Diy french country kitchen ideas

The French countryside kitchen decor is diverse from the French farmhouse kitchen style — the themes of these two designs contrast. While a relaxed, casual style defines a farmhouse kitchen, the French countryside design evokes refined elegance with simplicity.

Other design elements that differ between the French countryside and French farmhouse kitchen decor include:

  1. Elegance vs. practicality: The French countryside aesthetic is simple because busy decorations distract from the natural beauty of rural Provence.

    The farmhouse aesthetic is simple because farmhouses were originally designed to be practical.

  2. Soft vs. clean: French countryside design includes soft color palettes and patterns with curved lines. Farmhouse design, on the other hand, focuses on a clean glance with defined lines.
  3. Rural countryside vs. rural barns: Each of these kitchen designs were inspired by diverse landscapes. French country kitchen decor involves paying homage to Provence, the rural southeastern region of France. French farmhouse kitchen decor highlights the simple aesthetic of a rustic farmhouse.

We will confess that these two types of interior design are similar in the following ways:

  1. Warm, subtle colors: Both farmhouse and French countryside kitchens employ neutral shades with subtle accent colors.

    Farmhouse and French country illustrate a simple, natural glance. Each of these interior design themes features neutral and earthy tones.

  2. Use of natural materials: The farmhouse design aesthetic thrives on the use of natural materials.

    Diy french country kitchen ideas

    Since farmhouse kitchens are designed to mimic the atmosphere of an ancient rustic farmhouse, the use of reclaimed and hand-crafted wood completes this glance. The French countryside design aesthetic also enjoys using natural material because it evokes images of the simple, relaxed rural Provence.

  3. Simplicity: With both of these aesthetics, simplicity is key. Too numerous farmhouse motifs will make a farmhouse kitchen glance old-fashioned, while too numerous French country motifs will distract from the natural elegance of the room.
  4. Combination of vintage and modern: The modern farmhouse design demonstrates the evolution of the traditional country farmhouse while providing a functional kitchen for today’s home.

    The French countryside design highlights the beauty of rural France while boasting of France’s achievements as a country.

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Diy french country kitchen ideas

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Designing kitchens on a budget does take some skill. After every, when it comes to planning a new kitchen, there is often a huge gulf between budget and expectation. You can start designing your dream kitchen with a limited budget in mind but then when you start adding on the price for labour, appliances, worktops, tiles and other extras, costs quickly escalate and that original number you started with just seems impossible to stick to.

To add to the confusion, ‘off the peg’ suppliers and bespoke manufacturers can offer similar-looking cabinets for wildly diverse prices (as much as £5,000 versus £50,000), which makes it hard to know where to begin.

But enough doom and gloom about the difficultly of designing a kitchen on a budget, because fortunate for you we are on hand to assist.

We explain what you can expect to pay for various elements, how to get the best quality for a excellent price, and why you aren’t restricted to buying from budget brands when planning a stylish kitchen on a budget.

And, if after every that you still need more advice, you will discover everything you need to know in our ultimate guide to planning and designing a kitchen.

What Does a French Country Kitchen Glance Like?

For French country kitchen decor ideas, here are some tips to spark your imagination. These elements are in almost every French kitchen design.

  1. Choose natural weathered material: Whatever material you use, whether wood or rock, should be natural with a weathered appearance.

    You can use handcrafted or reclaimed wood for your cabinets, floors or countertops. To complement your stainless-steel appliances, you could also use rusted metal to adorn your kitchen.

  2. Use French country motifs:Since the goal for a French country kitchen design is simplicity, hold motifs to a minimum. Roosters, olives, sunflowers and unused flowers are common motifs in a French country kitchen.
  3. Interspersefloral patterns throughout your luxury kitchen: Floral patterns complement the simple yet elegant aesthetic of your luxury French cottage kitchen decor. French country kitchen patterns feature a combination of soft primary colors with green, lavender and orange.
  4. Create a relaxed, comfortable aesthetic:Think of the warm comfort you feel when you sit in front of a fireplace.

    Your French country kitchen decor should invite you and your guests to sit at the table and enjoy a hearty meal. Use vintage-style stoves, rock or brick walls and wood cabinets to design a cozy kitchen.

At L’Atelier Paris, we offer metal and wood kitchens for you to create the perfect French country kitchen. Ourluxury modern steel kitchens are flexible according to your color and design theme. For the perfect marriage of vintage and contemporary appearance, you can own the simple elegance of a French country kitchen with the robustness of stainless steel.

