Diy fashion ideas

If you discover a chewed item even minutes after they’ve chewed it, you’re too late.

Animals associate punishment with what they’re doing at the time they’re being corrected. Your dog can’t reason that, «I tore up those shoes an hour ago and that’s why I’m being scolded now.» Some people believe this is what a dog is thinking because they run and hide or because they «looks guilty.»

In reality, «guilty looks» are actually canine submissive postures that dogs show when they’re threatened. When you’re mad and upset, your dog feels threatened by your tone of voice, body postures and/or facial expressions, so they may hide or show submissive postures. Punishment after the fact will not only fail to eliminate the undesirable behavior, but it could also provoke other undesirable behaviors.

The staple of a woman’s outfit at Oktoberfest in Munich is a white blouse under a tight-fitting Bavarian dirndl (DEERN-dul) dress with an apron tied around it.

A dirndl dress can come either every in one piece or in two pieces with a separate bodice and skirt. Because dirndls are meant to fit snugly around your sides, most dressmakers propose that if you are in-between sizes you should consider getting the smaller of the two. An authentic dress for Oktoberfest will own some give to them both from the material and loosening the ties.

The dirndl has been used as a rural or peasant worker outfit and and housemaid uniform since Medieval times but started to become revived in urban fashion in the late-1800s.

This was a large change compared to the first modern Oktoberfest in 1810 when most of the wealthy and urban women wore large hoop dresses that were favorite at the time. Before this traditional revival, dresses at early Oktoberfests in Munich were more Gone With The Wind-style with tiny umbrellas than the classic Heidi look.

Today, modern dirndl dresses own continued to become extremely fashionable while maintaining their traditional roots. The once simple Bavarian dirndl dresses now own elaborate designs, endless color options, custom embellishments, and tons of flair. Even if you can’t afford a really expensive hand-made dirndl, you need should get a proper dress instead of a cheap looking beer girl Halloween costume.

We own a guide on where to store at the bottom of this sheet, but the most favorite brands of dirndl dresses in Munich are Stockerpoint, Krüger, and MarJo.

A beautiful decent dirndl dress set will cost anywhere from 70-150€, really high-end sets can be 250-600€, and custom tailored dirndls can be well over 1000€.

Viewed from the exterior, the fast-paced fashion industry appears to be every glitz and glam. There’s a new trend to jump on every day, and that means store shelves are constantly being restocked with plenty of tantalizing new looks.Unfortunately, it’s not so shiny behind the scenes. By keeping an eye on what you wear and the environment, learning how to upcycle clothes allows you to showcase your style and hold up with the latest trendswithouthurting the planet.

Upcycling creatively transforms the products you already own in order to cut below on waste.

It’s nothing new, but withglobal warming threatening the future, there’s no better time to start doing it yourself. Creating a more sustainable closetrequires little more than a few pieces of clothing you already own. A cozy ancient sweater can quickly be updated with a little imagination. Those jeans you haven’t worn in years are just begging to be transformed into a cute pair of shortsor a denim skirt.A smattering of creativity can revive your tired wardrobe.

Plastic and material waste is a problem that plagues a variety of industries—and retail is no exception. More than 75 percentof the plastic produced in 2015 ended up in a landfills and more than 270 million tons pollute the world’s oceans.

Diy fashion ideas

In the same year, the fashion industry was responsible for 92 million tons of waste sent to landfills. That’s just the beginning of the negative impact it has on the environment, though. Past studies own shown a ridiculous quantity of waste is involved specifically with so-called “fast fashion.” A trash truck’s worth of textiles is discarded every second. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s86,400 trash trucks full of trash every day headed straight to the landfills.

Beyond the environmental impact that caused by discarded or unwanted articles of clothing, the process of producing enough clothing to hold up with demand is similarly damaging.

According totheUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the fashion industry produces 20 percent of global wastewater and 10 percent of global carbon emissions. To put that into perspective, that’s more than the quantity produced byall international flights. That wastewater, which can be incredibly toxic, is often dumped correct into natural bodies of unused water, hurting the aquatic life—and the people who depend on that water—due to the high amounts of lead, mercury, and arsenic, according to Sustain Your Style.

Basically, when it comes below to it, the fashion industry isn’t pretty.

Upcycling your clothing benefits the Ground and your wallet.

Diy fashion ideas

Just ponder about how much money you can save when you DIY your latest style obsessions. Plus, you can’t beat a craft night (to create something chic that doesn’t feel the least bit crafty) when it comes to relieving some pent-up stress, right?

Diy fashion ideas

When you’re ready to give your closet a makeover, start with these 15 upcycled clothing ideas that are ready to for you to rock.

Side-stripe pants

Side-stripe pants own been everywhere lately. Luckily, it’s likely that you already own most of what you need to get the glance. This DIY from Paper & Stitch teaches you how to create your own version on the cheap at home.

