Diy fabric scrap ideas

Dress up any room with these beautiful fabric flower accent pillows that you can make from additional fabric in the same or in contrasting colors.

Diy fabric scrap ideas

Each pillow takes less than an hour and they’re so simple, you can do one for every season.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: kikicreates

Cute and Simple DIY Double Layer Square Circle Skirt

This adorable skirt for kids is not almost as hard to make as the name implies. You just take two squares of fabric and layer them. It turns into the cutest skirt for your little one or you could make the fabric a bit larger and do one for yourself.

Diy fabric scrap ideas

Because it’s so simple to make, you will desire several of these to wear for diverse occasions. Pair it with leggings and boots and it’s an adorable drop outfit or just own it for summer with flip-flops. The thought comes from Make It and Love It and we really do Love It!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: Cute and Simple DIY Double Layer Square Circle Skirt

Chapstick Holder

This keychain Chapstick holder is simple, and the perfect fashion accessory for teens.

The best part? It takes literally only five minutes to make, and needs only a little scrap of fabric.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects

Marble Necklace

Tie those scraps of fabric around marbles to create these lovely necklaces.

Diy fabric scrap ideas

They’re perfect for present giving around the holiday season, or make them in diverse colors to match every your favorite outfits.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: howdoesshe

Monogram Pouch

This gorgeous monogrammed pouch can be made with those leftover trim scraps. Just a few little pieces and you’ve got fairly the coin purse to hold or give as a lovely gift.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: makeit-loveit

Kitchen Decorating DIY – Make Your Own Dishtowel Belts

These are so adorable and so extremely helpful.

Krystal over at Sassy Sanctuary has come up with an thought to hold those dishtowels from falling on the floor.

Diy fabric scrap ideas

She has crafted belts to hold them in put. They are really cute and they really do the occupation. You just need a bit of fabric and some Velcro and you can decorate them any way that you desire.

Diy fabric scrap ideas

You can get really creative with this and imagine how grand these would be to give out as gifts. You can make them to pair with a holiday kitchen towel for those people who are really hard to discover gifts for.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: sassysanctuary

Phone Case

Create this adorable little wallet for your phone. With just a little bit of fabric, you can make the perfect holder for your phone, and with the attached clip, it’s perfect for keeping your phone safe, too.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects


Diy fabric scrap ideas