Our collection of custom luxury wood kitchens offers you everything you are looking for in a French countryside kitchen.

With several design options for your choosing, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with wood cabinetry and kitchen furniture. Let your wooden kitchen inspire you to commence your next kitchen cuisine project.

If you are looking for French country kitchen decor ideas, peruse our assortment of kitchen projects. OurTaste of Provenceproject in Hudson Valley, New York, demonstrates our ability to craft your ideal French countryside kitchen. While this type of kitchen is a perfect example of the traditional French country aesthetic, you can use this project to develop an thought for how you desire to add your creative flair to your French countryside kitchen design.

Kitchens on a budget can be DIY fitted

You could also save over £1,000 by installing the kitchen yourself, but you will compromise the finish if your DIY skills are not up to scratch.

Use our guide to cutting the cost of a new kitchen for more clever ideas.

How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Love It’s in the French Countryside

What is a French kitchen? A French kitchen is inspired by the soothing calm of Provence. Your French country-style kitchen should include French country colors, contrasting cabinets and cutting-edge appliances.

The following sections provide French chic kitchen ideas to assist you imagine your French country kitchen.

Use these ideas to spark your creativity and craft your ideal luxury kitchen. A luxury kitchen designer will assist make your interior design dreams come true.

French Kitchen Cabinets Design

As you design your French kitchen cabinets, remember that simplicity is the most significant part of French design. Customize your cabinets’ material, color, design and accessories to complement your desired French country kitchen.

  1. Design: French cabinet design includes crafting your cabinets to glance love furniture, such as an armoire or a bureau. Wooden cabinets permit you to carve natural designs on your cabinet doors. French country kitchen decor includes curved, defined lines, so adding floral patterns or vines to your cabinets would be a nice fit for the aesthetic.

    Diy french country kitchen ideas

    Carve designs that reflect the earthy theme of your French kitchen. You can also design your cabinets with beadboard lining. If you use them on vertical surfaces, they will create a relaxing focal point for your luxury French kitchen. Beadboard lining is simple to clean and complements the natural design of wooden cabinets.

  2. Color: French country cabinets should match the kitchen counter. If you desire French country white cabinets, your counter and other kitchen furniture should also be white. You can employ contrasting colors to make your cabinets stand out against your neutral-colored walls. Wooden cabinets can be stained or painted to make natural wood material a dark color.

    Placing textured wood on your cabinet doors can also add contrast to your design.

  3. Material: The ideal material for French country cabinets is natural wood. Natural materials embody French design, so your cabinets should be made of reclaimed or hand-crafted wood. Stainless-steel cabinets can also add a modern flair to your traditional French country kitchen decor.
  4. Accessories: Select hardware or molding to complement your French country cabinet design. Thelifts and handles from L’Atelier Parisare made from solid brass, which will provide your cabinets with a historic yet rustic appearance.

    Handles and knobs in diverse shapes, sizes and materials will add the finishing touches to your French country cabinets. Crown molding would also give your cabinets the curved lines and furniture-like appearance that enhances the traditional element of French country decor.

What Colors Are Considered French Country?

The colors you use for your French country kitchen will invoke diverse emotions in you and your guests.

Consider the following color types and discover out how you can make use of them to create your luxury kitchen.

  1. Warm, subtle colors: For a welcoming, relaxed environment for your guests, use a warm color palette. Warm colors remind us of the burning embers of a fireplace. Make your guests feel cozy by adorning your kitchen with rusty reds, burnt oranges and pale yellows.
  2. Contrasting with dark colors: You can also attempt contrasting light and dark tones throughout your kitchen. While the colors should still be earthy and light, use dark colors to highlight a lighter-toned furniture piece. For example, dark cabinets or curtains pop against white walls.

    Rusted dark metal is a grand way to contrast the brightness of a French country kitchen.

  3. Neutral colors: If you own a little French country kitchen, paint your walls a neutral color love white or cream to make the room glance bigger. A white French kitchen design creates a regal, historic atmosphere in your cooking space.
  4. Soft, pale colors: Soft colors create a sense of warmth and comfort for your kitchen. The French country design emphasizes soft earthy colors and tones — such as lavender, sky blue or olive green — to resemble the natural Mediterranean beauty of Provence.

    Create a blue French country kitchen with blue cabinets, shades and furniture.

