Diy framed mirror ideas

Diy framed mirror ideas

If you’re blessed with high, sloping ceilings, you might also consider taking advantage of them with the addition of a mirrored gallery wall which will enable you to make the most of an awkward space. Here, the mirrors brighten a dark spot in a hallway and add bags of interest to what’s generally an under-used space.

Create a feature wall with a display of mirror frames

A gallery wall devoted entirely to mirrors doesn’t just brighten and magnify a space visually; it also creates a visually striking focal point, and is effective at opening up a space.This bedroom design is the perfect example of one of our favourite mirror design ideas.

We love this mirror display thought if you own a collection of slightly mismatching, antique mirrors.

The key to success?

Diy framed mirror ideas

Don’t position your mirrors too uniformly or too far apart, and avoid perfect symmetry – laying them out on the floor first can be the best way to get a feel of what works best where.

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Add mirrors to the stir in a picture-led gallery wall

Mirrors with softly rounded edges make the perfect addition to a Mid-century inspired space and are particularly desirable when designed as part of a picture-led gallery wall.

We love the brightening effect of pairing a mirror with this teal green wallpaper from Farrow & Ball.

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Lighten a dark hallway with a grand mirror

A dark hallway is always a excellent spot for a mirror.

Diy framed mirror ideas

If you’re a lover of vintage or period style, glance for one with an ornate frame that will create a genuine impact on the decor of the hall. Here, a gold-framed mirror is matched with reflective wallpaper to add a brightening effect.

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Diy framed mirror ideas

Position endless mirrors horizontally to give the appearance of a wider space

Hanging mirrors horizontally on the narrowest wall of a room – at around head height – is ideal if you’re trying to achieve the effect of a wider space. This design trick works particularly well if mirrors aren’t perfectly aligned with furniture – an effect which also adds interest to a space.

Opt for a mirror with a slightly softer, rounded edge if you’re designing a room with a Mid-century or vintage inspired feel.

We love this Dutchbone Bradley Wall Mirror from Cuckooland paired with a gorgeous, floral wall mural.

Create a focal gallery wall with mirrors

Mirrors make the perfect addition to an on-trend gallery wall and can assist give the appearance of a larger and lighter space – especially helpful if you’re using a dark paint shade as the basis for your gallery wall.

This vintage-style room proves that aesthetic appeal and practicality can join hands to form a stylish yet functional gallery wall inspired space.

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Diy framed mirror ideas

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Pair a statement gold mirrorwith a sunny scheme

If you’re working with a warm-toned metal mirror, for example something that’s copper or gold, consider pairing it with similarly sunny yellow and orange shades.

In addition to making a space more welcoming, research suggests this combination of warm, sunny tones has the ability to enhance the mood of a room.

Find this Sunburst Mirror at Furniture Village.


Diy framed mirror ideas

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