Diy edible baby shower favors ideas

This is a super simple baby shower party favor thought. Every you own to do is purchase bath bombs at the store (you can get bags of 6 for around $4 at WalMart) — purchase a few rolls of tulle to match the shower theme (tulle is generally around $1 per roll — so cheap!) — roll the bath bombs in the tulle and tie the ends with ribbon.

1) S’more Baby Shower Favor Ideas

We whipped up some yummy s’mores themed baby shower favor ideas! Your guests will thank you for these!

See them every here.

) «Hershey’s Nuggets Purse» Baby Shower Favors { With FREE Printable Template }

more cute baby shower party favor ideas to inspire you

My mom is the ultimate Holiday Bazaar shopper and she often comes home with unique handmade items that I would never own thought to make! This is one of them! Aren’t these little guys cute?

Diy edible baby shower favors ideas

Below are the purses she bought / Mine are the pink and brown polka dot ones: (they own Hershey’s Nuggets in them)

They looked so cute in Christmas colors, I thought «These would glance adorable in baby shower colors and would make the perfect favor!»

I made you a free template of the purses so you can easily make them too! — which you can print here.

Simply print onto cute scrapbook paper to match the baby shower colors or theme.

Then cut them out and fold according to the lines (I give finish instructions on the print out template.)

Use a little double-stick tape to hold everything nice and snug, add a ribbon handle and you are excellent to go!

I love the cute little button that they used!

I didn’t own any buttons on hand so I added a little pom pom to mine.

If you use a button, you could always attach a cute baby shower favor tag that says «Cute As A Button!»

) Simple DIY Ribbon Paper Clip Favors

These favor bags with the ribbon paper clips make a cute presentation and take minutes to assemble!

I bought mini brown paper bags and filled them with little packs of Sugar Babies.

You could also put bath beads or a cute candle in them!

Or use the clips as bookmarks for adorable bookmark baby shower favors!

Add the favor tags under — for additional cuteness!

When it comes to celebrating, the more you can DIY the better. Its more personalized and more fun! And as weve said before, dont permit your guests to leave empty handed. Baby showers are parties too and deserve a little favor to own as a keepsake. Check out these 35 DIY baby showers that were loving and ponder youll love too!

Raspberry Lemon Lip Balm

Simplistically Living featured a beautiful recipe for homemade, raspberry lemon lip balm.

Its just another grand treat to leave your guests with as a thank you.

Chocolate Bark

BHG shows off an simple and fan-favorited favor. Chocolate bark is easily made and can be embellished in every kinds of ways to fit the party.

Sprinkle Oreo Pops

Catch My Party makes another enjoyment and edible favor that would be a perfect fit at a baby shower. Oreo sprinkle pops glance celebratory in and of themselves!

Sweetie Pies

Jenny Steffen gives us mini pies with the most adorable labeling.

Pass out sweet pies at the finish of the party!


I Watch Them Grow has this simple thought up their sleeve and were loving it.

Diy edible baby shower favors ideas

Whether its a Frozen-themed shower or just a nod to winter its interactive and edible!

Sweet Tea Kit

Cate Ronquido shows us how to make tiny sweet tea kits to send off with our guests. Every they will own to do is add water!


The Elli Blog wants you to get really crafty. Make some dream catchers for your friends and theme the entire event behind its whimsy.

Red Wine Lollipops

Now Youre Cooking shows us how to make some red wine lollipops and were loving this brilliant thought.

Just make certain you own some non-alcoholic versions for your mom-to-be to enjoy too.

Candy Animal Jars

The TomKat Studio shows us how to make these super stylish baby animal jars. And every you own to do is fill them with your favorite candies.

Pineapple Bags

The Home That Lars Built gives us another grand tutorial for a super fashionable favor bag. And then every you own to do is drop some goodies inside.


Project Nursery made some yummy, personalized cheesecakes and we own fallen in love with the thought. Its memorable and everyone will enjoy them fully!

Sea Glass Candy

Hop on over to Happiness is Homemade and study how to make some sea glass candy. This too is unique and its perfect if you own a themed shower whether its nautical or under the sea in vision.

Salted Chocolate Caramels

Learn how to make one of those precious boxes above and them follow along at epicurious and study how to make these candies. Salted chocolate caramels are always scrumptious.

Mini Pinatas

DIY Candy has us swooning for these mini pirates.

If youre celebrating the babys arrival around Halloween-time, be a little festive with the favors.

Donut Holes

Donut holes are always a hit too. Do an assortment of flavors or hop on over to Ruffled and follow along with their instructions.