    Diy french country kitchen ideas

    Remember to add only a splash of color to your luxury kitchen to complement the elegant style of your French country kitchen.

  5. Historic accent colors: Your accent color should pay homage to the beautiful country of France. Rusted metal or a white French country kitchen design salutes the historic French empire.

French Country Kitchen Appliances

After creating the traditional design of your French country kitchen, ponder about what appliances you need to make your kitchen relaxing yet functional. While the design of your kitchen is essential, French appliances give your kitchen a purpose beyond impressing your guests and providing a visually-pleasing environment.

Diy french country kitchen ideas

Install appliances in your kitchen that will permit you to create your renowned cuisines for you and your family to enjoy.

Stainless-steel appliances will provide your kitchen with the perfect mix of vintage and modern. At L’Atelier Paris, we offer the following appliances:

  1. Ovens: We offer a vast selection of built-in wall ovens in various functions and sizes. You can select convection, combination, microwave or even a professional wall oven to craft yummy cuisine every year endless. We also offer built-in wall coffee machines for creating the perfect morning mix to wake you up and energize you for the day ahead. Our coffee machines can be customized to fully plumbed-in and water-reservoir configurations.

    Finish with diverse functions and settings, your unique coffee machine will provide you with luxury artisan coffee in your own home.

  2. Refrigerators: Our line ofrefrigerators and wine preservation unitsare available in a variety of sizes for your French country kitchen. We offer full column refrigerators and freezers, combination refrigerators and freezers and wine preservation units. Our refrigerators can also be integrated with wine storage units or cabinetry.

Since our appliances are every hand-crafted by our French artisans, the design, shape, size, accessories and material of our appliances can be customized.

Appliances can be vintage or modern and can include sophisticated oven hoods or crown molding. The appliances you select can mix in with your French country style decor with the correct adaptations and creative flair.

Know the cost of designing a stylish kitchen on a budget

As a extremely rough guide, it is sensible to spend a maximum of five per cent of the overall worth of your home on a new kitchen to avoid losing money if you sell.

At the lower finish of the kitchen cost scale, expect to pay upwards of £3,000 for excellent quality units for an average sized kitchen.

Diy french country kitchen ideas

On top of this, you’ll need to add worktops, which cost upwards of £100, appliances and fitting, which can vary from a few hundred pounds to more than £2,000, depending on the kitchen’s complexity.

When pricing up your furniture and worktops, be aware that estimates will vary fairly widely depending on the quality and level of design you are after, but expect to pay f rom £17/m² for standard off-the-shelf units and work surface and up to £144/m² for bespoke units and design service.

When designing a kitchen on a budget, it is wise to first factor in the cost of any known quantities to assist you cut the cost of your new kitchen.

These include appliances, decorative finishes and necessary electrical works to add additional sockets and lights, for example. Deduct these from your entire budget before choosing how much to spend on the units and fitting.To design a kitchen on a budget, you could paint the kitchen cabinets yourself.

Budget even lower? Check out our feature on designing a kitchen for under £5,000 (yes it is doable!).

Bear in mind that fitting a cheap and cheerful kitchen can own a negative impact on a home’s worth, which makes your choice of cabinets and finishes so vital. You will own to invest carefully to get a beautiful finish on a limited budget.

What Is a French Country Kitchen?

When you ponder of the French countryside, what comes to mind?

Bright sunshine, lavender fields and cobblestone streets with happy people ready to greet you. A French country kitchen is rustic, warm and inviting.

Diy french country kitchen ideas

French country kitchen decor includes:

  1. Artistic yet relaxed design: French countryside kitchen design is the ideal mix of relaxed, distressed and subdued. To fashion a French cottage kitchen, employ a warm color palette and curved lines to your cabinets and walls. With its graceful lines and intricate woodwork, the French countryside aesthetic is beautifully decorated and feels both homey and elegant.
  2. Natural rural beauty: Whether you’re in bustling New York City or sunny Orlando, when you reach home to your luxury kitchen, you will feel love you are walking through the lavender fields of Provence. French country design features natural materials love wood and recycled metal as a reminder of life in the French countryside.

  3. Simple design: While designers tend to ponder of French country as ornate or elaborate, a French country kitchen features polished elegance. Take a break from your rushed, stressful day and embrace the simple life. French country decor teaches us a refined, modest way to live.
  4. The perfect mix of vintage and modern design: When crafting your luxury French country kitchen, use a combination of modern and vintage decoration. A French country kitchen is both nostalgic and functional.