Diy fashion ideas

Just grab an ancient pair of jeans, a 1-inch velvet ribbon in your choice of color, and some iron-on adhesive tape. After securing everything together, they’ll glance so unused that everyone will be asking where you got them. (And probably begging you to make them a pair, too.)

Sherpa jacket

If you own an ancient jacket you’ve been thinking about getting rid of, convert it into an on-trend sherpa jacket using chunky faux fur fabric.

In this DIY from The Sorry Girls, you just need to use fabric glue to hold it every together. After making certain everything is secure, you can pair your new jacket with a pair of jeans and a cozy tee for brunch with friends.

Teach what to chew

Take responsibility for your own belongings. If you don’t desire it in your dog’s mouth, don’t make it available. Hold clothing, shoes, books, trash, eyeglasses and remote controls out of your dog’s reach.

Give your dog toys that are clearly distinguishable from household goods. Don’t confuse them by offering shoes and socks as toys and then expecting them to distinguish between their shoe and yours.

Learn more about dog toys

Dog Chew Toys on

Supervise your dog until they study the home rules. Hold them with you on their leash in the home so they can’t make a error out of your sight.

Confine them when you’re unable to hold an eye on them. Select a «safe place» that’s dog-proof, and provide unused water and «safe» toys.

Diy fashion ideas

If your dog is crate trained, you may also put them in their crate for short periods of time.

Give your dog plenty of people-time. Your dog won’t know how to act if you don’t teach them alternatives to inappropriate behavior, and they can’t study these when they are in the yard by themself.

Give your dog plenty of physical and mental exercise. If your dog is bored, they’ll discover something to do to amuse themself and you probably won’t love the choices they make. On the other hand, a tired dog is a excellent dog, so make certain they get lots of physical and mental activity. The quantity of exercise should be based on their age, health and breed characteristics.

If you catch your dog chewing on something they shouldn’t, interrupt the behavior with a noisy noise.

Offer them an acceptable chew toy instead, and praise them lavishly when they take the toy in their mouth.

Build a toy obsession in your dog. Use their toys to feed them. At mealtimes, fill a Kong-type toy with their kibble.

If your puppy is teething, attempt freezing a wet washcloth for them to chew on. The freezing cloth will soothe their gums. Supervise your puppy so they don’t chew and swallow any pieces of the washcloth.

Make items unpleasant to your dog. Furniture and other items can be coated with a taste deterrent (such as Bitter Apple®) to make them unappealing.

Caution: Supervise your dog when you first attempt one of these deterrents.

Some dogs will chew an object even if it’s coated with a taste deterrent. Also be aware that you must reapply some of these deterrents to maintain their effectiveness.

Offer your dog a treat in exchange for the item in their mouth. As your dog catches on to this thought, you can add the command «Give» as their cue to release the object in exchange for the yummy treat.

Don’t chase your dog if they grab an object and run. If you chase them, you are only giving your dog what they desire.

Being chased by their human is fun! Instead call them to you or offer them a treat.

Have realistic expectations. At some point your dog will inevitably chew up something you value; this is often part of the transition to a new home.

Diy fashion ideas

Your dog needs time to study the home rules and you need to remember to take precautions and hold things out of their reach.

Off-the-shoulder shirt

With the return of summer, we’ll gladly welcome off-the-shoulder tops. But instead of splurging on the designer version and draining your bank account in the process, raid your own closet. In this DIY from A Pair & A Spare, every you need is a button-down shirt of your choice.

Move around a few buttons, make a snip here and there, and you’ll own a casual glance you can pair with high-waisted jeans or your favorite shorts.

Beaded winky shoes

Now, this upcycle clothes project is definitely a little more involved than others. But for little to no money at every, you’ll wind up with a new-looking pair of flats that are certain to impress. In the tutorial from Shrimp Salad Circus, you just need a pair of plain shoes, pre-strung seed beads, acrylic paint, waterproof glue, and some tools. Oh, and—her words!—a glass of wine and some Law & Order for a night of craft therapy.

Understand your dog

Puppies, love infants and toddlers, explore their world by putting objects in their mouths.

And, love babies, they teethe for about six months, which generally creates some discomfort. Chewing not only facilitates teething but also makes sore gums feel better.

Adult dogs may engage in destructive chewing for any number of reasons. In order to deal with the behavior, you must first determine why your dog is chewing—and remember, they are not doing it to spite you. Possible reasons for destructive chewing include:

  1. Their behavior is fear-related.
  2. They’re bored.
  3. As a puppy, they weren’t taught what to chew and what not to chew.
  4. They suffer from separation anxiety.
  5. They desire attention.

Be aware: You may need to consult a behavior professional for assist with both separation anxiety and fear-related behaviors.


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