Diy framed art ideas

First of every, take a glance at the wall youre going to fill to decide what size art you should pick. There are numerous ways to determine this and youll see diverse ideas throughout this post.

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A excellent law of thumb is to select wall art that takes up the width of the wall, minus inches on each side, so it looks love its centered, love the image above. For example, you own a 36 inch wall.

Diy framed art ideas

Leave about 6 inches on each side of the piece of art, which means you should select something around 24 inches wide.

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What if you are hanging wall art over a sofa, bed or table? Select a piece of art (or a series) that is the same length as the furniture piece or smaller. Avoid wall decor that is wider than the furniture piece; it looks totally weird.

Small wall art boxes or mini square canvases are a grand and flexible option for filling a large or oddly shaped wall.

Image: Sean Gallagher

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What if you own a gigantic wall? Large canvas wall art can be extremely expensive or hard to get into your apartment. Instead, select smaller pieces that can be laid love a collage or gallery wall like the contemporary living room above.

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Hang wall art in a diptych or triptych pattern, which is basically two, three or more panels of art that flow. Be certain to leave at least 2 inches between the pieces. You can do bigger spacing if you own a huge wall, just hold it consistent.

There are also large format canvases or removable wallpaper murals you can use to create a large, dramatic focal point.

Last thing, select art that is vibrant or graphic or powerful.

Otherwise, whats the point?

Make Connections

For your pictures to harmonize with your furniture, proportions can be significant. An image that is too little can get lost next to a massive piece of furniture, but a picture that’s too large in comparison can also feel a bit overbearing. Walls that aren’t white are grand for displaying your photos. It is exceptionally harmonious if the walls, pictures, and accessories or furnishings contain similar hues. While you can’t go incorrect with pictures against a white background, sometimes art on patterned or multicolored walls won’t live up to its potential.

However, putting your photo in a really striking frame or mat board can be used to remedy this.

How to hang wall art

Next, decide how high to hang your wall art.

Diy framed art ideas

Wall art height is the concept that goes incorrect the most. The general law of thumb is to hang wall art at your sight line, so you dont own to glance up too high or too low at it. That means the middle of your wall art area is about 60 inches from the ground.

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What if youre hanging living room wall art over furniture love a sofa or sofa table? Hang the artwork so the bottom edge is inches from where the table or sofa back ends.

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Once you own an thought of a general spot, frame out the area with painters tape to visualize the spot.

Stand back a few feet and see if you love where it sits on the wall. Get artsy with this; maybe you desire to hang your wall art slightly off middle because theres a plant in the corner or a chair that will block some of it. Create a vignette, or setting, love the image above, where the art is part of the grouping and slightly off center.

There are numerous ways you can hang wall art and, depending on the weight of the art, you may be capable to avoid putting holes in the walls by using adhesive removable mounting tabs.

Wall decor ideas

Wall decor comes in every shapes and sizes.

Theres traditional framed art, lightweight and unframed canvases, object collages, metal wall sculptures and more. Check out these grand examples of wall decor ideas for inspiration:

Sculptural and metal wall decor ideas

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Freeform wall decor ideas

An expansive wall got a treatment of metal butterflies hung in an airy, flowy pattern that looks love theyre flying correct out the window.

Image: West Chin Architects

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Living room wall decor ideas

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A successful wall featuring enjoyment, vibrant art is hung at the correct height and just smaller than the sofa table for the perfect scale. Image: IBB Designs

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Wall panels

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A diptych (two panels of art) flows from one canvas to the other to add a sophisticated touch to this living room.

Image: Purdy Designs

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Symmetrical gallery wall art ideas

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The selection of prints were thoughtfully chosen to work with the rooms color, while adding an additional green color for depth. Image: Orbit Homes

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Bold dining room wall decor

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Hang artwork in your dining room that ties in the nearby furniture pieces, love this dining room featuring both orange wall art and black and white photography.

Image: Diego Alejandro Design

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Youre officially ready to select and hang wall art love a pro. Turn those boring white or beige walls into a thing of beauty by choosing large, colorful or textural pieces that add life to your space.

Now that Drop is here, we’re thinking about redecorating our homes here at Brit + Co, which means it’s the perfect time for some DIY inspiration. There are literally thousands of diverse ways to make beautiful art for the walls of your home or office.

BRIT + CO GUIDE: Wall Art Ideas

But we narrowed it below a little to our top 39 favorite ideas.

Whether you’re into metallics or neon, color block or obmre, 2D or 3D there’s an thought here to fit your home and your budget. Be certain to tell us in the comments which is your favorite.


