Diy flannel ideas

Don’t you love making things for babies? All of these homemade baby blankets are beautiful amazing so you might just own to make them all!

Even if you don’t need another baby blanket yourself, you could make any one of these projects as a present and whoever you gave it to would love it! Handmade gifts are always so thoughtful and appreciated.

Let us know which baby blanket you plan to make!

More Baby DIY Ideas:

During the holiday season, you may be inspired to to go every out with every aspect of your celebrations. Even for the little elements, love making certain that those perfect presents you picked out for you friends and family are wrapped to the nines.

In that’s the case, then you know using a simple piece of paper and stick-on bow just won’t do. So why not flex your creative muscles this season with an original Christmas wrapping ideas?

If you feel love making a statement at your holiday present exchange, attempt one of these diverse present wrapping ideas that utilize items you already own (or can purchase at the nearest craft store.) The best part about DIY present wrap is that you can customize it to the recipient, making them feel additional special. For the artist in the family, opt for watercoloring atop tissue paper.

For the young kid, perhaps pick the interactive 3D option. Whoever the present is for, there is a unique wrapping technique they will love, almost as much as the present you give them!

I used to own a condo built in the early ’70s. It had an 8′ sliding glass door in the living room and, in numerous ways, that was grand. (I happened to be first floor, so moving the furniture in through a 4′ opening?

Diy flannel ideas

Awesome.) However, as you might guess about anything built in the early ’70s, you would own to attempt really hard to make it any more energy inefficient. I could sit on the sofa about 15 feet across the room (dining/living room was one large room) and feel the freezing creeping across the floor to my feet. (And I live in Raleigh, NC! It still felt that cold.) As you curtain-buying/making folks might guess, curtains to cover an 8′ sliding glass door were not simple or affordable to come by — most sets are just short enough (made for a 6′ door) that I would own had to purchase another set to cover the whole door.

I can’t remember if the thought came to me in advance or if I was wandering around Kmart and saw the Martha Stewart fleece blankets on sale, for love $20 every size.

Best of every, they had red, which was my living room accent color. I bought two king-size blankets, sewed a pocket across the top, slid them onto the curtain rod and voila! And they made a HUGE difference in the comfort of the living room. They also looked beautiful excellent and most visitors had no thought they were fleece blankets until I pointed it out.

The only downside was that they shrunk a teeny bit each time they were washed (once or twice a year) and by the time I moved out, they were not fairly touching the floor, but considering that I got probably 6+ years of use out of $40 in fleece blankets, I can live with the shrinkage.

If you’re cursed with an energy inefficient window/sliding glass door, I urge outside-the-box thinking — fleece blankets, vellux blankets, affordable comforters that tie in with your decor, etc.

may be cheaper (and possibly work better) than insulated curtains.

For a nicer glance, I’d propose using a much wider blanket (or use two).

Diy flannel ideas

Plus, if you’re using it to assist boost insulation, the waves and thickness of the blanket(s) should assist that performance.

Btw, I used jewelry-making supplies from WalMart (a chain and lobster clasps) to make my curtain tie-backs for about $2 each.

  1. Brilliant! I’ve had to be creative for every of my adult life because of the temporary living/military wife budget. We also lived in a poorly constructed 70’s put where you could feel the wind blowing in the winter time from across the room from the patio door.

    Diy flannel ideas

    (It was 10 years ancient at the time-I’ve often wondered if it was still standing!) I put rubber sheet material (the helpful used for kids still wetting the bed) up under our inadequate handed-down draperies to combat the breeze. Added bonus: made grand blackout curtains. Back then thrift stores were my lifeline to decor (and I was fortunately blessed with some REALLY excellent ones!!!) —> I wish I’d thought to use blankets!!! Our amazing daughter is now battling that same issue in Germany-she’s going to love this!

    Although it’s tardy responding—> Thank you! (P.s.

