Diy entertainment center ideas

If you or your roommate has a little flatscreen TV, save desk or dresser space by making a TV stand with cube shelves! Simply stack the cube shelves and put the TV on top.

Diy entertainment middle ideas

Cubes also make it simple to store a DVD player, game console, movies, and more!

Utilize Above the Bed Storage

Looking for storage ideas to go above your bed instead of under? Add shelves to hold everything up and out of the way!

Diy entertainment middle ideas

You can even add over-the-bed shelves specifically designed for twin beds that also permit space for a small headboard. This dorm room organization thought is grand for freeing up floor space!

Focus on Multi-Use Furniture

Most dorm rooms are furnished with beds, dressers, and desks.

Diy entertainment middle ideas

But if you need to add additional furniture, maximize your space by choosing multi-purpose pieces. For example, instead of adding chairs to your dorm room, opt for storage ottomans or a trunk to provide seating that doubles as hidden storage!

Make the Most of Your Closet Space

Whether your dorm room has an actual closet or a simple wardrobe cabinet, there are a few ways you can maximize your dorm closet space! Skip the bulky wooden hangers and create as much room as possible with thin felt hangers.

Diy entertainment middle ideas

Or add a hanging closet organizer to store sweaters, jeans, and shoes. Make certain to leave enough space for a hamper, as well as laundry supplies love detergent and dryer sheets.

Take Advantage of Your Vertical Space

One handy dorm room organization hack is utilizing vertical storage! Items love over-the-door shoe racks, over-the-door towel racks, or hanging baskets are perfect for storing everything from accessories to cleaning supplies.

Diy entertainment middle ideas

Hanging wire shower caddies with command hooks is also an inexpensive way to store pens, notebooks, stationary, and other items next to your desk.

Maximize Under the Bed Storage

An excellent dorm storage hack is to utilize storage space under your bed. Numerous dorm room beds can be lifted to make space for storage bins, drawers, or boxes. You can also loft the bed to hold a desk, dresser, or futon under.

Diy entertainment middle ideas

If your dorm room bed doesnt adjust, consider purchasing bed risers. If youre worried about the space under your bed looking cluttered, add a bed skirt to hide your storage!

Designate a Kitchen Area

Do you own a mini fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker in your dorm room?

Diy entertainment middle ideas

Set up a kitchen station using a rolling utility cart or adjustable cube storage where you can hold appliances and other kitchen items together. Dont forget to add storage baskets so you can hold snacks, coffee, and utensils organized!


Diy entertainment center ideas