Tissue Paper Pumpkins

One Little Project features another grand thought if your celebration falls in autumn. Tissue paper pumpkins filled with sweets!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Syrup

Earnest Home Co has one of my absolute favorite ideas and recipes.

Everyone loves pumpkin spice why not send your guests home with their own syrup to enjoy every morning in their boiling cups of coffee.

Bath Salts

Something Turquoise shows us how to make a few diverse kinds of halt salts. Although hers were labeled for a bridal shower you can pass these out for the baby showers too!

Berry Granola

Always Order Dessert has a yummy recipe for winter berry granola that you can serve up in so numerous diverse enjoyment and fashionable ways. And the guests can use it for a variety of diverse things as well from yogurt to an afternoon snack on its own!

Tiny Planter

Over at Lily Store, youll discover every the details for creating a tiny little plant for your guests to take care of. The metaphor is fairly fitting for a baby shower, dont you think?

Tea Tins

Tea tins could be a unique way to delight your loved ones as well. Grab every the details for creation over at Something Turquoise.

Knotted Fabric Boxes

Minted brings us a tutorial for knotted fabric boxes that can home anything from bite-sized cookies to candy with lots of charm and excitement. Just grab fabric that matches the days event.

Champagne Pop

Fashionable Hostess grabbed some celebratory popping champagne and used it has a really enjoyment and pun-perfect present.

Topped with a cookie too, of course.

Chalk Wood Ornaments

Scout Mob gave us some super inspiration. If youre having a shower in the wintertime, shut to Christmas, create some ornaments for your guests to remember the day with.

Rice Krispie Treat Hearts

Edible favors are always a hit, especially when theyre this adorable. Study how to make some dipped, heart-shaped rice krispie treats with ease! (via)

Popsicle Boxes

All you own to do after you study to make these absolutely adorable boxes from Oh Happy Day  I fill them up with your favorite treats!

Simple, creative and memorable this one is.

Dish Cloths

Learn how to whip up some fancy dish towels with some assist from Grace Happens. Theyre usable and completely unique!

Unused Flowers

Proper gives us a super grand thought that will be a hit with every single one who shows up to celebrate. Grab some unused flowers and present them in a stylish and chic way.

Mixed Treats

Over at Blitsy Crafts, grab some inspiration for providing every kinds of funky and adorable treats. A stir and matched assortment could always be a enjoyment way to tell thank you.

Bun in the Oven

Youll own to fill the box with something special but the box itself is fairly adorable, dont you think?

Check out the details at Just Me.

Smores Bags

Create a smores bag love this one from Landeelu and send your guests off with something they can enjoy and own a little enjoyment with. This favor definitely wont go un-used.

Pinecone Fire Starter

Mon Cheri Bridal has one of the more surprising favor ideas on the list. Study how to make some pinecone firestarters for those celebrating in the wintertime.

Little Peanuts

Shes having a little peanut, so why not pass out some little peanuts on the way out the door.

Its perfect for themed events love circus showers or even elephants!(via)

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

And if you visit One Excellent Thing, youll be capable to snag the recipe for this yummy favor too. Cinnamon sugar pretzels will be a hit with every of your guests.

Baby Food Jar Candle

And finally, visit Kelly Hicks to study how to make a candle correct inside an empty baby food jar. Its festive and usable!

No one should come to a party assuming they’ll get anything except excellent company and a bit of refreshment.

But it’s common especially at showers for the host or hostess to give the guests favors and/or prizes for winning games. You can give everyone the same favor at the finish of the party, that way everyone’s covered, even those who didn’t win a game, or award diverse prizes throughout the event.

Here are some recommendations from experienced baby-shower planners and guests:

“For a friend’s baby shower, I bought a bunch of baby socks and filled them with assorted candies and chocolates. Then I tied each pair of socks together with a ribbon bow. Everyone thought they were extremely cute. Some of the guests even gave the socks back to Mom a few weeks later, so she could use them.”

— A baby shower hostess

“I had baby-themed crossword and word-search puzzles for guests as part of their ‘favor pack.’”

— Stephanie

“I went to a shower, and the hostess had a craft table set up with cloth diapers (14×20 size) and craft paints, paintbrushes, and chunky stamps, every garden-themed: ladybugs, caterpillars, bumblebees, leaves, and flowers.

Each guest decorated one for the expectant mom to use as a burp cloth, and the mom-to-be decorated a little canvas tote bag. It was a enjoyment time to sit around and be creative. And the guest of honor got a grand and useful memento of the day.”