    Diy flannel ideas

    To anyone reading at this point: one of the cheap/quick fixes I got *tons* of compliments on–> a genuine lace tablecloth found for $4 at the thrift store flipped over a cheap basic curtain rod and stapled. I pinned an inexpensive paper raffia as a ribbon valance..and to hide the staples.

    Diy flannel ideas

    It tickled the heck out of me how cheap, quick, and simple it was.. *and* how large a hit!!) Thanks for every this amazing info!

    Diy flannel ideas


Handmade Baby Blanket Ideas

You can never really own too numerous baby blankets! Especially not when there are so numerous cute ideas floating around that you could make.

Here are some baby blankets that are fun and frugal to do, and that your baby will love. Every you need is a bit of craftiness and you can make any one of these projects!

3. Flannel baby blanket with satin binding

If you’re wanting to make a very basic DIY baby blanket that’s machine-washable, you’ll love this project. The instructions tell you can own this finished in about an hour.

Also, how enjoyment is that patterned piece of flannel in the photo above? So baby friendly!

You will need:

  1. 3 skeins Berroco Comfort Chunky yarn in 5700/Chalk (category 5)
  2. S-35 19.00mm crochet hook
  3. 3 skeins Berroco Comfort Chunky yarn in 5743/Goldenrod (category 5)
  4. 3 skeins Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn in Pink (this is actually a category 4 yarn but the gauge is similar to the Berroco…)
  5. Tapestry needle for weaving in ends


5. DIY Crochet 6 Petal Flower Baby Blanket

Here’s another crochet baby blanket project but this one is completely unique!

I never knew a blanket could be so beautiful! On top of being beautiful much a piece of art, this blanket is also super soft, so it’s helpful of perfect.

You will need:

  1. A sewing machine and knowledge of how to use it
  2. Two 1-yard pieces of flannel
  3. One package satin blanket binding (at least 140 inches endless, I use Wrights)
  4. Something to mark your fabric love tailor’s chalk
  5. Thread
  6. Scissors
  7. Sewing pins



Cotton Print and Minky Baby Blanket

This DIY Minky blanket is a simple project that’s fairly cheap to make as well. Since it’s not too heavy it can be used every year circular, and it would make for a grand baby shower present too!

You will need:

  1. 1 1.4 yard Minky fabric
  2. 1 1/4 yard woven cotton print fabric
  3. thread to match
  4. and sewing supplies


2. Simple Baby Afghan

This handmade baby blanket looks fantastic! The colors are vibrant and texture looks soft and fun, I can’t imagine a baby not loving it.

This project will be nice and easy for experienced crocheters, and beginners won’t own a problem with it either (it will just take a bit more time to finish).

You will need:

  1. 1-yard Minky
  2. 16 diverse colors of scrap fabric (if you desire to do the rainbow)
  3. 1-yard cheap crappy fabric for the base of the puffs (you won’t be capable to see them)
  4. 1 1/2 yard silky fabric for the ruffle
  5. Some poly-fil



Simple DIY Baby Blanket

The creator of these homemade baby blankets claims that this is the easiest way to make a baby blanket.

Diy flannel ideas

We’re not certain how true that is, but it’s simple to see that these blankets glance great! The patterns are enjoyment and the blanket looks extremely soft as well.

You will need:

  1. Here used Cascade 220 wool solids
  2. G hook
  3. Worsted weight Yarn in 2 colors
  4. Yarn needle
  5. Scissors


4. Bubble Quilt – Puff Blanket – Biscuit Quilt

Ok, how enjoyment does that bubble quilt look? Just glance how happy that baby is in the photo above! These bubble quilt blankets are super customizable and once you study how to make the bubbles, you can do any patterns you desire.

Diy flannel ideas

So fun.

You will need:

  1. Cutting mat and rotary cutter (optional)
  2. Two pieces of flannel – At least 1 yard each. I used 1-1/4 yard pieces to make them a little bigger.
  3. Coordinating thread – One to match the top and one to match the bottom.
  4. Chopstick or crochet hook
  5. Sewing machine
  6. Iron



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