Diy framed art ideas

DIY Art Hack: Turn items you already own, into works of art — in minutes. Every you need is some creativity and large enough frames. (via Paper & stitch)

2. DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Art: Really flesh out a space with a colorful yarn display. You can discover everything you need online, or in a thrift store. You got this. (via Enthralling Gumption)

3. Printable Stendig Calendar: Sometimes the beauty of a piece lies in its utility. This giant calendar will hold you track, and looks striking in its simplicity. (via A Joyful Riot)


DIY Leaf Splatter Print: Create a set of them for a bold injection of color, or display them selectively to add balance. (via Lovely Indeed)

5. Wood Burned Travel Map: For a little reminder about where you’ve been, and where you still desire to go. (via Brit + Co)

6. DIY Reversible Wall Hanging: What’s better than one boho piece? Two of them! Who knew reversible was the way to go. (via Paper & Stitch)

7. DIY Abstract Wall Art: Make a statement with the correct frame, and a quick project.

(via DIY in PDX)

8. Simple Paper Flower Art: You know how you’ve been dying to use more shadow boxes in your decor? Start with this project, and see where it takes you. (via Martiza Lisa)

9. DIY Leaf Art: Consider yourself fortunate enough to leave in a climate with palm fronds, and even luckier that you can create this stunning graphic piece using something you found exterior.

Diy framed art ideas

(via Monstercircus)

DIY Dyed Wall Hangings: Did you know you can dye wood? Well now you do. (via Handmade Charlotte)

DIY Iridescent Mirror: Mirrors are the ultimate room expanders, so why not enhance a mirror? (via A Bubbly Life)

DIY Faux Neon Sign Art: This diptych hits every the trends with one piece: neon? check. Palm leaf? check.

Diy framed art ideas

(via A Kailo Chic Life)

DIY Paint Swatch Art: Ever wanted to attempt out a new color without every the hassle? Now you can with ease. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Wall Weaving Hack: Since you’re dying to make one, you might as well use this hack. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Diamond Ripple Wall Art: This piece packs a graphic punch, and looks grand with any decor style. (via Classy Clutter)

DIY Pegboard Wall Art: Get in on the pegboard trend with a circular beauty, and take a stroll on the wild side with some memphis squiggles. (via Sugar & Cloth)

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging: Bring a permanent rainbow into your living room, with a well put piece of macrame.

(via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY Paper Shapes Wall Art: Your scrapbooking leftovers are every you need to make a pair of modern prints. (via Sugar & Cloth)

DIY Rope Wall Art: Another Anthro hack? Yes please. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Fabric Pocket Planter: Shelf space is at a premium, but your plant babies can stay snuggly on the wall. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Champagne Buzzer: You should absolutely own a champagne buzzer.

How else will you let people know you’re ready for another round? (via PMQ for two)

DIY Picture Gallery Frame: No space for a gallery wall? No problem, use this frame trick to display your favorite and best. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Ceramic Wall Planters: Mary your love of clay, paint, and air plants. You deserve it. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Frame Accent Wall: For a more abstract take on art, what about doing an entire wall? (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY Collage Wall Art: People will be calling you the modern day Matisse once they see the combos you can put together.(via Sarah Hearts)

DIY Wire Wall Art: Looking for a more minimalist option?

Attempt out some wire script, it looks beautiful sharp. (via The Merrythought)

Thumbtack Wall Art: Who knew office supplies could be so chic? Using gold colored thumbtacks really elevates this piece to a work of art. (viaBrit + Co.)

Rosette Backdrop: You can use these bright paper rosettes as a photobooth back drop or as an art installation. It’s an simple way to add lots of color to your room extremely quickly. (viaBrit + Co.)

Tulle Wall Art: What looks love watercolor stripes from a distance are actually strips of tulle fabric. Use spray adhesive to attach the strips easily and without a lot of mess. (viaBrit + Co.)

Glowing Hearts Wall Art: Use battery powered string lights to make this glowing work of art.

Since you won’t own to plug it in, you won’t own to camouflage the cord. (viaBrit + Co.)

Nail String Art: You can make anything from abstract designs to words to shapes with this simple DIY. That’s a wrap! (viaBrit + Co.)

DIY Vintage Marquee: Making this marquee is definitely easier than it looks.

Diy framed art ideas

The trick is to start with pre-made cardboard letters. (viaBrit + Co.)

Shoebox Wall Art: Don’t recycle those shoeboxes just yet! They can be transformed into colorful floating shelves with just a few coats of paint. (Plus, click through fro two more ideas.) (viaBrit + Co.)

Spray Paint Wall Art: With a empty canvas, a roll of painter’s tape (or lace washi tape), and a couple of cans of spray paint the artistic possibilities are endless. (viaBrit + Co)

DIY Wire Wall Art: Head to the hardware store for the supplies for this creative sign. There are tons of colors and materials to select from. What will you spell out?

(viaBrit + Co)

Washi Tape Frames: The frame is half the battle when hanging wall art. So why not turn the frame into a work of art itself using washi tape. (viaBrit. + Co.)

Duct Tape Canvas Art: This could easily be the fastest and most inexpensive piece of wall art you can make. (viaBrit + Co.)

Tape Christmas Tree: No room for a genuine tree during the holidays? Make a trio of washi tape trees on your walls instead. The best part? No messy pine needles to clean up! (viaBrit + Co.)

Living Wall Art: One of our favorite upgrades on a basic DIY is adding a few air plants to our string art plaques.

Just be certain you leave enough space to nestle in the plants. (viaBrit + Co.)

What’s your favorite DIY wall art idea? Own you made any of the pieces on this list? Tell us in the comments!