— Kristina

“At my baby shower, we had gingerbread cookie cutters with blue ribbon and lace glued on. Attached was a cookie recipe to inspire the guests to use their cookie cutter.”

— Janet

“My favorite is sugar cookies in the shapes of bottles and babies, packaged in colorful plastic wrap or tissue paper. You can use a gingerbread-man cutter for the baby-shaped ones.”

— Carlen Bowie

“My cousin gave out mini ivy plants with a tag saying something along the lines of: ‘Keep this plant and nourish me in honor of the soon-to be baby.’”

— Marilyn

“The favors from my shower were flowers.

Everyone got a rose ($1 a stem at the grocery store) and a packet of seeds, based on whether they thought I’d own a boy (Johnny-jump-ups) or girl (black-eyed Susans). It cost about $ a favor. (It was a garden-themed shower.)”


“I’ve given numerous baby showers, and the favor that’s the biggest hit is a bar of glycerin soap in the color theme of the shower with this attached little rhyme: ‘We showered (mom’s name) in pink and blue. Now this ‘shower’ present is especially for you!’”

— Joanna

“I bought net bath sponges and baby-shaped soaps. I put the soaps in little plastic bags and bought large gold safety pins and nice ribbon.

I pinned a soap to each net sponge and tied a nice bow through the pin.”

— Beverly

“For my shower, my girlfriend had magnets made with ‘Donna’s Baby Shower’ and the date stamped on them. It was a nice favor, and a year later I still see them used on friends’ and family’s refrigerators! It’s a memory and a useful item.”

— Donna

“I bought scented votive candles (in sets of 12), pre-cut circles of blue tulle (25 per package), 10 yards of white ribbon, and a package of 25 blue-topped mini-baby bottles.

Diy edible baby shower favors ideas

The candles smell amazing and glance grand wrapped and tied with the tulle and ribbon. The final touch: Hot-glue the baby bottle to the ribbon. Goes grand with any theme just change the color of the tulle to pink for a girl or mint green and yellow for an unknown bundle of joy.”

— Elijah’s mommy

“I used baby bottles filled with candy as balloon weights. After the shower, I gave them away to the guests.”

— Rolanda

“I just went to a shower, and they gave out baby food jars full of pastel jelly beans with a sticker on the jar saying ‘X’s baby shower’ and the date with some ribbon tied around the top.

Beautiful simple, yet cute if you can get your hands on enough baby food jars.”


“For my shower, we made baby booties out of plastic foam cups. We cut off the tops of the cups and cut two slits on one side of what was left to make it glance love it had a shoe’s tongue. Then we poked tiny holes on either side of the tongue and used thin pink or blue ribbon in the holes to ‘lace’ it up. Then we put pink or blue tissue inside and filled them with pink and blue M&Ms. Everyone loved them.”

— Jeannette

0 DIY Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas That Will Not Get Thrown Away!

Handing a baby shower party favor to each guest as they leave is a sweet gesture.

It shows that you are grateful that they came.

Many times baby shower hostesses go to every of the work of planning out what to hand out as favors, they go and purchase the supplies, and guests just finish up tossing them when they get home!

We are not going to let this happen to you my friend! The work you put into creating baby shower favors is going to own guests thinking you’re a crafty genius!

Below are a slew of sweet «thank you’s» to impress your guests! Always remember, simple is best.

No need to go overboard. 

Party favors don’t own to be expensive to glance cute! So get your «scrolling finger» ready — there are a bunch of ideas to see! You’ll discover favors you can purchase and also cute baby shower favors you can make!

Be certain to scroll every below the sheet to grab some FREE printables!

) FREE Printable Thank You Tags For Favors. Gifts, Prizes, Etc

Hop over and see every of our enjoyment thank you tags!

Diy edible baby shower favors ideas

Print the «Thank You» tags out and slip them under the paper clip to let guests know you are grateful that they came!

Click here to see every of our enjoyment tags!

) Lottery Ticket Favors

cute baby shower party favor ideas to inspire you

This is a clever and simple baby shower favor thought that only costs $1 per favor to make + the cost of paper!

Start by buying $1 lottery tickets for each guest that is expected to attend (Maybe purchase a few extras in case you own some unexpected guests show up — they won’t go to waste!

You get to scratch them if there are extra!)

Cut cute scrapbook paper out and fold around the lottery ticket. Secure with a cute bow and add a tag that says «We are so Fortunate you joined us!

Diy edible baby shower favors ideas

Are you feeling LUCKY?»

These were handed out as favors at a wedding I recently attended and the guests loved them! They were a huge hit!

