottagemama


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