Picture Hanging Ideas: Making the Correct Arrangements

Our Wall Art Ideas Image Gallery:

Trend #1 The Statement Piece

One wall, one picture. A particularly grand photo, or one that you are especially fond of, deserves a put of honor. Whether the picture is a large canvas wrap or a little fine art print, if it has a whole wall to itself, it automatically becomes the middle of attention.

You will desire to create a visual balance with your furnishings and observe physical proportions.

Trend #5 The Picture Grid

Much love a checkerboard, the photos here are arranged in a strict geometric pattern. The borders or frames of your pictures should line up along the edges and the distance between pictures should be the same in every directions. The Picture Grid works best when every of the pictures are the same size.

Identical frames create a particularly strong overall effect.

Trend #9 Diverse Perspectives

One subject as seen from diverse points of view. Create a special display by presenting several diverse takes on the same subject. This looks grand when the pictures are hung in a row, along an edge, symmetrically, or even hung around a corner.

Trend #4 On the Edge

In our example above, every of the pictures are oriented along the top edge. While the pictures themselves can be of varying length and width, the distance between the pictures should always be the same.

For best results, lay the photo ensemble out on the floor before hanging it on the wall. Using painter’s tape or string can really assist hold everything level. A level will also assist you align them.

Trend #11 Around the Corner

Hanging pictures around the corner is slightly out of the ordinary. It can be a nice surprise for the viewer, who doesn’t experience the full effect of the composition until looking around the corner. For the best results, make certain the pictures complement each other, and that they are not too diverse in size or form.

This is also a grand way to display diverse perspectives on the same subject.

Trend #10 Divide Image

Four pictures, one image. A work of art divide into more than one piece is called a divide image (other common terms are “diptych” or “triptych”, depending on how numerous sections the picture is divide into). To make certain the large picture lives up to its potential, the individual sections should be evenly aligned with extremely little space between them.

Trend #3 Hung in a Row

Whether you line your pictures up vertically or horizontally, hanging them in a row is a classic way to arrange them.

If you own pictures of varying sizes, you own two options. 1) You can align them along one of the edges, or 2) you can arrange them so that the middle of the images are every centered along the same imaginary line. Our tip: before drilling any holes in the wall, lay your pictures out on the floor first.

Trend #6 Inside the Lines

Here, the pictures are somewhat casually hung on the wall. You don’t own to adhere to any equal distances between pictures, viewing axes, or edges.

To give the image ensemble harmony here, arrange them in the confines of an imaginary geometric shape: circle, oval, rectangle, square, etc. When hanging the pictures, start with the largest one and then arrange the smaller pictures around it.

Trend #7 Symmetrical Display

We perceive symmetry as harmonic, which is why we naturally tend to arrange things symmetrically. The same goes for groups of pictures. For this type of symmetrical display, you will need at least three pictures, and two of them should be the same size.

First, determine where your horizontal or vertical line of symmetry is going to be, then measure and position the pictures extremely carefully, as irregularities are particularly noticeable in this helpful of display.

Trend #2 Salon Style

People often ponder of the gallery wall, wall cluster, or salon style hang as a form of “organized chaos” in which numerous closely packed images cover almost an entire wall. The name “salon style” comes from the Parisian Salons of the 18th century. Museums such as the Hermitage in St. Petersburg would later adopt this helpful of exhibition as a demonstration of overwhelming opulence.

While this manner of hanging art may ignore traditional hanging lines, there are other factors that join the art. That could be pictures that are stylistically similar, similar or identical frames or mat boards, or pictures of a similar size. A thread that ties it every together brings a certain peacefulness to the wall: an organization to the chaos.

Trend #8 Picture Ledge

Whether your pictures are standing along the floor or on a wall-mounting picture ledge, leaning them against the wall means you don’t own to drill any additional holes.

You can select from every kinds of pictures to go on ledges or to lean against the wall, and they give your wall more visual structure. Additionally, you can combine pictures on a ledge with other keepsakes and little home accessories. The biggest advantage of this helpful of display: pictures can be moved or rearranged at any time.

Trend #12 Wall Collage

Collage is extremely favorite in the visual art world, probably because, as renowned philosopher Aristotle said: “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” The collage is composed of numerous diverse images put together.

For your personal work of art, you can combine whatever you love, whether that’s photo prints, postcards, or fine art prints.

Diy framed art ideas

You can do this directly on the wall, or you can mount the pictures on a backing panel first. Framing the ensemble is also a possibility.

A Excellent Arrangement

To have put your pictures at the middle of attention where they’ll make the most possible impact, it’s a excellent thought to hang them at eye level. You should also consider whether the pictures will mostly be viewed when standing or when seated. As a general law, it’s advisable to position your pictures along lines, which could mean using existing contours in the room – door frames, furniture, window ledges, etc.

– or imaginary reference lines. If you desire to hang a picture on the side of the room, rather than in the middle of the wall, it’s significant to create a visual counterbalance with another piece of furniture or accessory. And while vertically arranged pictures will make your walls taller, the horizontally grouped images will make the room feel wider.


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