) A Baby Is Brewin’ Baby Shower Party Favor Tags

These «A Baby Is Brewin'» Baby shower tags are perfect for using for favors or game prizes!

Tie around a travel mug or cute coffee mug and you’re every set — guests will love them! Click the pic above to get the tags.

Modern Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas To Inspire You

) Printable Mini Champagne Baby Shower Favors

We designed these cuties to be printed and wrapped around mini champagne or wine bottle labels (found at grocery or drug stores.)

They come in both blue and pink and own diverse sayings on them.

Click on picture for the scoop.

) Brown Sugar Scrub Favors — with favor tags

I made some printable favor tags for you that say: «Brown Sugar Scrub — from our shower to yours!»

click on the picture above to access the tags

If you are looking for handmade baby shower favors, these cute brown sugar scrub jars are perfect!

Have you ever purchased sugar scrub in department stores? It can cost a fortune!

This version is affordable to make and the results are wonderful!

Sugar scrub is a favor that every guest can use and their skin will be so silky and soft after using it — people will be begging for more!

Here is the simple recipe for making this delectable brown sugar scrub:

  1. 3 cups brown sugar
  2. 1/2 cup additional virgin olive oil
  3. 2 Tablespoons honey

Stir every of the ingredients together and that’s it!

So easy!

In the picture, I used a large Mason jar but using a smaller jar may make more sense if you own a large group and need to make several party favors.

These also make perfect baby shower prizes!

See More Printable Baby Shower Favor Tags Here

) DIY : How To Make Candy Pacifier
Baby Shower Party Favors

If you are looking for an simple baby shower favor that guests will love, these candy pacifiers are perfect for you!

Simple and quick to make — and won’t cost you a fortune!

Click here for step-by-step pictured instructions.


You can also frolic a baby shower game with these by stringing yarn through each one to make a necklace.

Tell guests they cannot tell the expression «baby» if you hear someone tell it, you can take their necklace.

The person with the most necklaces at the finish of the shower wins a prize!

) The Best Baby Shower Mints

Hop over to see an simple, DIY Baby Shower Mints Recipe — The most yummy mints you own ever tasted — butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar — YUM!

) Baby Shower Favor Cones

Print out these enjoyment party favor cones and add any treats you’d like!

Wrap in cellophane, add a bow and a favor tag and you’re every set with the cutest baby shower favors!

) Printable Baby Shower Mini Tags

Print these little guys and add to clothespins, straws, toothpicks or lollipop sticks.

Poke into cupcakes, food dishes or use on favors! Click here to read every about these cuties!

) Favorite Favor Idea! Easy CD Case Cookie Favors { With Printable Favor Labels }

click on the picture to get the printable labels

I saw this genius thought on a blog awhile back and thought I would recreate them!

All you do is make a batch of cookies, tuck each one into a paper CD sleeve (which you can purchase at any office store, Target, Wal-Mart, etc) and attach a «You Are Sweet ~ Take A Treat» label! 

I chose to make sugar cookies, because they are so excellent and I wanted to eat them when I was finished with the photo shoot!

(Cut into any shape you would love. Craft stores sell onesie cookie cutters, ducks, baby rattles, etc.)

You could also make chocolate chip cookies and put pink or blue M&M’s in them! 

What a perfect treat to hand out to each guest to thank them for coming!

You can easily make your own on your computer. Or, I made up some printable ones that you can get in the shop.

Print the labels onto a full label sheet (an 8 1/2×11 sheet that is one large label), cut out, and peel and stick onto the CD sleeve.

I didn’t own a full label sheet on hand so I printed mine onto a piece of copy paper and added double stick tape to the back.

This worked just fine. I also added the polka-dot border using a red marker.

Another cute thought would be to line the border with glue and sprinkle glitter over it!

) Citrus Sugar Scrub Shower Favors

NEW! Click on the pic to be taken to this enjoyment and festive citrus sugar scrub recipe.

With matching FREE printable citrus favor tags too!

) Tea Light Baby Shower Favors

If you are looking for a sweet, simple and sentimental baby shower favor thought — this is it!

All you own to do is bundle up some tea lights in a cute favor bag (you can get the ones above, here.)

We whipped up these printable favor tags to add to the tea lite favors, which you can grab over at our shop.

The wording on the favor tag is:

Burn this tea light on the night,
That the stork has made its flight.
With the flicker of the flame,
Please tell a prayer in baby’s name.

If you desire to take the cuteness level up a notch, add some washi tape to the metal part of each tea light.

So simple and stylish! 

source: pinterest

0) DIY Cardboard Favor Boxes

Get step-by-step instructions for making these little cuties!


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